Did Gurdeep Ahluwalia of CP24 Breakfast Really Say That?

CP24 BREAFAST news anchor Gurdeep Ahluwalia surprised members of one of Toronto’s largest audience this morning.  Roman Catholics were surprised to here Mr. Ahluwalia refer to an Olive as a peace symbol when announcing a gift that Pope Francis gave Donald Trump after their closed door meeting. In fact, the gift was a medal of an olive branch.

In a July 7, 2016 press release from Bell Media, Joanne MacDonald, Vice-President of CTV News refers to Ahluwalia as “A reporter and anchor of the highest caliber, Gurdeep has served CP24 viewers with distinction during some of the city’s most memorable weather events, municipal, provincial, and federal elections, G20, on the Olympic Desk, and countless major events in the city”.

Bell Media executives may want to take note and after apologizing to the Roman Catholic community, consider some training for its ‘highest caliber’ talent.

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