Ron Tabachnick – Strategic Coach, RT Planning Strategies



Ron’s expertise:

“ Ron collaborates with his clients addressing their concerns clarifying where they want to go resulting in developing an achievable ‘fat-free’ plan”.

How Ron handled a difficult situation?

“Ron has created a really good tool to develop a road map for success. Once I became General Manager Ron helped me plan a straightforward strategy to achieve the results I wanted”.

What makes Ron different? Why choose Ron?

“Ron has created an elegantly simple and powerfully efficient tool that helps his clients achieve results”.

“Ron, a walking fountain of creativity seeing possibilities, helps his clients go for them”.

“ Ron is a listener par excellence”.

“Read Ron’s book A Breakthrough in Strategic Planning to understand how others have benefited from working with Ron”.


Ron Tabachnick, Strategic Coach


Experience More Happiness. Take a Simulated Journey into Your Life!

Daphne Williamson, President, Exclusive Excursions Vacation Club

Exclusive Excursions Vacations ClubExclusive Excursions Vacations Club

Your dream vacation. Your budget. Our commitment.

Exclusive Excursions Vacation Club is posed to revolutionize the Canadian travel industry by offering Canadian business and personal travelers affordable access to global travel and first class accommodations at much more affordable rates than travel agencies and online travel sites. On average our prices are 40% less than available anywhere else and our luxury vacation home rentals start as low as $300 per week (Yes, I said per week!). And the membership is not nearly as expensive as it sounds. In fact, because the one-time membership fee is so affordable it is entirely possible to recover the full cost in only one vacation.
This program is perfect for anyone who is travelling once a year or more and would like to be save money- either so you can travel more often, enjoy better accommodations, or leave more money in the bank when you do choose to take a vacation- no matter where you want to go, how you want to get there, or how many people you want to take with you. Because this program is so flexible and cost-effective it is great for either individuals, businesses or groups and there are no blackout periods. And with almost 700 in-house agents who serve only our members, you get instant personalized service by people who are there to ensure your satisfaction every time.
Never again do you have to search endlessly on multiple sites for deals or be at the mercy of travel companies to get the best price. To find out how we can help you get more out of life for less money, or how you can get your membership for free, please email us at You can also check us out on Facebook (Exclusive Excursions Vacation Club), Twitter, or by taking a quick tour of our website ( And tell your friends- it may  make you the most popular person in the crowd…or at least the smartest!

Daphne Williamson is the President of Exclusive Excursions Vacation Club, an affordable and unique travel program that she brought to Canada after several years of enjoying the luxury and savings made possible by her own membership in the program. Unlike anything else ever before available in Canada, this program offers Canadians an economical way to travel the world in style, regardless of destination or budget. And, as an advocate for the disadvantaged, Daphne donates a minimumof 5% of the profit from the company to the Hope Shelter and Wellness Foundation, a registered charity that takes a holistic approach to addressing the issues of homelessness and poverty.
Daphne Williamson, B.A., LL.B.

President- Exclusive Excursions Vacation Club
253 Zelda Crescent, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 2Y7
(905) 508-1226
If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. If you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine then let us work together” – Aboriginal Rights Activist, Queensland, Australia- 1970’s



Simply put, it is a revolution in the Canadian travel industry. Never available before in Canada, and backed by a solid track record of over 20 years in the US, this is a membership program designed to give you the best in travel at the best prices- even better than the sell-off sites and with special benefits that you cannot get anywhere else in Canada.

We offer our members incredible savings of 10%- 70% off any type of travel or accommodations worldwide no matter where you want to go, where you want to stay, how you want to get there, who you want to take with you or how often. There are no blackout periods, no timeshare salespeople, no hidden fees and with a global database and a staff of hundreds of in-house travel specialists dedicated only to our members, no fuss.


Whether for business or pleasure, this very unique and easily affordable “Members Only” club is an

incredible opportunity to save on travel. And with virtually unlimited options, you can use it as you wish.

It’s totally up to you! No matter how you look at it, this is invaluable resource for all your travel needs!


  • Vacation home rentals starting at $300 per week worldwide
  • 40-70% off retail rates on a full range of  travel  options and accommodations at any time of year
  • Pricing is usually 10%- 25% less than sell-off sites or corporate rate
  • Average savings on cruises of 50% plus upgrades and bonuses
  • 25%- 50% off at golf courses worldwide
  • Member discounts on all-inclusives, land and adventure tours
  • Regular specials at even lower prices
  • Most accommodations are 4 star or better
  • Best prices on airfares
  • And so much more……..

If you travel at least once a year or want to do more of it and save money, this is perfect for you!

Just ask….we’ll gladly explain all your options as well as how you can get your membership for free

Elizabeth Knezevic, Co-Founder of HA Solutions and consultant

HA Solutions as a mentoring service?

Our programs are designed to guide you through any type of transitional period you may be facing at the present.

Overcoming all obstacles, making the wisest decisions and generating an easy flow of positive circumstances can all be achieved though the means of self-introspection.

Our focus on HA Solutions is you. Embarking on a journey of self-discovery, you begin to explore the inner you. A relationship with yourself is fostered. You begin to feel eternal love and peace toward yourself.

