Tracking The Bear’s Path Before Being Shot By Police

Last Friday an innocent bear wondered into a residential neighbourhood, most likely in search of food. It pawed at a resident’s door, possibly in an attempt to beg for food. Some say it was a re-incarnated spirit trying to find its way to loved ones, souls it left on earth from its previous life.

Regardless of why it wondered into the neighbourhood, the question remains as to how the bear made its way into Jim Li’s backyard before being shot to death.  See Previous Article. With the assistance of Google Maps and my knowledge of that part of Toronto, I’ve pieced together the likely path the bear had taken into Scarborough.

Referring to the three maps depicted in the illustration, using three different scales, we can see the mostly likely path taken by the bear. The top map shows in red colour the two kilometres the bear traveled in the last 4 hours of its life from near Finch Avenue East and Tapscott Road to McCowan Avenue and Middlefield Avenue.

Zooming out we can see that there is an intricate network of green space that weaves through ravines, green belts, parks and railway corridors towards the Metro Toronto Zoo. Could it be that the bear was originally attracted to bears at the zoo because of mating season or looking for company and unable to get in, wondered further southwest?

In the third map, you can see that the bear could have easily traveled from north or northeast of the Metro Zoo where it could have found food along the forests and fields.

This is the most likely path that the bear took into a residential neighbourhood in Toronto before being shot by police.

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