Spotlight: Mike Yen, PC Candidate in the 2011 Ontario Election

As a MetroActive member, Mike Yen depicts the qualities that we support: commitment, leadership, involvement, hard work, honesty and integrity. It is no surprise that Mike is a PC candidate in the October 6th Ontario election for the Trinity-Spadina riding where he has lived for the past four years and has strong relationships with the community. As a resident of a condo at Blue Jay’s Way and Wellington within the Trinity-Spadina riding, Mike cares about the growth and development of the downtown core.

Growing up in Scarborough’s Malvern community Mike has an appreciation for cultural diversity which led him to major in History as part of his Bachelor of Arts degree from York University. Mike’s cultural diversity experience has also been the driver for his volunteer activities over the past 20 years, which have included managing, and coaching community sports programs and serving as a mentor to vulnerable youth.

Since his graduation Mike has had a successful 10-year career as a federal servant. Mike is a strong supporter of small businesses noting the contribution they make to both the economy and unique communities within the Trinity-Spadina riding. Mike Yen is determined to represent the issues that matter most to the Trinity-Spadina community at the Ontario legislature, where he will combine his values and experience of cultural diversity.

MetroActive congratulates Mike Yen on taking his caring of our community and commitment to leadership to the next level by running in October’s Ontario election.  We encourage our members to meet and get to know Mike. This is your opportunity to share your concerns and desires with a man that could possibly be our next provincial government representative for the Trinity-Spadina riding.

Meet Mike Yen, Ontario PC candidate for Trinity-Spadina on Wednesday, September 14th (6:00 pm – 8:00 pm) at the Pinnacle Second Cup (S/E corner of Bay Street and Lakeshore Avenue, diagonal from the Air Canada Centre) by the Toronto waterfront.

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