This leads to stability regardless of the circumstances; overcoming all challenges smoothly; dealing with change and transition with a grace of ease. This further leads to clarity of vision, and a peace of mind. You become the epitome of the freedom you generally seek elsewhere. You are the key for your success and ability.

At HA Solutions, we simply hold the compass while you captain your ship to fulfillment.

Rose Cathy Handy, CEO, Bilingual

Rose Cathy HANDY has been the CEO of H.E.R Consulting & Services inc for over 13 years offering extensive expertise in development, empowerment and career building.

After highlights of her life story were showcased here and there on TVO, CTV, More magazine, Toronto Star, RDI-Radio Canada…and more, Rose has  just published her book  titled “ From Homeless to CEO, the no excuse handbook” which can be ordered through,; and more.

We have all come to know Rose Cathy HANDY as a community leader, an advocate, an aspiring politician, a creative and successful entrepreneur and President of, your ultimate link to bilingual opportunities. She has been responsible for helping over 30000 people find work and improve their lives in the past twelve years through the publications, the bilingual job fairs, the career site, the seminars and training…etc.

But before all that Rose Cathy HANDY found herself with no money, no hope, a newborn baby in her hands and evicted from her home. From a homeless shelter where Rose was staying, she started fighting back, launched her business and emerged stronger.

Rose shares the powerful lessons that helped her go from homeless to the CEO she is today in this very inspiring book

She would like to inspire more people to succeed, have the career or business of their dreams, live with passion and get the results they are thriving for.

Rose Cathy Handy

Bilingual Link

Tel: 1.866.784.3020 ext: 2927




Lisa Cripps, President, Capital Transfer Agency Inc.


Lisa Cripps Lisa Cripps

Transfer agent and registrar providing comprehensive services to both private and publicly listed companies

Lisa Cripps incorporated Capital Transfer Agency Inc. in 2004 and is one of the last privately owned transfer agents in Canada approved to handle TSX-V companies.  Lisa brings to Capital Transfer Agency Inc. a twentyyear background in the financial industry. For the past nine years Lisa has worked in the stock transfer field, excelling in all aspects of the
industry. She oversees all aspects of Capital including; business expansion, sales & marketing, new client planning, Annual Meeting planning, scrutineering, attends closings for IPOs, corporate re-organizations, Subscription Receipts, Warrant Offerings, and Rights Offerings.

Lisa Cripps is also a Canadian artist, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Lisa works primarily in acrylic on canvas. Lisa’s strong sense of color is evident in all her artworks and especially in modern abstractpaintings. She is a contemporary Canadian artist who has donated paintings for charities and with the sales of all her work will donate 50% of painting sales, spread to three charities. Lisa works from her home on week nights and weekends since she owns and operates her transfer agency and registrar business, Capital Transfer Agency Inc. as her main career.

She will be displaying her latest paintings at the AUTUMN HOSTED NETWORKING SOCIAL on Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

To view her work type in

Capital Transfer Agency Inc.

Tel: 416-350-5007 Fax: 416-350-5008


Barry Spilchuk, Master Trainer – Canada’s Public Speaking Academy


Your strength and skill as a Speaker has a direct effect on your sales, your income and your ability to have influence in your chosen field.
At our last Public Speaking Academy Class – A gentleman came in who was in Toastmasters.
He gave a speech only three days after our class and WON his Speaking competition among seasoned veterans at Toastmasters.

Four day Intensive program with a MAXIMUM of 12 participants.

You will be videotaped every time you speak.
You’ll also learn how a book can increase your sales no matter what industry you are in.


Barry Spilchuk

Barry Spilchuk – Founder Canada’s Public Speaking Academy

Founder – You’re My Hero® Books
Coauthor – A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul®




Patrick Campbell Consultant Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

“Helping you reduce taxes and build wealth with as little as 30 minutes of your time”

Money Tips Ideas for getting ahead and staying ahead


Considering an addition?

Remember to consider your finances too

You and your partner have decided to start a family. Congratulations!

You have read all the parenting books, baby-proofed the house, and painted the baby’s room. But are you prepared financially?

Read more…

Download article:

Avoid injury to your retirement savings -PatCampbell.doc

Managing your money – small business owners – pat campbell

Patrick Campbell, Consultant

Investors Group Financial Services Inc.
PH: 519-624-9348 Ext. 255

  • I provide personalize comprehensive financial planning.
  • How do I solve my clients’ problems? an example here…A clients account was overdrawn for their mortgage and due to their busy lifestyle asked me to look into and explain the result. Once I did my research and discovered the processing error, I had the funds returned and ensured any costs due to bank charges were covered and once finalized followed up with the client to ensure everything was satisfactory.
  • What makes me different in my industry? why a potential client should choose me? I am not high pressure, I don’t sell products. I customize solutions with a wide variety of products and services to meet or exceed client expectations. I go out of my way to ensure the clients are getting the best product at the best price which is most tax efficient to their stage in life.

“Health, Wealth & Happiness!”
Helping others get Financially Fit!

