Be A Networking Pro and “Enlight” Experience

Thursday March 22,2012 was a great experience to speak  to the Chinese Professionals Association  in Toronto at the Jack Astor’s in Downtown Toronto.
It  was few months ago that I was at the same location attending a social media panel discussion on pros and cons of being on social media with Promod Sharma and Huge Reilly.  It was a evening with interesting discussion and thought provoking  questions on how social media is evolving in the 21st century.
Before and after the event we had opportunity to network and as I always say “be prepared for the opportunity” you never know who you are going to meet. That evening I met Peter Zhou Young Professional Division Chinese Professionals Association of Canada. Peter and I had a great conversation on the art of networking and he was very interested in my book and how to become a networking success.
A few weeks later I got an invitation to speak for Peter’s organization on how they coined “Be A Networking Pro”   –  short, sweet and to the point, I like that!   We had some telephone and email communication with the public relations department of The Chinese Professionals Association to finalize the presentation.  A request for some prizes were made.
It has been a busy week and I’m looking forward to sharing networking insights and experiences with these young professionals.
As I arrived I was greeted by Peter Zou and James Shi, the master of ceremonies for the evening.  They had a theatre style set up and I had contributed a portable screen for the presentation.
They were expecting a solid attendance for the event and they arrived with enthusiasm and excitement. Introductions were made, and I was ready to share my experiences becoming a networking success.
I shared a brief article on “Three Key Task To Success” that I had written for my Alumni Centennial  College, and the impact these strategies can make on their journey.  Then I ventured into the system of becoming a networking success and shared the P-A-R system – simple and effective strategies to follow to create an effective system of communication and getting results in networking conversations (link is below on chapter available online).
I shared insights and experiences of how to use the P-A-R system and ways to create positive engagement, the art of communication language with technology (3-T’s),  and the ability to interpret non-verbal  (handshake) and verbal communication.
Had a special guest speaker in Hyosum Kim  from the Toronto Millionaire Mind Ambassadors  talk about the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker and the upcoming seminar happening on May 27-29 in Toronto. (see details below)
We had great Q & A session at the event where we talked about body language, how angles are important in networking, and how to deal with different networking situations. (see video link below)
Another great experience I viewed   was a networking  game the audience participated in for 30 minutes – it  gave them the opportunity to learn, do and apply what they had learned.
There was a delicious dinner served at the end by Jack Astor’s with assorted Nacho’s and finger foods. We also had numerous participants approach me individually with comments and questions regarding networking and business, life and success.
The Chinese Professionals Association of Canada has numerous events and initiatives that are promoted and their website is  for more information.
                                           Antonio Ding,Michelle Ji and Jim Pagiamtzis
Body Language example and much more.
How to create a network at CPAC

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