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Sue London stared blankly at the ceiling of her Doctor’s office thinking, “Why me?” Sue had just been told that she had Crohn’s disease. After years of coping with this disease and other difficulties in her life, she was rushed to the hospital and the Doctor predicted that she was just 30 minutes from death. Sue survived. Following this dramatic event she began to take pro-active steps to health and happiness. Sue weaves in her true-life experiences with relationship issues; self-esteem challenges, back-to-back health threats and coping with the fear of death in this inspiring story of handling curveballs from every angle. Sue wrote “Soar Above It All” to help people understand that they can do something to change their lives for the better even if they believe that they are facing insurmountable challenges or illnesses. Finding inner strength and courage to rise above any unpleasant situation is achievable for everyone if they truly want to overcome adversity in their lives. Read “Soar Above It All” to find out how.

What others are saying about “Soar Above it All”….

“Hello Sue,Thank you for contacting the Crohn’s and Colits Foundation of Canada.Congratulations on the publication of your book. We are sure it will accomplish exactly what you want it to – to provide comfort and inspiration to many. All the best!” -Carina Vincent,National Publications Coordinator, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada 

“When I see the title, “Soar Above it All”, I picture an eagle gliding high above the turmoil of the earth below. That is exactly what Sue’s story is about. In this book, she bravely faces her past and all of its trials and tribulations and comes out of the darkness to soar above it all. Read the book, share the story with others, and help Sue to spread her light.” – Judy Suke, motivational humorist

Sue London’s book, “Soar Above it All” is her life story. It is a story of triumph over illness, abuse, disease and divorce. This book will help people move forward in their lives, heal and become successful survivors of life’s many challenges.”-Lloyd Oliver, Psychic and Life Coach

“Sue London generously shares her personal story of pain and the resulting growth she has experienced in her clear and compelling writing style. Sue’s story has the power to help all of us overcome adversities and to follow our hearts- even through challenging times.”-Louise Paterson, Editor, SNAP BURLINGTON INC.

“Sue London’s life story, “Soar Above It All”, is a great book. I connected with the book on many levels such as the events that happened during her childhood. I find this book comforting in the way it shows that other people have gone through similar situations. This is a great book for people of every age to read as everyone will be able to relate to at least one of the situations in her life.”
– Nikki D., grade 12 student

The Rocky’s Journey Children’s Book Series

Sue writes children’s books based on true-life experiences she enjoyed with her dog Rocky. Her stories of Rocky remind us of the importance of unconditional love and the role it plays in life’s many tragedies.


Rocky takes readers with him on his trips to the hospital, department stores and other places where his comforting and therapeutic nature made a difference in the lives of people that he encountered that day – whether it was a smile or a much needed hug. The tales in the story demonstrate that a dog is truly a person’s best friend.


Rocky provides messages to inspire children of all ages to keep positive and to never give up hope, even if they are sad or frightened. The encouraging affirmations contained in this book are relayed in easy to understand words to make the messages for children simple to remember and put into action when interacting with the people in their lives.

What others are saying about “Rocky’s Journey Series”….

“Sue London’s books are filled with wisdom we can all learn from. Surviving is not about living forever, as Rocky teaches us, but it is about living life fully in the moment.” –Dr. Bernie Siegel, MD, Author of Love Medicine & Miracles.

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Wishing you much love and many blessings for the holidays and the new year! – Sue London                    

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Technology, and the Online World

As a first blog, i decided to give out my opinion on the ever so changing world of technology.

As i was raised in canada, i have noticed that the information that is available today is very different then what was available 5 years ago. Now five years may not sound like a long time, but a lot has happened, developed, integrated, changed and succeeded.

The online community it self has grown to open more opportunities for leading developers that are looking to make a change regardless of size. Most of the information offered now is free or at a low cost that can be obtained by other means. More opportunities are being created by the day to allow people to build a virtual world in order to create a “overflow” of income. However, there are certain individuals that reach a conclusion, or rather a personal opinion that the online world is not a market to be invested in. This is only because a lot of individuals are used to opening up a business and selling hard products that can be dealt with in person.

The online market it self is one that can not be played with as it has become a very serious market. The endless free applications that are available online to maximize the market for your business is outstanding as different small companies are building these features in order to gain prospective margins.

“Lets not turn down any idea an individual has that involves any online involvement”

If the online market wasn’t what it is today, GCEngineers wouldnt have been created and allowed to grow to where it is today. The future holds great opportunities for an engineering network along with many features that can be virtually built.

