Lisa Cripps, President, Capital Transfer Agency Inc.


Lisa Cripps Lisa Cripps

Transfer agent and registrar providing comprehensive services to both private and publicly listed companies

Lisa Cripps incorporated Capital Transfer Agency Inc. in 2004 and is one of the last privately owned transfer agents in Canada approved to handle TSX-V companies.  Lisa brings to Capital Transfer Agency Inc. a twentyyear background in the financial industry. For the past nine years Lisa has worked in the stock transfer field, excelling in all aspects of the
industry. She oversees all aspects of Capital including; business expansion, sales & marketing, new client planning, Annual Meeting planning, scrutineering, attends closings for IPOs, corporate re-organizations, Subscription Receipts, Warrant Offerings, and Rights Offerings.

Lisa Cripps is also a Canadian artist, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Lisa works primarily in acrylic on canvas. Lisa’s strong sense of color is evident in all her artworks and especially in modern abstractpaintings. She is a contemporary Canadian artist who has donated paintings for charities and with the sales of all her work will donate 50% of painting sales, spread to three charities. Lisa works from her home on week nights and weekends since she owns and operates her transfer agency and registrar business, Capital Transfer Agency Inc. as her main career.

She will be displaying her latest paintings at the AUTUMN HOSTED NETWORKING SOCIAL on Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

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