Technology, and the Online World

As a first blog, i decided to give out my opinion on the ever so changing world of technology.

As i was raised in canada, i have noticed that the information that is available today is very different then what was available 5 years ago. Now five years may not sound like a long time, but a lot has happened, developed, integrated, changed and succeeded.

The online community it self has grown to open more opportunities for leading developers that are looking to make a change regardless of size. Most of the information offered now is free or at a low cost that can be obtained by other means. More opportunities are being created by the day to allow people to build a virtual world in order to create a “overflow” of income. However, there are certain individuals that reach a conclusion, or rather a personal opinion that the online world is not a market to be invested in. This is only because a lot of individuals are used to opening up a business and selling hard products that can be dealt with in person.

The online market it self is one that can not be played with as it has become a very serious market. The endless free applications that are available online to maximize the market for your business is outstanding as different small companies are building these features in order to gain prospective margins.

“Lets not turn down any idea an individual has that involves any online involvement”

If the online market wasn’t what it is today, GCEngineers wouldnt have been created and allowed to grow to where it is today. The future holds great opportunities for an engineering network along with many features that can be virtually built.

In my point of view, a website or application that is built online is very much like a store that can be seen in person. The only difference is that the product that you are selling can not be viewed every time you walk into the room.

Some retailers sell their products online, therefore expanding the market into the online world creating profitable expansion.

Time+Consistency+Hard work+patience= Success.

Success as it comes in many different versions, can only be determined from the owners point of view.

This article has taken a little bit of a twist but all in fair game.

My next article will be on reflecting on how hard it is to make it while in your 20’s.

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