In my point of view, a website or application that is built online is very much like a store that can be seen in person. The only difference is that the product that you are selling can not be viewed every time you walk into the room.

Some retailers sell their products online, therefore expanding the market into the online world creating profitable expansion.

Time+Consistency+Hard work+patience= Success.

Success as it comes in many different versions, can only be determined from the owners point of view.

This article has taken a little bit of a twist but all in fair game.

My next article will be on reflecting on how hard it is to make it while in your 20’s.

“10 most influential Hispanic Canadians” – 2010

Hispanics: driving force behind Canada’s Creative Class

Toronto, ON (Tuesday, November 23, 2010) — His Excellency Allan Culham, Canada’s Ambassador to the Organization of American States, presented awards to the 10 Most Influential Hispanic Canadians – 2010 during an event at the Toronto Board of Trade attended by close to four hundred executives, Ambassadors and consuls from Argentina, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Peru, Panama, Spain and Venezuela, and Canadian and Hispanic media. Private sector association organizes this only national Hispanic awards program since 2007.

“In 2010, as Canada celebrates its 20th anniversary as a member of the Organization of American States, it is only fitting that we also recognize the dynamic contribution to Canadian society being made by Hispanic Canadians,” said His Excellency Mr. Culham. “The winners are a true reflection of this outstanding contribution to our economic and social well-being.” The 10 Most Influential Hispanic Canadians 2010 (by first name – profiles at the end) are:

• Alberto J. Aguayo (Argentina – QC): Named Officer of the Order of Canada for his scientific contributions
• Antonio De Santiago (Spain-ON): Executive vice-president at Infrastructure Ontario overseeing major developments
• Doris Grinspun (Chile – ON): Executive Director of the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario
• Elena Rivera (Mexico – BC): Award-winning designer who created the logo for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics
• Francisco Diaz (Mexico – ON): Founded Variation Biotech, Virology Chief at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
• Jesús Ángel Miguel-García (Spain – MB): Multiple award-winning founder of The Spanish Institute of Manitoba
• Jorge Heine (Chile – ON): Chair in Global Governance at Waterloo’s Balsillie School of International Affairs
• Luis Seco (Spain – ON): CEO of Sigma Analysis & Management and professor at the University of Toronto
• Pablo Rodriguez – Hon. (Argentina – QC): Member of the Canadian Parliament, House of Commons
• Raquel Del Carpio (Peru – QC): Vice Chair of Radiology at McGill University and an Osler Fellow

The awards were sponsored by mining giant Barrick Gold Corp., Ingle Insurance, Centennial College, English language school ILAC, mining company Medoro Resources and Rogers. “Ingle provides travel and health insurance solutions to the Hispanic community in Canada and is proud to be the national sponsor of the 10 most influential Hispanic Canadians,” said Robin Ingle, CEO. Awards director Mauricio Ospina also congratulated the winners. “The tremendous quality of the nominees and the winners leaves no room for doubt: Hispanics are a driving force behind Canada’s Creative Class,” commented Ospina who recently completed his real estate exams. Ospina is leading the initiative to ensure that 10% of the Pan-American Villa be Hispanic-owned. The 2,000 residential units that comprise the athletes’ village will be occupied by the public following the 2015 Pan-American Games.

This year’s winners were chosen from 26 nominees coming from five provinces and representing nine countries of origin. The honourees were selected by a panel of judges comprised of past winners and executives from the Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL), Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance, Canadian Council for the Americas, Canadian Hispanic Congress, Hispanic Press Association, CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star. Last May, Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with past winners in Ottawa during a program supported by Carlo Dade, “Executive Director of FOCAL. and FOCAL are aiming to repeat the visit next year.

Twenty five media outlets from four provinces supported the event including Radio Canada International, national Hispanic media partner TLN; Quebec’s NuevoMundoTV and Toronto’s Now What TV; Alberta’s and; newspapers Correo Canadiense, El Centroamericano, El Popular and Latin Life; radio stations Ondas Hispanas-CIRV and Montreal’s Radio Latina; magazines Abanico, Debate, Football International, La Guia de Toronto, Latidos, Mercado News, Sports Astros, Comercio Latino, Magazine Latino and Lulu; portals and; Ottawa’s EcoLatino and Alberta’s La Prensa.

