Elizabeth Verge – Brain Possibilities

Elizabeth Verge – Brain Possibilities

Originally from Québec City, Elizabeth attained her Bachelor of Political Science degree from York University in 1983.

She was hired by the Government of Ontario to establish and maintain their French Language School Program.  As part of this, she introduced a Train the Trainers program, acted as a Resource Person, trained Government employees and oversaw student placement.

While working at the Government’s school, she became the Chair of the North York Hospital French Language Services committee.

In 1987, she established Language Plus, a commercial French Language Training school specializing in Business Language training, Translation, Interpretation and Cultural Training. This was considered non-traditional at the time – the program was designed to teach employees French in their business environment, using their business language.

Elizabeth was a member of the Board of Directors of the Women Entrepreneurs of Canada Foundation and Vice President & President of Women Entrepreneurs of Canada.

In 2007, Elizabeth established Brain Possibilities, a leading service in neurofeedback technology.  Clients who have suffered from physical and/or mental trauma (depression, anxiety, racing thoughts, lack of focus, ADD, poor sleep and many more issues) can be assisted through balancing and harmonizing the brain.  She has been practicing this service for the past 4

years and attained her Masters Level 3 in this service.

Elizabeth can be  reached at www.brainpossibilities.com

How Do You Know You’re An Entrepreneur?

One of the most answered questions for people looking to start a business is ‘How do I know I’m an entrepreneur?’  However, the reality is that most people that decide to start a business don’t even think of asking whether they’re an entrepreneur.  In fact, if you ask some successful entrepreneurs they’ll ask you why you’re wasting your time with questions that don’t help your business or make you money.

There is much wisdom in that reply.  I’ve seen people struggle with whether they should start a business or not for years.  Yet, business isn’t a question of ‘whether’ to start, but of ‘how’ to start.  If you have a true, burning desire to start a business then you should start one and you’re focus should be on how to do it.

Before you start, make sure you’re clear on the difference between an entrepreneur, a business owner, and someone who makes a lot of money.  An entrepreneur is someone who finds a new way to leverage existing resources, sometimes resources he/she may not own directly.  An entrepreneur is opportunistic, a risk taker and is successful by working in undefined markets, opportunities or where there are little or no protocols.  A business owner is someone who owns an organization which produces a product or service and which can operate (hopefully at a profit) even in their absence.  Someone who makes a lot of money is an individual who knows how to negotiate, persuade, and by whatever means accumulate money.  Which one do you want to be?

Now that you’re clear on that point, you can focus on getting down to business.  Assuming you want to be a business owner (which is different from a self-employed individual, but for this purpose we’ll include it in our discussion), there are some specific questions that need to be answered and tasks that need to be done:

1. What is the model of your business?  By answering this question one should be clear on what you’re selling to who, how you deliver the product/service and how you get paid.

2. Is there a market for this product/service and is there room for another business and in what form?

3. What resources, equipment, expertise and human capital do I need for the business?

4. What are my start-up and operating costs for the business (use 2 year projections)?

5. What is my marketing and sales plan to get my revenue to a level capable of justifying the business?

6. What government rules, regulations and paperwork do I need to get started and to operate the business?

7. How much money do I need to finance my business plan to the point where the business is generating enough cash flow to mete my needs?

8. Where and how will I get the capital and resources to succeed in the business?

If after answering these questions you still have the desire to start your business then I would say that is a very good indication of you being an entrepreneur.  If you succeed at starting the business and getting it to profitability then I would say you’re a successful entrepreneur.  However, remember that unless the business can run without you, that doesn’t necessarily make you a business owner. 

Good luck!

Baldo Minaudo
President, MetroActive Lifestyle Network
Senior Consultant, Venturemind Corporation

David Hall, CEO of Aurizon Mines interviewed on BNN at The Association for Mineral Exploration BC (Roundup) in Vancouver

January 28, 2011

Please find below a link to a BNN interview with David Hall, CEO of Aurizon Mines. The interview is seven minutes long and the focus is on NioGold’s Marban block which is part of NioGold’s 120 sq km Malartic project near Val d’Or Quebec.

The NioGold/Aurizon agreement is summarized below:

As of January 2010 indicated resources for the Marban block property, located in the Malartic gold camp in the Abitibi region, Quebec totaled 598,000 ounces, while inferred resources totaled 361,000 ounces. The gold resources are defined along a three-kilometre segment of the Norbenite-Marbanite fault zone, in and around the former Marban, Norlartic and Kierens gold mines, which collectively produced 600,000 ounces of gold.

