Sarah Makhomet, Principle Broker/Mortgage broker

Sarah Makhomet, Principle Broker/Mortgage broker

Mortgage options explained in a professional, plain language package, assisting clients with various financial backgrounds/situations get the mortgage they require.

I provide concise, easy to understand financial options for mortgages, including options for those new to Canada, recently employed/retired, financially stressed refinancing, etc.,

My experience in the financial sector, including work on Bay Street, has enabled me to obtain and manage my own brokerage with over 50 agents serving all of Ontario and consistently being in the top 50 producers throughout Canada.

Our brokerage can also assist clients in obtaining financing for equipment leasing, commercial mortgages and working capital for businesses by connecting over 40 lending institutions with the right client – right product – right pricing.  We are in a unique position to investigate the options available to our clients and their various situations and provide the best solution available to them.

Sarah Makhomet
Sarah Makhomet, H. BA, AMP
Mortgage Broker
(FSCO # M08004294)
Dominion Lending Centres
Mortgage Village (11934)
Office: (647) 342-6065
Direct: (647) 892-4437
Fax: (647) 342-6945
If you cannot reach me and need an urgent answer, please contact my partner, Jonathan Tillger at 416-908-3139 or
or Carol Ferber, Office Manager at 905-564-2777 or


Dear Sarah,

I just wanted to let you know that everything went fine today; I got the key of the house from the lawyer’s office this afternoon after work. My husband and I thank you for your great professionalism and your availability anytime we needed you as well as your kindness. We won’t hesitate to refer you to anybody who needs a mortgage broker, you’re just a great one! As soon as we’re settled, we’ll give you a call so you can come visit the new place.

Sincerely, Maud

“Hi Sarah, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate all your effort and help in getting me a mortgage approved. I know it’s tough but you did a great job. I owe more than anything in this world. I hope you could feel how much I appreciate this and how you have made my hope alive. I really thank God for making this possible through your effort.”

Emelinda V. Balmaceda – Claims Examiner Accident & Health Claims Division
Details of the Recommendation: “Sarah is a paramount of never giving up, looks like that word impossible does not exist in her vocabulary. One of our deals was coming apart like 2-3 times per day, but she just kept looking and searching for right mach of lender and insurance company, till we finally made it! This deal will never happen without you Sarah, thank you so much.”

Svetlana Litvinjenko, LL.B
“Sarah is an incredibly dynamic young woman. She is very diligent in her efforts as a Mortgage Consultant and she is a very welcomed addition to the Dominion Lending Centres team. Her courteous and professional nature makes her the perfect choice to help you with all of your mortgage needs.”

Chad Gregory

“Sarah is always available for her clients. She helps them when other consultants have failed. Her interests appear to be getting the best deal for her clients. Economic times seem to be difficult for most people, but Sarah has been successful. Having a positive attitude and knowing her industry well likely are the keys.”

Donald Lawrence
“Hi Sarah, Thank you for helping us consolidating our debts! Life is so much easier now plus we can save more money for our next house. I will definitely see you again in the future for mortgage pre-approval and not for consolidating debts (hopefully!). I will keep you in mind for friends who might be needing your service. Thank you also for trying to help my good friends, if it can’t be done right now, maybe you can help them again in the future. Take care and Good luck!!”

Regards,  Edgardo, Jennette, Anjelo and Mom