Canada’s 740,061 Hispanics are five years younger and more likely to be university educated than other Canadians. Most live in the GTA and over 70 per cent arrived in the last twenty five years, according to a Statistics Canada study based on the 2006 census.

The 2011 “10 Most Influential Hispanic Canadians“ are scheduled for November 22, 2011 in a major Canadian city. Sponsorship opportunities now open.

Media Contact: Mauricio Ospina,

~Spanish Version~

“10 Hispanos de Mayor Influencia en Canadá” – 2010
Hispanos: La fuerza que empuja la Clase Creativa de Canadá

Toronto, ON (23 de noviembre, 2010) — Su Excelencia Allan Culham, nuevo Embajador de Canadá ante la Organización de Estados Americanos, reconoció a los ganadores del programa nacional “10 hispanos de mayor influencia en Canadá” – 2010 durante un evento organizado en el Toronto Board of Trade atendido por más de trescientas personas, embajadores y cónsules de Argentina, Cuba, Ecuador, España, Nicaragua, Perú, Panamá y Venezuela, y prensa canadiense e hispana. La asociación privada maneja el evento – único premio nacional a hispanos desde 2007.

“Este año en que Canadá celebra su vigésimo aniversario como miembro de la Organización de Estados Americanos es idóneo también reconocer las valiosas y dinámicas contribuciones a la sociedad canadiense hechas por la comunidad Hispano-Canadiense. Los ganadores de este programa ciertamente reflejan tales contribuciones a nuestro bienestar económico y social”, indicó Su Excelencia Culham. Los 10 hispanos de mayor influencia en Canadá, 2010 (en orden alfabético por nombre – perfiles al final) son:

• Alberto J. Aguayo (Argentina – QC): Nombrado Oficial del a Orden de Canadá por sus aportes científicos
• Antonio De Santiago (Spain – ON): Vicepresidente ejecutivo, Infrastructure Ontario, maneja obras de infraestructura
• Doris Grinspun (Chile – ON): Directora Ejecutiva de la Asociación de Enfermeras Registradas de Ontario
• Elena Rivera (México – BC): Diseñadora que creó el logo oficial de los Juegos Olímpicos de Vancouver 2010
• Francisco Díaz (México – ON): CEO de Variation Biotech, Jefe de Virología – Children’s Hospital Eastern Ontario
• Jesús Ángel Miguel-García (España – MB): Fundador y director del Spanish Institute de Manitoba
• Jorge Heine (Chile – ON): Director de Cátedra del programa Gobernación Global en la Universidad de Waterloo
• Luis Seco (España – ON): CEO de Sigma Analysis & Management y profesor en la Universidad de Toronto
• Pablo Rodríguez – Hon. (Argentina – QC): Miembro del Parlamento Canadiense, gobierno federal
• Raquel Del Carpio (Perú – QC): Vicerrectora de Radiología en la Universidad McGill University y Osler Fellow

Los premios son patrocinados por el gigante minero Barrick Gold Corp., Ingle Insurance, Centennial College, la escuela de inglés ILAC, la empresa de exploraciones Medoro Resources y Rogers. “Ingle provee soluciones de seguros de viaje y de salud a la comunidad hispana en Canadá y es el orgulloso patrocinador de 10 most influential Hispanic Canadians”, dijo su presidente Robin Ingle. El director del programa Mauricio Ospina comentó que “la increíble calidad de los nominados y ganadores no deja dudas: Los Hispanos son la fuerza que empuja la Clase Creativa de Canadá”. Ospina, quien recientemente terminó los exámenes de acreditación en bienes raíces, esta liderando una iniciativa para que el 10% de la Villa Panamericana sea propiedad de los hispanos. Las 2.000 unidades residenciales que albergarán a los atletas serán ocupadas por el público al terminar los Juegos Panamericanos del 2015 en Toronto.

Los 26 nominados este año provienen de cinco provincias y representan nueve países de origen. Los galardonados fueron seleccionados por ganadores de las tres ediciones anteriores, y ejecutivos y periodistas provenientes de la Fundación Canadiense para las Américas (FOCAL), Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance, Canadian Council for the Americas, Canadian Hispanic Congress, Hispanic Press Association, CBC, Globe & Mail y Toronto Star. El Primer Ministro de Canadá, Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, se reunió en mayo pasado, en Ottawa, con ganadores anteriores. La actividad, apoyada por Carlo Dade, Director Ejecutivo de FOCAL, espera repetirse el próximo año.

