The Power Of Attention

There is much discussion lately about the Power of Intention.  However, there is a sister concept that has not been mentioned, yet is more powerful and that is the Power of Attention.

After years of working in the personal development field and coaching others in their personal growth I’ve refined my discovery of the Power of Attention.  Well, I’d like to take credit for it, but really I first learned about it well I don’t know – when I started in Kindergarten.  It works something like this, “where you put your attention, things will happen”.

Over the years I’ve seen this concept appear in various forms and in various areas.  For example, have you ever noticed how when you start thinking about something you see it everywhere?  When you think about buying a certain car, suddenly you notice it everywhere.  Or when you get a parking ticket and you start noticing parking bees everywhere.  This also exists in the scientific world in that what scientist look for they find.  It’s like they see thousands of things, but the only ones that register are the ones that they think about.  The mind somehow subconsciously filters all the non-attention elements.

There are many studies that look at why people see some things, yet don’t notice others.  It reminds me of when my cousin visited from Italy and we decided to drive to New York.  We were walking on the side walk in a very busy street full of concrete and high buildings and all kinds of hustle and bustle. Gianfranco turns to me and says (in Italian of course), ’Look – what is that’.  And he walked me over to a tree in a concrete planter about 20 feet away.  He reached up and slightly bent a small branch to look at somekind of insect that was cacooning on a leaf.  Okay, we’re in the middle of the concrete jungle full of sounds, traffic and people and he notices this insect?  Hmmmmm.  I thought about it a lot and wondered why he would notice that.  Then I realized that nature is where he grew up and where he puts his attention, therefore it is what registers with him.  Another man may have noticed how dirty the sidewalk (a janitor) or how slow the traffic was moving (a cab driver).

As in all knowledge is power.  So, I ask how can this knowledge be used?  Let’s see – well if you where you put your attention determines that which you consciously notice.  And what you notice is what is in your mind.  And what you hold in your mind you create into reality.  Then, it is logical to conclude that where you decide to put your attention will create your environment conducive to that which is the focus of your attention.  Hence, criminals attract crime, lovers attract love, workers attract work, etc.  That would also explain why as adults we are often a reflection of the items that caught our attention as children.  Once that bolder starts to roll, it’s difficult to change it’s direction you know.

So, where are you putting your attention?

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