Aurizon Mines Ltd. has signed an option and joint venture agreement with Niogold Mining Corp. on the Marban block property, pursuant to which:

Aurizon can earn a 50-per-cent interest in the Marban block, subject to underlying royalties, by:
Incurring expenditures of $20-million over three years, of which $5-million is a firm commitment to be spent in the first year;

Completing an updated NI 43-101-compliant mineral resource estimate;

Making a resource payment equal to the sum of $30 (or $40 if the price of gold is then above $1,560 (U.S.)) multiplied by 50 per cent of the number of total gold ounces in the measured and indicated resource categories plus $20 (or $30 if the price of gold is then above $1,560 (U.S.)) multiplied by 50 per cent of the number of total gold ounces in the inferred resource category, based on the updated resource estimate.

Aurizon can earn an additional 10-per-cent interest, for a total 60-per-cent interest, by delivering a feasibility study.

Aurizon can earn an additional 5 per cent, for a toal 65-per-cent interest, by arranging project financing for capital expenditures estimated by the feasibility study to place the project into commercial production.

NioGold will be operator during the initial earn-in period, and Aurizon will provide input on exploration programs and will become operator after the initial 50-per-cent interest has been earned.

For further information please contact:
Dale Paruk
NioGold Mining
Tel: 604-662-4505
Toll-free 1-877-642-6200
Email: dparuk@niogold.com

BMO Applauds the Federal Government for Designating 2011 as ‘The Year of The Entrepreneur’

BMO Applauds the Federal Government for Designating 2011 as ‘The Year of The Entrepreneur’ – The title of the feed item

TORONTO, January 27, 2011 – BMO Bank of Montreal today offered its strong support of the Federal Government’s decision to designate 2011 as the Year of the Entrepreneur. BMO encourages any new initiatives that will help unleash the Canadian entrepreneurial spirit and make it easier for small businesses to invest and create jobs.

“Looking ahead, we see the economy gaining strength after slowing recently, growing by a projected 2.7 per cent in 2011, as high commodity prices and an upturn in U.S. demand should bolster business confidence and investment, supporting small and medium-sized businesses,” said Sal Guatieri, Senior Economist, BMO Economics.

More than one million small businesses make-up the backbone of communities across Canada accounting for nearly 98 per cent of the total of all private businesses and over the last decade and creating more than one-third of all new private sector jobs.

“Entrepreneurs are the pioneers who push the boundaries of discovery, drive growth and innovation. During the most challenging days of the recession, these small business owners showed their resilience, kept their focus on their customers, and now they are the ones who are poised to grow and lead their companies through this emerging economic recovery,” said Gail Cocker, Senior Vice President, Commercial Banking, BMO Bank of Montreal.

For news media enquiries:
Paul Cunliffe, Toronto, paul.cunliffe@bmo.com, (416) 867-3996
Laurie Grant, Vancouver, laurie.grant@bmo.com, (604) 665-7596
Ron Monet, Montreal, ronald.monet@bmo.com, (514) 877-1873

http://thebankerwhosavedhissoul.com/bmo-applauds-the-federal-government-for-designating-2011-as-%E2%80%98the-year-of-the-entrepreneur%E2%80%99/ – The link to the feed item

BMO Harris Private Banking Announces British Columbia Executive Appointments

BMO Harris Private Banking Announces British Columbia Executive Appointments – The title of the feed item

VANCOUVER, January 27, 2011 – BMO Harris Private Banking announced the appointment of Janine Guenther as Vice President & Managing Director for British Columbia. Diana Reid, who held the position since 2000, has moved to a national role as Vice President, National Managing Director and Head of Private Wealth Group and remains based in Vancouver.

Prior to joining BMO, Ms. Guenther was the regional head of a Canadian bank’s discretionary money management business for British Columbia.

“Both Diana and Janine bring significant expertise and leadership experience to their respective roles,” said Andrew Auerbach, Senior Vice President and Head of BMO Harris Private Banking. “Diana’s proven track record of success is reflected in our growth in British Columbia. Janine’s familiarity with the British Columbia market, coupled with her knowledge of the wealth management business, will build on our success and reinforces our commitment to providing optimal solutions to our clients and exceeding their needs.”