Veinticinco medios de cuatro provincias apoyaron este evento, dentro de los cuales se cuentan Radio Canadá Internacional, el patrocinador nacional de medios hispanos TLN; el canal de televisión de Quebec NuevoMundoTV y el programa Now What TV; y el de Calgary; los periódicos Correo Canadiense, El Centroamericano, El Popular y Latin Life; estaciones de radio Ondas Hispanas-CIRV y Radio Latina de Montreal; revistas Abanico, Debate, Football International, La Guia de Toronto, Latidos, Mercado News, Sports Astros, Comercio Latino, Magazine Latino y Lulu; e; EcoLatino de Ottawa y La Prensa de Alberta.

La quinta edición del programa “10 hispanos de mayor influencia en Canadá“ se llevará a cabo el 22 de noviembre del 2011 en una importante ciudad canadiense. Oportunidades de promoción y patrocinio abiertas desde ya.
– 30 –

Contacto de prensa: Mauricio Ospina,

hispanic business awards

PHOTO: Courtesy Tatiana Alba ( Missing: Dr. Doris Grinspun and Dr. Alberto J. Aguayo
Front (L-R): Mauricio Ospina (director), Elena Rivera, Dr. Raquel del Carpio, Dr. Francisco Diaz.
Back (L-R): Dr. Jorge Heine, Hon. Pablo Rodriguez, Jesús Ángel Miguel-García, Ambassador Allan Culham, Dr. Luis Seco, Antonio de Santiago.

PROFILES (250 words or less)

Dr. Alberto J. Aguayo (Argentina – QC), Research (neuroscience)

Dr. Alberto J. Aguayo is a neuroscientist whose research gives people suffering from serious head and spinal cord injuries the hope of better lives. Argentinan-born Aguayo studied medicine at the University of Cordoba Medical School, trained in neurology at the University of Toronto and McGill University and was appointed director of McGill’s Centre for Research in Neuroscience (1980). Dr. Aguayo was the scientific director for the Neuroscience Canadian Network of Centres of Excellence from 1990 to 2000. He is President of the International Brain Research Organization, a Paris-based society that represents more than 50,000 neuroscientists in 111 countries. He also served as President of the North American Society of Neuroscience. In 1992, Aguayo was named Officer of the Order of Canada. In 2005, he received the FNG Starr Award, the Canadian Medical Association’s highest honour. The University of Lund in Sweden conferred an honorary degree on him in 1987, an honour repeated by Queen’s University in 1995. He has served as a member of scientific advisory boards and committees of granting and philanthropic organizations in Canada, the US, Germany, Switzerland, Argentina and Japan. In 1999, he was awarded a Killam Prize for his lifetime contribution to health sciences, and in 2000 he was awarded the Christopher Reeve Research Medal for Spinal Cord Repair. In 2003, Aguayo received the J.E. Purkinje Honorary Medal from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic for Merit in the Biological Sciences. He has received many other scientific awards in the US, France and Canada.

Antonio de Santiago (Spain – ON), Engineering and government

Antonio de Santiago is the executive vice-president of Infrastructure Ontario, the agency that oversees the government’s public-private partnerships to build roads, hospitals, courthouses and jails. At Infrastructure Ontario, Mr. de Santiago oversees the strategy, planning and delivery of all infrastructure projects including ones in the social, civil and technical sectors. He is also the former president and CEO of Highway 407, the world’s first all-electronic, barrier-free toll highway that stretches 108 km from Burlington to Pickering, Ontario. 407 International Inc. is owned by a consortium comprised of Cintra Concesiones de Infraestructuras de Transporte, Macquarie Infrastructure Group and SNC-Lavalin. De Santiago has more than 14 years of international experience in the transportation and construction industries. Prior to joining 407 ETR, he was CEO of Eurolink Motorway Operation, Manager of Portuguese Motorways for Cintra, and Area Manager for Agroman. As Chief Executive Officer of Eurolink Motorway, he was responsible for operating and maintaining the M4 Motorway in Ireland. De Santiago is a Civil Engineer, P. Eng and has earned an executive MBA. He is also a frequent guest speaker at industry conferences, seminars and university lectures. He was one of the speakers addressing the November 29, 2010 seminar for Hispanics on opportunities with the 2015 Pan-American Games in Toronto, organized by