Jean McInnes – Robles ~ Robetech Institute and Health Training Online

Robetech Institute has specialized in health care training since 1988.  Many of our students come from different cultural, financial and educational backgrounds from around the world, India, Pakistan, Philippines and China to name a few of these countries.  We understand and embrace the diversity of their individual needs with compassion and care.

We offer advance standing to Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists, Medical Technologists, Nurses, Occupational Therapists and other Internationally Trained Health Care professionals.  Our students can earn their Canadian diploma in as little as three months!

Diploma programs include:

Electrocardiography, Phlebotomy, Medical Laboratory Technician which includes Microbiology, Hematology, Serology and Chemistry.  The Physiotherapy Assistant which includes Massage Therapy, Modalities, Ultrasound, TENS machine subjects. OTA or Occupational Therapy Assistant learns to care for the Autistic children, Stroke Patients, Brain Injured patients. Our advanced training in Personal Support Worker serves the Geriatric community while our Medical Office Assistants work in a variety of health care facilities.  We also offer many other health related continuing education programs.  Our teaching techniques are responsive to the advancements in technology and health care, along with our highly qualified faculty providing this training; it ensures graduates have the leading edge that employers are looking for.

Health Training Online:

Offers courses review classes for Medical Laboratory Technicians and foreign trained Technologists to prepare for their certification exams in the comfort of their own home!
All of the exam questions have been carefully reviewed by subject specialists and the study manual has been designed to assist the students in succeeding and earning their OSMT Certification!!!  This course will also prepare the student to write their Canadian Certification Examination for Domestic and International Students alike.

Ms.Jean McInnes – Robles
Robetech Institute Inc.
416 -466-6107 ext.222

Our Address is 150 Laird Drive Ste.202 Toronto Ontario 416 466 6107

Email : or

Sarah Makhomet, Principle Broker/Mortgage broker

Sarah Makhomet, Principle Broker/Mortgage broker

Mortgage options explained in a professional, plain language package, assisting clients with various financial backgrounds/situations get the mortgage they require.

I provide concise, easy to understand financial options for mortgages, including options for those new to Canada, recently employed/retired, financially stressed refinancing, etc.,

My experience in the financial sector, including work on Bay Street, has enabled me to obtain and manage my own brokerage with over 50 agents serving all of Ontario and consistently being in the top 50 producers throughout Canada.

Our brokerage can also assist clients in obtaining financing for equipment leasing, commercial mortgages and working capital for businesses by connecting over 40 lending institutions with the right client – right product – right pricing.  We are in a unique position to investigate the options available to our clients and their various situations and provide the best solution available to them.

Sarah Makhomet
Sarah Makhomet, H. BA, AMP
Mortgage Broker
(FSCO # M08004294)
Dominion Lending Centres
Mortgage Village (11934)
Office: (647) 342-6065
Direct: (647) 892-4437
Fax: (647) 342-6945
If you cannot reach me and need an urgent answer, please contact my partner, Jonathan Tillger at 416-908-3139 or
or Carol Ferber, Office Manager at 905-564-2777 or


Dear Sarah,

I just wanted to let you know that everything went fine today; I got the key of the house from the lawyer’s office this afternoon after work. My husband and I thank you for your great professionalism and your availability anytime we needed you as well as your kindness. We won’t hesitate to refer you to anybody who needs a mortgage broker, you’re just a great one! As soon as we’re settled, we’ll give you a call so you can come visit the new place.

Sincerely, Maud

“Hi Sarah, I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate all your effort and help in getting me a mortgage approved. I know it’s tough but you did a great job. I owe more than anything in this world. I hope you could feel how much I appreciate this and how you have made my hope alive. I really thank God for making this possible through your effort.”

Emelinda V. Balmaceda – Claims Examiner Accident & Health Claims Division
Details of the Recommendation: “Sarah is a paramount of never giving up, looks like that word impossible does not exist in her vocabulary. One of our deals was coming apart like 2-3 times per day, but she just kept looking and searching for right mach of lender and insurance company, till we finally made it! This deal will never happen without you Sarah, thank you so much.”

Svetlana Litvinjenko, LL.B
“Sarah is an incredibly dynamic young woman. She is very diligent in her efforts as a Mortgage Consultant and she is a very welcomed addition to the Dominion Lending Centres team. Her courteous and professional nature makes her the perfect choice to help you with all of your mortgage needs.”

Chad Gregory

“Sarah is always available for her clients. She helps them when other consultants have failed. Her interests appear to be getting the best deal for her clients. Economic times seem to be difficult for most people, but Sarah has been successful. Having a positive attitude and knowing her industry well likely are the keys.”

Donald Lawrence
“Hi Sarah, Thank you for helping us consolidating our debts! Life is so much easier now plus we can save more money for our next house. I will definitely see you again in the future for mortgage pre-approval and not for consolidating debts (hopefully!). I will keep you in mind for friends who might be needing your service. Thank you also for trying to help my good friends, if it can’t be done right now, maybe you can help them again in the future. Take care and Good luck!!”

Regards,  Edgardo, Jennette, Anjelo and Mom