Achieve Fitness Success In 2011 Series Part 4


Achieve Fitness Success in 2011 Part 4

Hi welcome back!

In part four of Achieving Fitness Success we take a look at developing the right “combination” for fitness success. 

Syntax – Unlocking the Fitness Combination

There are many people in 2011 that will begin a fitness program. Maybe your one of them. If you are keep on rocking it! We support you fully! 

However the rate of someone not achieving fitness success is somewhere around the 90 percent mark. In other worlds 90 percent of the people who start a fitness resolution will break that resolution by Jan 15th. We do not want that to happen to you!

It really boils down to the syntax of fitness. Now what do I mean? Syntax can be described as simply arrangements of words to form a sentence. 

For example take a look at this sentence:

The dog bit Johnny!

What would happen if we re-arranged the syntax of the sentence? Lets take a look:

Johnny bit the dog! 

Same words right? I didn’t add or subtract anything, yet just by re-arranging the words you get a different meaning and a different outcome. (especially if your Johnny!) 

The same holds true for fitness. You could have all the tools for achieving fitness success, but if they are in the wrong order….TROUBLE! You could also be using the tools incorrectly, even if it is in the right place. (The gym) 

In other words you must be doing the right things, in the right way, in the right place. 

You have to get the correct syntax or combination if you will to unlock your fitness potential.

The Correct Syntax 

Lets take a look at three variables that hold people back in fitness achievement:

1) Training
2) Nutrition
3) Recovery

All three of these done in the right way, in the right time, at the right place will help you unlock your fitness potential.

You must have the perform the correct exercises, done specifically at certain places throughout the week, and you also must have the correct nutritional strategy and preform this consistently throughout the weeks to really unlock the fitness combination.

In the next chapter of achieving fitness success I am going to in detail write out what you need to do in order to see real tangible results in 2011!

For now know that one of the “secrets” to this formula is stairclimbing. We have stairclimbing groups located in Toronto and Regina. Come on out to our meet-up groups, meet great people and start achieving your fitness goals for 2011!

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