Dr. Doris Grinspun (Chile – ON), Nursing and community

Chilean-born Doris Grinspun has been the Executive Director of the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) since 1996. The association represents registered nurses in the province of Ontario with a mandate to advocate for healthy public policy. Prior to that appointment, she was director of nursing at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto. Grinspun has an RN diploma from Hadassah School of Nursing in Israel; a baccalaureate degree from Tel Aviv University, Israel; a Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Michigan; and a PhD in sociology from York University. She has published and spoken extensively both in Canada and abroad. A forceful advocate of the Canadian healthcare system, she is regularly interviewed by Canada’s media. From 1996 to 1999, Grinspun was the Chair of the Acquired Brain Injury Network of Metropolitan Toronto, a network representing all publicly funded agencies. For the past two decades Grinspun has worked extensively on many international projects in Latin and Central America, China and most recently India. Grinspun is an adjunct professor in Nursing at the University of Toronto and at York University; an associate member of the Centre for Health Promotion at the University of Toronto; an affiliate member of the Centre for Health Studies at York University; and an Associate Fellow of the Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CERLAC) at York University. Grinspun has received numerous professional and scholarly awards. In 2003, Grinspun received the Order of Ontario, the highest level of individual excellence and achievement in any field.

Elena Rivera MacGregor (Mexico – BC), Advertising and design

Award-winning Mexican designer Elena Rivera MacGregor is a creative director with 15 years of experience as a graphic designer and illustrator. She began her formal training at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design where she received an honours diploma in fine arts with a major in graphic design. In 2005, Rivera MacGregor beat out 1,600 other designers to win the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Emblem Design Competition. Her entry, featuring a multicoloured inukshuk (a traditional stone statue used by Canada’s Inuit people) and the Olympic rings, became the logo of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Rivera MacGregor’s many design clients include universities, hospitals and government. The quality of her work is routinely recognized. For annual reports she designed for the British Colombia Automobile Association, she received the prestigious StoraEnso Design Excellence Award two years in a row. She received a Western Silver Award from Neenah Paper for the design of letterhead for B.C.’s Children’s Hospital Foundation. And, she won competitions to design promotional materials for the Faculty Exhibition at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and to develop a graphic identity for Presentations House Theatre and Photography Gallery in North Vancouver.

Dr. Francisco Diaz Mitoma (Mexico – ON), Business and Medicine

Dr. Francisco Diaz Mitoma is Chief, Regional Virology Laboratory at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and professor in the Departments of Microbiology & Immunology, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, and Paediatrics at the University of Ottawa. Diaz-Mitoma received his medical degree from the University of Guadalajara in Mexico. He went on to earn a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences (Virology) and a fellowship in Medical Microbiology from the University of Alberta, with a fellowship in Infectious Diseases at the University of Manitoba. He has served as an infectious disease and clinical virology consultant for the Ottawa Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Diaz-Mitoma’s main areas of research include: antivirals and diagnosis of viral infections, pathogenesis of Hepatitis C and HIV and creating intelligent vaccines for HIV, influenza, dengue and other viruses. His research has been published in more than 100 peer-reviewed international journals. In 1987, The American Society for Microbiology presented him with a Young Investigator Award for his work on the Epstein-Barr virus in immunocompromised patients. Diaz-Mitoma is founder of vaccine company Variation Biotechnologies, Inc. with offices in Massachusetts, Ottawa, and Québec. He has over 22 years vaccine research, development and management experience, and has led more than sixty clinical trials.

Dr. Jesús Ángel Miguel-García (Spain – MB), Literature and business

Jesús Ángel Miguel-García is founder and director of The Spanish Institute of Manitoba which provides Spanish courses, translation and interpretation. Miguel-García was born in Burgos, Spain. He graduated with top honours in Education, finishing first in his class. He went on to study linguistics and literature at Valladolid University, Spain, and was awarded the prestigious Erasmus scholarship from the European Union to study at Newcastle University, U.K., where he received his M.A. in language teaching. He went on to study for his Ph.D. in knowledge management and e-learning. Miguel-García has been lecturing for over 16 years in Spain, Great Britain and Canada. He also taught at Newcastle Central High School, one of England’s top five girls schools. Miguel-García received the prestigious MTS Pioneer Business Award and was awarded the Star of the City Hospitality Award by the Mayor of Winnipeg. He was a nominee for the Canada’s Top 40 under 40™ Award, the Award for Excellence in Teaching at the University of Winnipeg and the Lieutenant Governor’s Award. In 2005, he founded in Winnipeg Translators Without Frontiers™, translating for NGOs such as Amnesty International. A former member of the Speakers Bureau of the Canadian Club, he has volunteered for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s Community Health Advisory Council, UNICEF, Red Cross and the Winnipeg Art Gallery. He is member of the Canadian Association of Hispanists; Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics; Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education; Linguistic Circle of Manitoba and North Dakota.

