Aleksandra Knezevic

Aleksandra Knezevice, HA Solutions Inc.Aleksandra Knezevic

Aleksandra Knezevice is the Co-Founder of HA Solutions Inc. As an Empath, she handles the sessions with the clients.

Upon graduating Teaching College (Belgrade, Serbia), Aleksandra Knezevic worked in corporate international sales, consistently performing among the top ten results for her firm. In 1999, she and her family moved to Canada.

Aleksandra strongly believes that we create our own reality and that all solutions for our concerns are locked within us. Her ability to find the key and unlock an individual’s true potential inspired her work in the alternative problem solving field.

She creates personalized unique sessions for her clients and enjoys working with people who are willing to accept that all answers are within the self.

In the latter part of 2010, Aleksandra founded HA Solutions with her business partner, Laure Ampilhac. She likes to describe HA Solutions as a train that is discovering uncharted territories.

Aleksandra is married with three children.

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Laure Ampilhac

Laure Ampilhac, HA Solutions Inc. Laure Ampilhac

Laure Ampilhac is the Co-Founder of HA Solutions Inc. She is charge of Sales and Marketing.

A graduate in Business and International Trade, Laure Ampilhac worked for 6 years in corporate sales in France and 9 years in Canada (Export, HR, IT). After taking the Dale Carnegie Course® in 2006, and while working at LaCie Canada she surpassed her sales targets by developing outstanding client relationships building skills. She is known for her diligence, outstanding customer service and effective problem-solving techniques.
This carries over to her personal networks, where she has become the go-to-person for connections, inspiration, open-mindedness and “uplifting” effect on people from all walks of life.

In 2007, she began a personal journey of self discovery, attended the Transformational Arts College, and other diverse schools of thought. She was looking for more meaning in her life. In 2009, she left the corporate world and started her real estate investing business. She trained with Tigrent Learning and Peak Potentials. She also discovered Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian problem solving technique that gave her the keys to “loving herself” and “looking inside as opposed to reaching outside for answers”.
In the latter part of 2010, combining her passion for metaphysics, philosophy, human relations and business, she founded HA Solutions with Aleksandra Knezevic to share her discovery and assist people and businesses solve their problems, internal or external. She trained at Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto in the Rotman Executive Program and at the Mediation Centre of Southern Ontario to add dispute resolution as a service.

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Spotlight: Mike Yen, PC Candidate in the 2011 Ontario Election

As a MetroActive member, Mike Yen depicts the qualities that we support: commitment, leadership, involvement, hard work, honesty and integrity. It is no surprise that Mike is a PC candidate in the October 6th Ontario election for the Trinity-Spadina riding where he has lived for the past four years and has strong relationships with the community. As a resident of a condo at Blue Jay’s Way and Wellington within the Trinity-Spadina riding, Mike cares about the growth and development of the downtown core.

Growing up in Scarborough’s Malvern community Mike has an appreciation for cultural diversity which led him to major in History as part of his Bachelor of Arts degree from York University. Mike’s cultural diversity experience has also been the driver for his volunteer activities over the past 20 years, which have included managing, and coaching community sports programs and serving as a mentor to vulnerable youth.

Since his graduation Mike has had a successful 10-year career as a federal servant. Mike is a strong supporter of small businesses noting the contribution they make to both the economy and unique communities within the Trinity-Spadina riding. Mike Yen is determined to represent the issues that matter most to the Trinity-Spadina community at the Ontario legislature, where he will combine his values and experience of cultural diversity.

MetroActive congratulates Mike Yen on taking his caring of our community and commitment to leadership to the next level by running in October’s Ontario election.  We encourage our members to meet and get to know Mike. This is your opportunity to share your concerns and desires with a man that could possibly be our next provincial government representative for the Trinity-Spadina riding.

Meet Mike Yen, Ontario PC candidate for Trinity-Spadina on Wednesday, September 14th (6:00 pm – 8:00 pm) at the Pinnacle Second Cup (S/E corner of Bay Street and Lakeshore Avenue, diagonal from the Air Canada Centre) by the Toronto waterfront.



Overcoming Your Personal & Business Challenges

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 (6:00 – 9:00 PM) at Peridot Resto Lounge, 81 Bloor Street East, Toronto, ON M4W 1A9 (Just East of Yonge St.)

