Investing in Condominiums: YES or NO? Real Estate Mixer

one year celebration real estate mixer laure ampilhac and natalia popovich and Todor yordanov2

Investing in Condominiums: YES or NO?
Get your answers on Oct 23 & Make your mind!

»»» Do you have funds or capital (ex: $25-50,000) that you are considering to invest in a condominium to generate rental income or to resell?

»»» Are you concerned where the market is going and if you should invest in real estate?
»»» Are you confused by what you hear in the news?

Then join us at the 6 DEGREES REAL ESTATE MIXER. This is our ONE year Celebration!

laure +natalia MIXER banner2Wednesday, October 23rd 2013 – 6:30 pm at Novotel Esplanade Downtown Toronto

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