Dr. Jorge Heine (Chile – ON), Law and diplomacy

Jorge Heine is an author and professor of political science at Wilfrid Laurier University, holds the chair in Global Governance at Waterloo’s Balsillie School of International Affairs, and is a distinguished fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI). His areas of expertise include multilateralism, democratic transitions, transitional justice, Latin American politics and diplomacy. Heine has a law degree from the University of Chile and a Master’s and PhD from Stanford University in California. From 2006 to 2009, Heine served as vice-president of the International Political Science Association, whose XXI World Congress of Political Science, with 2,450 participants from 75 countries, was held in his native Santiago in July 2009. From 2003 to 2007 he was the Chilean ambassador to India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. From 1994 to 1999 he served as ambassador to South Africa. In 1997 and 1998, Johannesburg’s leading daily, The Star, listed him among the 100 most influential personalities in South Africa. Heine has also served as a Cabinet Minister and Deputy Minister in the Chilean Government. He has been a visiting fellow at St Antony’s College, Oxford and a research associate at the Wilson Center in Washington, DC. He is author, co-author or editor of ten books and has published some seventy journal articles and book chapters. He has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post and The International Herald Tribune.

Dr. Luis Seco (Spain – ON), Mathematics and business

In 2007, Dr. Luis Seco was honoured by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada for his work in bringing university research to the marketplace. His partnership with Toronto-based company Algorithmics, a recognized financial risk management software provider, has yielded financial software that identifies and manages the risks involved in complex financial instruments. Seco and Algorithmics were the first to apply financial engineering – the confluence of math and computer science – to practical challenges within the financial industry. Seco is director of the University of Toronto RiskLab, sponsored by Algorithmics, which conducts university-industry research initiatives in the mathematical sciences for risk management. He is also president and CEO of Sigma Analysis & Management Ltd., where he helps investors design their portfolios. Seco holds a Ph.D. from Princeton University and a B.Sc. from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He is a professor in the University of Toronto Department of Mathematics and at the Rotman School of Management. His awards include: Fields Institute Fellow (2002), Sloan Fellowship (1996), Connaught Fellowship (1992), Sloan Foundation Graduate Dissertation Fellowship (1985) and the Spanish Mathematical Society Fellowship (1980).

Hon. Pablo Rodríguez (Argentina – QB), Politics

Born in Argentina, Rodríguez was a communications and management consultant before being elected as a Liberal to the Canadian House of Commons for the Quebec riding of Honoré-Mercier in 2004, 2006 and 2008. Rodríguez has been Chair of the Standing Committee on Official Languages, and opposition critic for Public Works and Government Services Canada. He is currently the opposition critic for Canadian Heritage and Official Languages. In 2007, Rodriguez introduced a bill that would give the Conservative government 60 days to come up with a plan to respect Canada’s engagements under the Kyoto protocol. The bill passed. He is the Past President of the Quebec wing of the Liberal Party of Canada. He was the Quebec Chair of the Michael Ignatieff candidacy during his campaign for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. Throughout his career, Rodríguez has dedicated much of his time to humanitarian causes and he was a Vice-President of Oxfam-Québec for nearly four years.

Dr. Raquel del Carpio-O’Donovan (Peru – QC), Sector: Medicine and community

A native of Peru, Dr. del Carpio-O’Donovan came to Canada to study radiology in 1976. Today, she is Professor of Radiology, Vice Chair of Radiology at McGill University and Associate Chief of the McGill University Hospitals Radiology Department and an Osler Fellow. She has mentored hundreds of medical students from around the world and offers advice to young, professional immigrants who wish to start practicing in Canada and/or begin a new life here. She has published hundreds of articles, supervised more than 50 McGill medical residents and more than 100 post graduate MDs in Neuroradiology. As a Canadian representative of the Inter American School of Radiology, del Carpio-O’Donovan advocates for closer educational ties between Canada and Latin America to educate and implement best standards of practice of Radiology. As Coordinator for Latin America for the Global Outreach Program of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, she organizes visits to Latin America by the world’s most distinguished experts in the field. These visits build the capacity of professionals and learners who do not always have the financial means to seek training abroad.