With Great Hosts to Help You Network

Join our MetroActive hosts and members for an evening towards overcoming your personal and business challenges. Take advantage of individual business
introductions, socializing, and networking.  Enjoy the company of a diversified group of individuals with common interest of networking and overcoming challenges in their work, business or personal life.

Add gusto to your networking activities in a social environment which combines the atmosphere of business success with personal development and relationship building.

The evening will begin by focusing on business networking with the assistance of MetroActive hosts who will help make introductions.

During the evening, guests will experience HA Solutions’ innovative and effective way to Overcoming Personal & Business Challenges. A special group introductory session to HA Solution’s alternative problem solving method will be offered on Saturday October 15 and 22 at 1:30pm (Toronto). Sign up now for the group introductory session or at the Autumn Hosted Networking Social and redeem your $20 certificate towards the session! (MetroActive Price $100, Regular $120). 

Then the hosting team members will be briefly introduced to all the guests.

Later in the evening, you can relax with leisurely conversation and atmosphere as you continue to build your new relationships with like-minded and like-spirited professionals.

This is a great opportunity to touch base with acquaintances and to make new friends (don’t forget your business cards). So feel free to bring along your friends and colleagues interested in advancing their career, growing their business, building their network or making new friends.

Reserve your admission today. Our last event was sold out and we had to turn away dozens of individuals who didn’t buy tickets far enough in advance. Don’t delay!

Snacks: Samples will be provided on a first-come basis while supplies last and include savory mini Cheese and Spinach Pita Puffs, plus delightful mini Passion Fruit Cheese Cake.

Admission Price Includes: 1. One drink ticket good for house red and white wines, domestic bottled beer or bar rail drinks (vodka, rye, rum, gin) and 2. a $20 gift certificate towards a HA Solutions group session to help overcome personal and business challenges.

Door Prizes and Donors: $50 gift card compliments Peridot Resto Lounge.

HOSTS: (are you interested in being a host? Click here for more info on hosting)

Baldo Minaudo, President of MetroActive and Author of ‘The Banker Who Saved His Soul’

Helping People and Opportunity Meet

Laure Ampilhac, Co-Founder, Director of Sales & Marketing of HA Solutions
Transform Yourself, Transform Your Problems! Overcome your Personal and Professional challenges by clearing deeply rooted hidden blocks

Lisa Cripps, President, CEO & Founder of Capital Transfer Agency Inc.
Transfer agent and registrar providing comprehensive services to both private and publicly listed companies

Barry Spilchuk, Founder of Canada’s Public Speaking Academy
Teaching you to use public speaking to capture influence and increase sales and income

Jean McInnes-Robles, President, Robetech Institute Inc. and Canadian Health Training Online
Health care education (in laboratory or online) for Diploma, Certificate or Continuing Education

Rose Cathy HANDY, President, and author of “From homeless to CEO”
Connecting employers and candidates in the Bilingual Market

Sarah Makhomet, President, Dominion Lending Centres
Mortgage Brokers helping you own the home of your choosing

Elizabeth Walker, CGA
Fully integrated accounting, financial & business services

Patrick Campbell, Consultant, Investors Group Financial Services Inc.
Helping you reduce taxes and build wealth with as little as 30 minutes of your time

Ken Campbell, Real Estate Sales Representative with Real Estate Homeward in the Beach.
Providing Real Estate Services in the areas of Residential, Commercial, Retirement, Long-term Care Homes and Rent-to-Own

Daphne Williamson, President of Exclusive Excursions Vacation Club
Your dream vacation. Your budget. Our commitment.

Ron Tabachnick, Author and Strategic Chauffeur, RT Planning Strategies
Experience More Happiness. Take a Simulated Journey into Your Life!

Note: You must provide proof of full payment for admission into the event. Purchase is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another individual as long as you provide that person with your proof of payment along with your signature on the bottom and note that says “I transfer my ticket to the bearer of this receipt”. We reserve the right to change event details without notice, so make sure you check event post online before event. We reserve the right to refuse admission to the event or to remove individuals from the event without refund of admission price, for whatever reason, but especially for inappropriate behaviour or complaints from, or harassment of other guests. This event is not appropriate for network marketing or multi-level marketing sales or recruitment.


