What Happened to Daughter of Director at Communist Party of China?

On April 15, 2011 Qian Liu (23), the daughter of Liu Jianhiu, the research director of Communist Party history at the Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, in Beijing, was found dead. Qian Liu’s body was found in her basement apartment near the York University campus in Toronto, Canada.

Her boyfriend in China says he had been in an online video chat with Qian Liu at 1 a.m. when there was a knock on her door. She opened her door to a man and a struggle took place.

For the first few days police refused to rule the death a homicide, but considered the death “suspicious.” Even an autopsy did not show a cause of death. Investigators provided no details at their news conference to explain why they later thought Qian Liu’s death was a homicide.

The unfortunate death of a young student is a sad experience that no family should have to go through. The circumstances surrounding the Liu death and lack of explanation serve to fuel people’s imagination and could inspire a novel, or perhaps even a movie.

Was Liu murdered and if so who is behind the murder? Was the murder ordered from an enemy of Liu Jianhiu, perhaps a political rival at the Communist Party of China where he is a director of the Party School of the Central Committee? Was the murder from some political group that is protesting China’s activity, such as with Tibet or the Falun Gong and Qian Li was targeted because of her father’s association with the Communist Party of China? Did government officials have Qian Li murdered because she was speaking up against the Communist Party of China? Was the murder as a result of a romantic relationship? Was the murder just an accident and not a murder at all?

We may never find out the truth behind what happened, but it does provide fuel for speculation and story.

Nonetheless, may Qian Liu rest in peace and may those that loved her find healing and peace in their heart.