StairClimbing, The Key to Vitality, Health and Fitness


My name is Trevor Folgering Founder of The Canada StairClimbing Association.  The Canada StairClimbing Association is an organization who’s mission and purpose is to promote the activity and sport of stair climbing and help individuals become more fit and healthy using the modality of climbing stairs.

StairClimbing is such an amazing activity for the body. What makes stairclimbing so unique and special? Well did you know that climbing a flight of stairs burns more calories by the minute then running does? It is also easier on the bodies joints because there is no high impact movements on the joints. 

Women Climbing Stairs

The Challenge











The great thing about stairclimbing is it can be done anywhere! In the office building, at home, in a stadium, on an outside stair case, or even in ytour home! In addition it does not take a lot of time to get a great workout from climbing stairs. 30 minutes of stairclimbing equals one hour working out in a gym. Why is this? For the simple reason that you are using a tremendous amount of muscle tissue and expending a large amount of calories while climbing stairs.


The major muscle groups that are being worked while stair climbing are, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, The Glutes (butt muscle) all the core muscles including the abdominals as well as the upper body while you “pull” yourself up the railings as your legs get tired.


So what I would really like to touch on in this blog post is your plan of action in 2011 for getting fit and in shape. What is you plan to get in shape for 2011? Maybe 2010 wasn’t your year for fitness. Thats fine. However it is never to late to start! You have the power to start today and the way to start is take baby steps!


The Canada StairClimbing Association is here to help you become healthy in 2011. The way to get fit fast in 2011 is by climbing stairs!  The secret to becoming fit is to do a form of physical exercise every single day. Whether that be climbing stairs, walking the dog, or going to the gym.


So these blogs will be designed to get you to take action. As you know action is what separates the winners from the losers. I want you to win at the game of fitness. So here is your call to action!


Call To Action

Find a staircase in your town or city. It can be indoors, outside, in your home, or at your office. It does not matter. Pick a time that you are going to climb stairs. It may be at 5:30 am, 5:30 pm or at lunch time. It does not matter as long as it fits with YOUR schedule.


Now you are going to start off slowly. Climb up only 5 flight, rest for 10 seconds then climb back down. Repeat for only 10 minutes! 10 minutes thats it! Now the next day, repeat for 15 minutes. The following day take the day off from exercising. Day three I want you to climb 5 flights for 10 minutes. 


Repeat this process of training for two days and resting for a third day. After two weeks of doing this I want you to note how you feel. Try to push a bit harder everytime you workout. Try to keep pushing the ante. Try to climb 10 floors (if you have a staircase that is 10 floors)


You will find in no time you will be addicted to stair climbing. 


We are looking for people who would like to join us in some stair climbing adventures! Are you interested in travelling and seeing the world? well how about climbing some of the most interesting stairs in the world? How about climbing Machu Picchu? Well for that you must be in shape! So lets get started today!!

Climb Picchu
Ready to Climb?











For more information on stairclimbing and The Canada StairClimbing Association please visit our website at


In True Health,

Trevor Folgering


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Pets and Children – A Magical Combination

Over the years, I have watched and personally witnessed the magical power of pets and children. Having a pet in a child’s life can help in the early cognitive development, encouraging them to crawl and then walk, and later help boost a child’s IQ and reading skills. My daughter, Sarah, learned how to walk by having the determination to get our dog Rocky’s furry tail. Countless schools have programs with children reading to dogs. By the scent of a dog’s treat on the pages within the book, the child believes the dog is trying to read along with them, when really it is sniffing for the treat. The dog’s focus on the pages encourages the child to want to read longer.

Studies have shown, that having a pet can lower blood pressure and heart rate, and reduce anxiety. Depression is a common mental illness. One teenage girl was hospitalized for severe depression and suicidal tendencies. Nothing seemed to help her. Dogs were brought in for visits. Gradually the girl began to feel better. She went home and began volunteering at the local shelter, where she walked dogs. She even adopted a couple of kittens, and gradually recovered from the illness.

Pet therapy is the healing power of animals. They have the power to comfort through unconditional love, the power to ease our pain, and the power to give us the  strength and courage to keep going when life hands us a difficult situation to deal with.  Animals used in pet therapy include dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, chickens, donkeys, llamas, and even pot- bellied pigs.