Now Accepting Applications for HOSTS

Looking for Event SPONSORS and DOOR PRIZES

BARTERING and PARTNERING Proposals Considered

Qualified Volunteers Welcome



YOUR OPTIONS (all options include one drink ticket – Remember to bring your proof of payment for admission):

1. Reserve your spot now for only $7.50 (non-refundable) and pay $25 in cash at the door ($32.50) – THIS OPTION NO LONGER AVAILABLE

2. Pay $30 now for a savings of 16% off door price and guarantee you’ll have your spot – THIS OPTION NO LONGER AVAILABLE

3. Show up at the event and pay $35 plus HST of  $4.55, Total: $39.55 in cash

Note: HST will be charged on above amounts


Laure Ampilhac, HA Solutions Inc. t: (647) 955-7528

MetroActive t: (416) 564-0245

Event Learning Experience and Management Provided By HA Solutions.


MetroActive is a cross-industry, cross-cultural group of professionals interested in business & personal success.

HA Solutions is an alternative problem-solving service that helps individuals and companies unleash their natural ability to overcome hidden obstacles and access the right solution to the issue, both personal and professional (for Individuals, Real Estate and Businesses).

MetroActive Meet and Greet Presented by The Second Cup at the Pinnacle (Sept. 14)

The Second Cup


A MetroActive Lifestyle Network

Meet and Greet

Date: Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Location: Second Cup at 39 Bay St. (S/E corner of Bay St./Lakeshore Ave.)

Meet Mike Yen, Ontario PC candidate for Trinity-Spadina


Baldo Minaudo, President of MetroActive

and author of “The Banker Who Saved His Soul”,

along with residents of downtown Toronto,

business professionals and other MetroActive members.

Free samples: Enjoy samples of fresh beverages and complementary cake.

Entertainment: Live musical performance featuring Angela Saini, Runner-up for

“Best Female Artist”, 2010 International Acoustic Music Awards

Invited and yet to be confirmed:

Senator Con Di Nino and Bernard Trottier MP

Admission is Free
Please RSVP with your name by email to:

What Happened to Daughter of Director at Communist Party of China?

On April 15, 2011 Qian Liu (23), the daughter of Liu Jianhiu, the research director of Communist Party history at the Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, in Beijing, was found dead. Qian Liu’s body was found in her basement apartment near the York University campus in Toronto, Canada.

Her boyfriend in China says he had been in an online video chat with Qian Liu at 1 a.m. when there was a knock on her door. She opened her door to a man and a struggle took place.

For the first few days police refused to rule the death a homicide, but considered the death “suspicious.” Even an autopsy did not show a cause of death. Investigators provided no details at their news conference to explain why they later thought Qian Liu’s death was a homicide.

The unfortunate death of a young student is a sad experience that no family should have to go through. The circumstances surrounding the Liu death and lack of explanation serve to fuel people’s imagination and could inspire a novel, or perhaps even a movie.

Was Liu murdered and if so who is behind the murder? Was the murder ordered from an enemy of Liu Jianhiu, perhaps a political rival at the Communist Party of China where he is a director of the Party School of the Central Committee? Was the murder from some political group that is protesting China’s activity, such as with Tibet or the Falun Gong and Qian Li was targeted because of her father’s association with the Communist Party of China? Did government officials have Qian Li murdered because she was speaking up against the Communist Party of China? Was the murder as a result of a romantic relationship? Was the murder just an accident and not a murder at all?

We may never find out the truth behind what happened, but it does provide fuel for speculation and story.

Nonetheless, may Qian Liu rest in peace and may those that loved her find healing and peace in their heart.

TD Bank Takes Gamble with Paying $4,778 Plus Debt Per Credit Card Account

Recently I wrote an article about how to calculate the value of a business.  Toronto-Dominion Bank deal is an example of the irrelevance of valuation techniques used by most industry professionals. In the end it is what a buyer is willing to pay for a business that determines the company’s value.

Image via Wikipedia

The Toronto-Dominion Bank has agreed to acquire the Canadian portfolio of Bank of America Corp. in an $8.6 billion in cash plus assumed liabilities deal for 1.8 million new accounts. This acquisition will make TD Bank one of the largest credit card issuing banks in Canada, next to Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce at about 18% market share. The acquisition price works out to be $4,778 plus debt per credit card account. TD shareholders should be asking how the deal was valued, the return they expect to make (and how) and the risks associated with the new business.