Ms. Guenther completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Manitoba, is a CFA Charterholder and has also completed the Chartered Market Technician program. She is also the President’s Council Representative for Canada to the Global Board of Governors for the CFA Institute.

Ms. Reid obtained her B.Sc. and L.L.B. from Dalhousie University. She has been an active member of the community and currently serves as a Governor of the B.C.’s Children’s Hospital Foundation.

BMO in British Columbia
Established in 1817 as Bank of Montreal, BMO Financial Group is a highly diversified North American financial services organization. In British Columbia, BMO has more than 3,000 employees and serves customers from 118 BMO Bank of Montreal branches, six BMO Nesbitt Burns offices and six BMO Harris Private Banking locations.

BMO is an active corporate citizen in British Columbia. Recent major donations have been given to BC Children’s Hospital, the VGH Grandview Woodlands Health Centre in East Vancouver, Canuck Place Children’s Hospice in Abbotsford and the Arts Club Theatre Granville Island Stage renovation. The Bank also has title sponsor for several major community events such as the BMO Vancouver Marathon, the BMO Okanagan Marathon, the BMO Grouse Grind Run and BMO Family Day at the Surrey Children’s Festival.

BMO and its employees generously support the United Ways throughout the province and BC Children’s Hospital.

Media Contact:

Laurie Grant, Vancouver, laurie.grant@bmo.com, (604) 665-7596

http://thebankerwhosavedhissoul.com/bmo-harris-private-banking-announces-british-columbia-executive-appointments/ – The link to the feed item

BMO’s Gift to the Skate Canada Athlete Fund Tops $1.5 Million

BMO’s Gift to the Skate Canada Athlete Fund Tops $1.5 Million – The title of the feed item

VICTORIA, January 26, 2011 – Diana Reid (right) Vice-President, National Managing Director & Head, Private Wealth Group, BMO Harris Private Banking presented a cheque on behalf of BMO Financial Group for $100,000 to the Skate Canada Athlete Fund at the 2011 BMO Canadian Figure Skating Championships in Victoria this past weekend. Over the last 15 years, BMO has donated a total of $1.5 million to provide young competitive skaters with financial support for training, education and travel. On hand for the presentation were William Thompson, CEO of Skate Canada (left) with Vanessa Crone and Paul Poirier, newly crowned Canadian ice dance champions.

For media enquiries:
Laurie Grant, BMO Financial Group, 604-665-7596, laurie.grant@bmo.com

http://thebankerwhosavedhissoul.com/bmo%E2%80%99s-gift-to-the-skate-canada-athlete-fund-tops-1-5-million/ – The link to the feed item

How do you Market and Promote “YOU”?

Description: Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee you need to market your skills and abilities.

You can’t market yourself 24 hours-a-day, 7 days week, there are tools that can effectively do it for you. Success is directly related to how you are perceived, which is related to your exposure in the market-place. Better credibility will bring more visibility therefore there must a specific intent of how you use online (internet) & offline (contacts) to promote your talent and experience.


For the past few years social networking websites have exploded as the new medium to promote you either personally or professionally. LinkedIn & Facebook can both be used in effective ways to promote your skills and abilities and business. A few months ago I received an email from a contact I had met at a networking event stating the features of Facebook and the benefits of being connected with him through stories and testimonials. He made an effective presentation. During the next three months I found school mates, received referrals and information on various events.

Increasing your visibility is recommended by many entrepreneurs and coaches. Research, locate and meet potential people that could assist in your employment search or expanding social circle with various authors, speakers and community leaders.


Create your own blog; it’s simple and free. Once you register, you get your own URL, which is like your own website. This can be used to write self-promotional articles about you. Or write a brief article on a hobby or activity you enjoy. This is a powerful and effective way to expose your talents and experiences in various fields.

Business Networking

There are numerous symposiums and seminars held throughout the Greater Toronto Region on a weekly basis. The importance of attending and participating is critical in accessing unadvertised jobs referred to as the “hidden market.”

Businesses know the significance of “Word of Mouth” as the best marketing method, so why not apply it to YOU. Tell everyone you know that you are looking for either a job or more business and tell them what your skills & strengths are.

Having your own business cards and a 30 second elevator pitch are critical to being prepared in talking to potential employers or business clients. While attending an event last year I picked up one business card which resulted in contributing to three online articles. This led to more visibility and to a talk that I was asked to do at an IT Job Fair in Toronto.