My own dog, Rocky, helped me through a debilitating disease, Crohns Disease, and gave me the strength and courage to keep hanging on to life. Through his unconditional love, I was able to survive! I feel everything in our life happens for a reason. I now speak about pet therapy to others and use my dogs to help many children cope.

Rocky passed away in 2001 but will forever live in my heart. I have written a children’s book series titled, “Rocky’s Journey”, in his memory. My first book in the series, “Rocky’s Trip To The Hospital,” is based on my own story of triumphing over sickness, through the power of pet therapy. I take this book along with my certified pet therapy dogs, Molly and Willy, into Children’s Hospitals. I share with the children my story, read them Rocky’s book, and then the dogs do their magic. 

Many of the children I visit have been hospitalized for weeks. They are depressed, missing their normal life at home, missing their friends, and if they have one, missing their pet. When the children see the dogs, with their wagging tails, they brighten right up. You can see the life literally coming back into these children. Laughter fills their eyes, huge smiles appear on their tiny faces, and positive energy fills the room. Hospital life can be very scary for children. I watch the dogs cuddling their furry bodies into the children, licking them and comforting them. Some of the children will even share their fears with the dogs. They talk out loud to the dogs, saying things they don’t tell others. Every child says the dogs visit has helped them feel better. I know that it also helps the parents cope.

Willy has a very special gift. He has a comical snore. He will curl up beside a child, and while they are petting him, he becomes relaxed. The more relaxed he is, the louder and deeper the snore becomes. Even the sickest child will laugh at this. This comical snore helps the children take their focus off their pain.

When a nurse, or parent, is having a difficult time convincing a child to take their medicine, Molly comes to the rescue. With her big brown eyes, she stares at the child. Molly will reach out her paw to them and wag her tail. If they take the medicine, Molly will do a trick for them, and they are allowed to give her a treat. For every sip of medicine they have to take, Molly reaches out her paw and will do a different trick. This encourages the children to quickly finish the medicine, so that they can give Molly more treats, and see all her tricks. Molly has been successful with every child.

I paid a visit to one very sick child, in her hospital room. She had gone through three surgeries in one week. She was weak and very pale, and had been focusing on how terrible her pain was. I read her my book, “Rocky’s Trip To The Hospital”. Because the dog was in the lounge area, and could not come to her room, I gave her an autographed photo of us. As she was gazing at the photo, I observed a sparkle appear in her eyes, and the colour came back to her cheeks. She asked me if I would help her into a wheelchair, so she could go down to the lounge and pet the dog. With the nurse’s approval we headed out. The nurse agreed with me, that a visit to the dog would be great medicine for this child. Just seeing the wagging tail waiting to greet her, gave her strength and a more positive attitude. Only half an hour earlier, she had been in her bed, too weak to move, and now she was asking to take the dog for a walk down the hall herself. She said she felt strong enough to use her arms to wheel the chair, while hanging on to the leash. She was glowing as she accomplished this task. We all watched with joy in our hearts and tears in our eyes.  

Pet therapy can occur anywhere. Recently at a school, where I was giving a presentation about pet therapy, a little boy slowly walked up to the front of the room with his head hanging. He had such sadness written all over his young face. When he finally got up beside me, he began to cry, and he shared his story with me. He said that he wished my dog had been with his grandfather the night before. His grandfather had died alone, and this terribly upset the little boy. Before I could say anything, Willy who was lying quietly on the floor beside us, sat up and reached out to the little boy. It was clear that Willy sensed his pain. The boy held Willy tightly in his arms. With Willy licking the tears away, we all watched as a smile appeared on the boy’s tiny face. One hundred and twenty children, at that presentation, witnessed the power of pet therapy. Willy showed unconditional love for a child in pain.

Pets are magical. They sense our needs and comfort us. They truly give unconditional love. I would encourage you to make a difference for your child, by bringing an animal into their life! It can be a wonderful learning experience, and also be very healing! -Sue London

Copyright Sue London 2009.  All rights reserved.  Sue is the Author of “Soar Above It All”, “Rocky’s Trip To The Hospital” and “Rocky’s Positive Thoughts Coloring Book”.  Sue London can be reached at or 1-888-812-1181.

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Meet Sue’s special furry friends, (left to right) Gus, Molly & Willy.

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