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Sue London stared blankly at the ceiling of her Doctor’s office thinking, “Why me?” Sue had just been told that she had Crohn’s disease. After years of coping with this disease and other difficulties in her life, she was rushed to the hospital and the Doctor predicted that she was just 30 minutes from death. Sue survived. Following this dramatic event she began to take pro-active steps to health and happiness. Sue weaves in her true-life experiences with relationship issues; self-esteem challenges, back-to-back health threats and coping with the fear of death in this inspiring story of handling curveballs from every angle. Sue wrote “Soar Above It All” to help people understand that they can do something to change their lives for the better even if they believe that they are facing insurmountable challenges or illnesses. Finding inner strength and courage to rise above any unpleasant situation is achievable for everyone if they truly want to overcome adversity in their lives. Read “Soar Above It All” to find out how.

What others are saying about “Soar Above it All”….

“Hello Sue,Thank you for contacting the Crohn’s and Colits Foundation of Canada.Congratulations on the publication of your book. We are sure it will accomplish exactly what you want it to – to provide comfort and inspiration to many. All the best!” -Carina Vincent,National Publications Coordinator, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada 

“When I see the title, “Soar Above it All”, I picture an eagle gliding high above the turmoil of the earth below. That is exactly what Sue’s story is about. In this book, she bravely faces her past and all of its trials and tribulations and comes out of the darkness to soar above it all. Read the book, share the story with others, and help Sue to spread her light.” – Judy Suke, motivational humorist

Sue London’s book, “Soar Above it All” is her life story. It is a story of triumph over illness, abuse, disease and divorce. This book will help people move forward in their lives, heal and become successful survivors of life’s many challenges.”-Lloyd Oliver, Psychic and Life Coach

“Sue London generously shares her personal story of pain and the resulting growth she has experienced in her clear and compelling writing style. Sue’s story has the power to help all of us overcome adversities and to follow our hearts- even through challenging times.”-Louise Paterson, Editor, SNAP BURLINGTON INC.

“Sue London’s life story, “Soar Above It All”, is a great book. I connected with the book on many levels such as the events that happened during her childhood. I find this book comforting in the way it shows that other people have gone through similar situations. This is a great book for people of every age to read as everyone will be able to relate to at least one of the situations in her life.”
– Nikki D., grade 12 student

The Rocky’s Journey Children’s Book Series

Sue writes children’s books based on true-life experiences she enjoyed with her dog Rocky. Her stories of Rocky remind us of the importance of unconditional love and the role it plays in life’s many tragedies.


Rocky takes readers with him on his trips to the hospital, department stores and other places where his comforting and therapeutic nature made a difference in the lives of people that he encountered that day – whether it was a smile or a much needed hug. The tales in the story demonstrate that a dog is truly a person’s best friend.


Rocky provides messages to inspire children of all ages to keep positive and to never give up hope, even if they are sad or frightened. The encouraging affirmations contained in this book are relayed in easy to understand words to make the messages for children simple to remember and put into action when interacting with the people in their lives.

What others are saying about “Rocky’s Journey Series”….

“Sue London’s books are filled with wisdom we can all learn from. Surviving is not about living forever, as Rocky teaches us, but it is about living life fully in the moment.” –Dr. Bernie Siegel, MD, Author of Love Medicine & Miracles.

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Contest closes DECEMBER 31 2010


Wishing you much love and many blessings for the holidays and the new year! – Sue London                    

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