Is Pamela Munoz Exploiting Daughter With Down Syndrome To Beat Traffic Ticket?

Today the media has been busy with the story about Pamela Munoz and her daughter with down syndrome who were stopped for an ‘alleged’ traffic violation. According to a CBC News article by Ramna Shahzad posted today, the police officers were recorded in their vehicle having spoken about her 29 year old daughter, Francie Munoz who has down syndrome while using upsetting language or references.

Shahzad quotes Francie Munoz, “I feel hurt; it really hurt my feelings. I was disgusted by what they said about me.” Clearly, whatever was said was very upsetting to her as it would be to any individual that would have that said about them.

However, if I understand the article correctly, Shahzad fails to point out: 1) the police officers were speaking in their car away from Munoz and her daughter, 2) they never intended for Francie Munoz or Pamela Munoz to hear their conversation, 3) Pamela Munoz specifically requested the audio recording, and most importantly, 4) Pamela Munoz actually had her daughter listen to the recording.

How an audio recording could have bearing on whether Munoz was guilty of breaking traffic laws, or not, is unclear to me. But, what is clear to me is that it is by her doing that her daughter heard a conversation that was never intended for her to hear and that ended up hurting her feelings. Why would any parent put their child (in this case adult child) through that?  Is that considered some form of abuse in itself?

Regardless, the recording, except for parts directly related to the breaking of the law and why they were enforcing it should have absolutely no bearing on the outcome of her traffic ticket trial. Furthermore, using a child (in this case an adult child), regardless of whether they have down syndrome or not, is a shameful attempt at trying to influence the judicial system, if in fact that is what she is trying to do.

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Note: This post was inspired by Mio Pupazzo’s post “Brent Merrill Rescues Metcap Employee From Threat and Escape Possible Abduction Attempt” which delivered an alternative perspective to the rent strikes taking place in Toronto. I agree with Pupazzo in that there are two sides to every story and media should deliver both.


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