Follow-up with new contacts

As you collect business cards, the next step is to create a computer database of contacts you have made. You can use outlook or contact management systems (ACT) to update and maintain information.

Follow-up by sending a letter, email or phone your contacts on a monthly basis. Keep them updated on your search by sending a mini-bio of your achievements and experience. If you do receive a referral, make sure you send a thank you card, email or phone in appreciation.

Action will lead to progress, leading to rewarding results. “Get Connected Wealth  Happen!”

About the Author

Jim Pagiamtzis works with consultants, entrepreneurs and corporate professionals on effective communication. He will teach you how to get to the next level in your business, through prospecting, effective presentation-skills, and customer service. Jim has written articles for Centennial College, Toronto Public Library and Corporate Newsletters.

Sue London & GET INSPIRED RADIO presents…The Banker Who Saved His Soul

Sue London & GET INSPIRED RADIO presents…
with radio guest Baldo Minaudo
Wednesday January 26
11:00 am EST

‘The Banker Who Saved His Soul’ is about author, Baldo Minaudo’s real life journey as a banker. It describes the entrepreneurs, employees and interesting situations he found himself in, putting them into various contexts. It provides some insight into how entrepreneurs behave, banks (and corporations in general) operate and how the banker (and management) thinks.

To learn more about author Baldo Minaudo and his book please visit http://www.thebankerwhosavedhissoul.com/ and www.baldominaudo.com

Tune into http://www.blogtalkradio.com/life-coach-sue at 11:00 am EST and get inspired! Phone your questions in to (646) 929-0076 and press 1 to speak to the host. Chat lines open during the show. Can’t make the live show? Tune into the archived segment and listen at your convenience.This show will also be found archived on iTunes podcasts.


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Meet Sue in person:
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Scotiabank Launches “Bright Future” Community Program

Scotiabank Launches “Bright Future” Community Program – The title of the feed item

Craig Kielburger helps launch global philanthropic program

January 21, 2011 @ 12:00PM

Toronto – Scotiabank today launched an international philanthropic program uniting the Bank’s charitable, social and community efforts and employee volunteer activities under one new banner – Scotiabank Bright Future. Scotiabank President and CEO Rick Waugh was joined by special guests including Free The Children Founder, Craig Kielburger as he announced the program at an event held in Toronto earlier today.

“From its earliest days almost 180 years ago in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Scotiabank has held a steadfast belief in supporting the unique needs of each community it serves,” said Rick Waugh, President and Chief Executive Officer, Scotiabank.  “While our operations have grown worldwide, we have maintained our focus on community service. The Bright Future program will enable Scotiabank and its 70,000 employees worldwide to build upon this tradition of creating a bright future – one community at a time.”

Elements of the Bright Future program:

Employee engagement and recognition: In 2010, Scotiabank employees spent more than 324,000 hours volunteering and fundraising, and by applying through the Bank’s formal community programs they generated C$7.5 million in additional funding for the organizations that they support. As part of today’s launch, the Bank also introduced the Bright Future Community Leadership Awards which will be given to Scotiabank employees for outstanding commitment to their community and leadership in helping those in need.  Scotiabank will make a financial donation to the designated charity of the winners.

Scotiabank Bright Future Young Leaders Award: As part of the launch Scotiabank today also announced the establishment of “The Scotiabank Bright Future Young Leaders Award”, which will recognize youth from Canada and international locations for outstanding contribution to their communities annually. Applications for the first youth awards will be accepted later this year, with the first recipients announced in the spring of 2012.  Further details on the youth awards programs will be available in the coming months at www.scotiabankbrightfuture.com  

Community and Charitable Giving: Over the last five years Scotiabank has provided on average approximately $44 million annually to community causes around the world. We’ve made it easier and more transparent for charities to make an application through a dedicated website. To mark the launch, Scotiabank announced a C$1 million gift to Toronto-based Hospital tor Sick Children’s International Patient Program that provides life changing care to children from outside of Canada.

Centralized information: The Bright Future program, including information for charities seeking support, can be found on the Bright Future website in English, Spanish and French at www.scotiabankbrightfuture.com. The Bank will also be launching a new internal Bright Future platform in three languages, which includes all information on the program as well as localized lists of volunteer opportunities for employees.