Image via Wikipedia

The portfolio comes with $8.5 billion in credit card loans. Credit card loans are the first and most impacted by economic downturns. With poor economic indicators coming out of the U.S., Canada’s largest trading partner and resource prices (which drive the Canadian economy) showing weakness lately this adds significant risk to TD’s business.  Adding to the concern is the Canadian housing in a bubble which could burst in the next few months. The major Canadian banks and Canadian government all have given warning that the real estate market is in for a correction and if this happens in the fall then TD’s gamble will be a painful one.

Image by Ken Lund via Flickr

Even Mark Carney, Bank of Canada Governor last year warned that household debt levels are concerning, adding that many indebted Canadians could be in trouble if they lose their jobs. At the time he made the comment the average household debt level (including mortgages) had reached a record 146 per cent of personal disposable income. In addition, the cost of home ownership in Canada has surpassed the 50 per cent of family income level. Historically, the cost of home ownership has been 33 per cent of family income.

Yet, with all that money lying around TD has to find something to do with it. With depressed interest rates and active loans TD is not making money by depositing money. The shareholders won’t be happy if that money isn’t put to work, especially when it is time for the fiscal year end.  Credit cards are a cash cow because they charge an upwards of 18 per cent interest annualized. Canadian banks can borrow money for almost free. You get no interest on a Canadian chequing account balance and if you lock it into an investment certificate you get less than 1-2 per cent if you’re lucky. So that 18 per cent can be pretty lucrative.

Only time will tell if TD’s gamble will pay off. Meanwhile, it will be interesting how investors will view the deal and how it will impact the company’s share price.

Regardless, it appears that the value of my credit card account to TD is $4,778 plus debt. So, how can I sell my credit account to TD? If they offered me even $1,000 I’d be willing to close my existing credit card and get one with TD.

By Baldo Minaudo, M.B.A. (

If you would like an inside look into banking, how to succeed in the banking corporate ladder and how to leverage your bank as a client, read The Banker Who Saved His Soul (

The Power Of Attention

There is much discussion lately about the Power of Intention.  However, there is a sister concept that has not been mentioned, yet is more powerful and that is the Power of Attention.

After years of working in the personal development field and coaching others in their personal growth I’ve refined my discovery of the Power of Attention.  Well, I’d like to take credit for it, but really I first learned about it well I don’t know – when I started in Kindergarten.  It works something like this, “where you put your attention, things will happen”.

Over the years I’ve seen this concept appear in various forms and in various areas.  For example, have you ever noticed how when you start thinking about something you see it everywhere?  When you think about buying a certain car, suddenly you notice it everywhere.  Or when you get a parking ticket and you start noticing parking bees everywhere.  This also exists in the scientific world in that what scientist look for they find.  It’s like they see thousands of things, but the only ones that register are the ones that they think about.  The mind somehow subconsciously filters all the non-attention elements.

There are many studies that look at why people see some things, yet don’t notice others.  It reminds me of when my cousin visited from Italy and we decided to drive to New York.  We were walking on the side walk in a very busy street full of concrete and high buildings and all kinds of hustle and bustle. Gianfranco turns to me and says (in Italian of course), ’Look – what is that’.  And he walked me over to a tree in a concrete planter about 20 feet away.  He reached up and slightly bent a small branch to look at somekind of insect that was cacooning on a leaf.  Okay, we’re in the middle of the concrete jungle full of sounds, traffic and people and he notices this insect?  Hmmmmm.  I thought about it a lot and wondered why he would notice that.  Then I realized that nature is where he grew up and where he puts his attention, therefore it is what registers with him.  Another man may have noticed how dirty the sidewalk (a janitor) or how slow the traffic was moving (a cab driver).

As in all knowledge is power.  So, I ask how can this knowledge be used?  Let’s see – well if you where you put your attention determines that which you consciously notice.  And what you notice is what is in your mind.  And what you hold in your mind you create into reality.  Then, it is logical to conclude that where you decide to put your attention will create your environment conducive to that which is the focus of your attention.  Hence, criminals attract crime, lovers attract love, workers attract work, etc.  That would also explain why as adults we are often a reflection of the items that caught our attention as children.  Once that bolder starts to roll, it’s difficult to change it’s direction you know.

So, where are you putting your attention?