For All the Women: The Association “Femmes de Vin” at Vinexpo

For the second year the “Femmes de Vin” Association was present at Vinexpo, Palace of Congress in Bordeaux-Lac on Monday 20th June 2011 showcasing their wines.

The Circle of “Femmes de Vin” was created in 2009 by two passionate wine producers; Chantal Pégaz from Beaujolais and Marie-Laurence Saladin from Côtes du Rhône. The Circle of “Femmes de Vin” brings together regional associations of female wine producers, who have common passions for defending, on a daily basis, the land, the countryside, the environment; wine production and the flavours of the French appellations.

The regional associations consist of:

•  Les Aliénor du Vin de Bordeaux
•  Les DiVINes d’Alsace
•  Les Eléonores de Provence,
•  Les Etoiles en Beaujolais,
•  Les Femmes et Vins de Bourgogne,
•  Femmes Vignes Rhône,
•  Les Vinifilles en Languedoc-Roussillon,

“Divided, but not against”, the men…fathers, brothers, husbands, friends… they won’t be far away! Each of these women, who are content and blossoming in their work, has a story and a clear career path. “Girls of”, “women of” or “business women from elsewhere” are all “creators of wine” fulfilling their dreams!

Liz Palmer

Wine and Travel Writer

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