Election Signs Violate Toronto Bylaws

On the 4th day after the Canadian federal election a debris of signs can be found across Toronto in direct violation of the City of Toronto Bylaws as displaced on the City of Toronto’s website.

City of Toronto Election Sign Removal Bylaw from City of Toronto Website

Driving through the city, it seems that Liberal candidates have not yet removed their signs. As just one example, this picture was taken this morning at about 11am at a heavy traffic area near the Scarborough Town Centre.

Political signs litter neighbourhoods across Toronto on the 4th day after the federal election and in violation of city sign bylaws.

It is especially noteworthy that such a heavy traffic area in a prime strategic corner where all demographics of people pass on their way to grocery shopping, theatres, Scarborough Town Centre, municipal and federal government offices and even access to Highway 401 would be forgotten by the Liberal candidate who’s 6 signs were crowding the southwest corner of the intersection. Is the city (or individual bylaw officers) supporting this and other political candidates by turning a blind eye? Regardless, voters have had enough with the election and just want to see these signs gone!

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