Practical Tip: Aloe Vera For Your Teeth

Aloe vera gel is known as a natural treatment to soothe burned skin, reduce the itch from insect bites, heal rashes from poisonous plants and now it appears to be good for your teeth.  In a study published in the peer-reviewed journal of General Dentistry, it was found that aloe vera gel works as well as regular toothpaste to clean teeth and eliminate cavity-causing bacteria.  In fact, aloe vera gel may actually be better for your as it isn’t as hard on the teeth as abrasive commercial toothpastes, which may make them better for those that have sensitive teeth or gums.

According to Dilip George, a master of dental surgery and co-author of a study, to be effective the gel has to contain the stabilized gel from the centre of the plant and it must be gently processed to standards.  You can find good aloe vera tooth gels by checking with the International Aloe Science Council ( for products that have received the organization’s seal of quality.