“Giving back in meaningful ways is an intrinsic part of Scotiabank’s history, culture and identity,” said Sylvia Chrominska, Group Head, Global Human Resources and Communications, Scotiabank. “Bright Future builds on our past practices, creates a new shared philanthropic program that respects local priorities and introduces new initiatives that will bring even greater value to those around us.”

Bright Future’s origins began in 2007 in Scotiabank’s Caribbean and Latin American markets. With today’s announcement all Scotiabank donations and charitable activities – wherever they take place in the world – will be part of the Bright Future program.

“Bright Future has been a success in Mexico and we are proud that through this program we have been able to be part of building stronger, more vibrant communities by supporting the work of our charitable partners,” said Nicole Reich de Polignac, Executive Vice-President and President & CEO, Grupo Financiero Scotiabank, who participated in today’s launch from her office in Mexico City. “On behalf of my team in Mexico and my colleagues in other countries from Canada to Chile, Puerto Rico to Peru, we look forward to building on this success.”

Engaging a New Generation

Scotiabank was pleased to welcome Free The Children Founder, Craig Kielburger, who participated in today’s launch. In addition to inspiring and motivating the audience to be community active, he applauded Bright Future’s recognition of the importance of youth for future philanthropic success.

“Through the Scotiabank Bright Future Young Leaders Award we have an opportunity to recognize the contribution of young people who are active in their communities and, at the same time, reach out to those who have yet to become active volunteers,” said Mr. Waugh. “Engagement of youth around the world is vital to the continued operation of charitable and not-for-profit enterprises.”

Public Attitudes towards Corporate Philanthropy

A recent Canadian poll conducted by Harris/Decima demonstrates that people feel strongly about corporate philanthropy. Nearly three-quarters of Canadians (72 per cent) are more inclined to volunteer, fundraise, or donate to local charities provided their employer supports these initiatives.

“Canadians have long recognized and appreciated the efforts of the companies that support and sustain the very communities in which they operate,” said Marcel Lauziere, President and CEO, Imagine Canada. ”The Scotiabank global Bright Future program demonstrates the pride and commitment of Scotiabank and its employees to the communities it serves, but more importantly to the causes that strengthen and enrich quality of life around the world.”

The Scotiabank Bright Future program comes at the beginning of the 10th anniversary of the International Year of Volunteerism. Information on the program can be found on the Bright Future website at www.scotiabankbrightfuture.com.

The Scotiabank Bright Future Poll was conducted by Harris/Decima via teleVox, the company’s national telephone omnibus.  A total of 1,030 Canadians were surveyed from December 16th to December 19th, 2010.  Results are accurate to within +/- 3.1% 19 times out of 20.

For details on the programs outlined above and for more information, see BACKGROUNDER: SCOTIABANK BRIGHT FUTURE PHILANTHROPIC PROGRAM

http://thebankerwhosavedhissoul.com/scotiabank-launches-bright-future-community-program/ – The link to the feed item

Canadian Dollar to Stay Above United States Dollar Through 2011, Says BMO Economics

TORONTO, January 20, 2011 – The Canadian dollar flew above parity in the waning days of 2010, and is predicted to rise a few cents above the U.S. dollar by the end of 2011, according to Douglas Porter, Deputy Chief Economist, BMO Capital Markets.

“We believe that the Canadian dollar is likely to remain firm through 2011, with further gains still possible if commodity prices continue to forge ahead,” said Mr. Porter.

The strong dollar’s impact will vary across regions in Canada, and depending on the sector, will present some challenges and opportunities. Porter noted that manufacturing, tourism and some resource industries could face some difficulties as the loonie remains firm while utilities, broadcasters, sport teams and some retailers could benefit from a stronger currency.

“Parity with the U.S. dollar could represent a significant opportunity for Canadian entrepreneurs to enhance their productivity by upgrading or refreshing their equipment,” said Cathy Pin, Vice President, BMO Commercial Banking. “A strong Canadian dollar provides additional purchasing power when importing this equipment and purchasing supplies and inventory from the global market.”

For media enquiries:
Peter Scott, Toronto, PeterE.Scott@bmo.com, (416) 867-3996
Sarah Bensadoun, Montreal, sarah.bensadoun@bmo.com, (514) 877-8224
Laurie Grant, Vancouver, laurie.grant@bmo.com, (604) 665-7596