Systems for Success

Are you ready to go into business for yourself? Do you have a plan, a step by step systematic approach to success? Many people just don’t have a great plan for buisness. They throw together some business cards and decal their car, but do not spend the time putting together systems that will help them succeed.

If you are thinking of becoming self-employed and your a fitness professional or someone who really cares about the health and fitness of others, then you will need to set in place a very strategic business plan that will achieve those results. What will your marketing strategies be? Who is your target market? What kind of services will you offer? What is your marketing game plan?

Here at The Canada StairClimbing Association we have already developed that strategic system and plans for you. We offer our market successful StairClimb Meet-up Groups which help individuals become fit, healthy and lean. If your serious about fitness and helping others achieve results then we have the business for you!

StairClimbing Meet-up Chapters of Canada

StairClimbing is quickly becoming the way for individuals to become fit and healthy. StairClimbing provides an effective, productive workout in half the time of a normal gym workout.

Now you can provide the same services to the growing population in your city by setting up your own Meet-up Chapter underneath the Canada StairClimbing Association.

Tap into our systems and strategic alliances and easily build a thriving, financially successful business right in your own city!

You will have access to the following:

1) Logos, trademarks and Banners of The Canada StairClimbing Association.

2) Operations Manual – a step by step system of setting up and achieving great results within your Meet-up Chapter

3) Marketing and Promotional Materials – Do not waste time building your own marketing materials. You will have access to our marketing material. Just plug and play!

4) Business set-up forms. Get access to a library of business forms including liability forms, Par-Q’s, waivers forms, business registration forms and lots more

5) StairClimbing Programs – No need to develop your own, use our proven three month ExpressFit Training program and let your clients see great results with the use of this program.

You will also gain access to a business coach who will mentor and guide you to success. In addition you will harness the power of the successful meet-up chapters across the country. Our conference calls allows other successful meet-up organizers share their successes with you so that you can implement them in your own business!

Get all the systems that you need to start and run your own successful meet-up chapter!

Take our “Systems for Success” and create financial and professional success for yourself!

For more information and to get started please go to The StairClimbing Meet-up Chapter Website and fill out an application and email to

For more information about our company The Canada StairClimbing Association visit our website!

Step Strong!

Trevor Folgering
The Canada StairClimbing Association

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