Adventure & Travel Seekers Drive Launch of MetroActive Classifieds

MetroActive is listening and stepping up to the plate to launch a mostly free online classifieds platform for Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Business Owners and Executives. As a result of repeated requests, MetroActive is working on ways to assist individuals with planning their adventure and travel experiences.

According to Baldo Minaudo, MetroActive President, “We are listening to our followers and partners. Business professionals from millenials to established corporate executives are looking to experience adventure and travel in an exciting and safe way. There is nothing presently out there that delivers on this, so we’re looking at a number of initiatives that will result in a comprehensive solution.”

MetroActive has a successful track record of organizing business, social and recreational events, excursions and adventures for professionals out of the Greater Toronto Area. Their first adventure was in 1997 when a group of corporate employees, mostly from the top 5 Canadian banks drove in a caravan of vehicles from Toronto to Niagara-On-The-Lake. The day was full of productive networking, jet boat thrills on the Niagara, wine tastings at local wineries and gourmet picnic lunches under the open sky.

According to Minaudo, “MetroActive members are known to be among the most traveled individuals in the world with a thirst for experiencing different cultures and environments. The intention is to provide information on travel adventures, destinations and packages fit for North American active business professionals with a taste for adventure and the disposable income to pay for them. “

Several initiatives will be pursued to determine which will contribute to the final comprehensive solution. To begin with, in order to gather preferences and other user-centric perspective, MetroActive is establishing a Travel & Tour Packages listing service as part of the the beta-phase of its online classifieds. Members of MetroActive’s facebook “Adventure and Travel Mates” group are invited to post their packages and services for a discounted fee during the beta-phase.

Meanwhile, members and visitors to the MetroActive website will be allowed to post for free (for now) in the classifieds (with the exception of the Travel and Tour packages category), which cover anything that can be bought, sold, traded, rented or given away. Of note, the ‘Services’ category is expected to be used by members and guests to promote their services. You can register and post for free now!

MetroActive is also considering potential partnerships and sponsors.

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