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Unleash your natural ability to resolve any issue that life or business throws at you.

Remove deep rooted blocks and

negative energy

HA Solutions is a very unique service that helps you to see more clearly, make better decisions and achieve your goals in a way that you’ve never been able before.

Do you ever feel there is a block somewhere between you and your goals, and you just can’t seem to figure out what that is? HA Solutions helps you to identify those blocks and remove them so that you can achieve anything you want in business or your personal life.

The traditional way of thinking is that our problems come from the outside and we are surrounded with unsettling situations or people. Consequently, we look outside to solve our problematic circumstances. But we have a natural ability within ourselves to overcome any challenge.

We work with individuals and corporations that want to improve their life and their business.

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HA Solutions Inc.
2133 Bloor Street West # 205
Toronto, ON M6S 1N2
(at Runnymede)

(647) 955-7528
(877) 764-9492

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Remove deep-rooted blocks and negative energy

If you attended the Autumn Hosted Networking Social, you are entitled to a $20 certificate towards the introductory group session with Aleksandra.

Remove deep-rooted blocks and negative energy

Saturday October 22


Location: HA Solutions Office (at Paris Studio)
2133 Bloor Street West # 205
Toronto, ON M6S 1N2
(at Runnymede)

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The Solution To Overcome Your Personal and Business Challenges
Unleash your natural ability to resolve any issue that life or business throws at you.

Come and join us next Saturday October 22 at 1:30pm until 3 in Bloor west village at Runnymede for this Introductory group session to discover how you can remove deep rooted blocks within yourself to solve any problematic situation.

Aleksandra Knezevic will be leading the session. She will do her pre-work on the participants a few days before the session. Register now to benefit from this “clearing” work beforehand.

Have you taken the time to reflect on the things that you would like to see improve?

Do You Feel Like There Is Something Holding You Back From Achieving Your Goals And Feeling Personally Fulfilled?

Do You Sense That You Are Carrying Over Patterns Inherited From Generations To Generations?

And Do You Want To Become A Master At Handling Any Challenging/Difficult Situation In Life Or Business With Calm?

Maybe You Have Tried Self-Help Programs, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Attended Various Seminars, Workshops And Still You Feel There Is A Block Present Inside Of You.

You are on a journey searching for the missing piece, yet the answer has been eluding you.

If You Can Relate To The Above, Welcome, Your Search Is Over.

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Investment in Yourself: $100

For more information, call Laure at

(647) 955-7528
(877) 764-9492

Aleksandra Knezevic

Aleksandra Knezevice, HA Solutions Inc.Aleksandra Knezevic

Aleksandra Knezevice is the Co-Founder of HA Solutions Inc. As an Empath, she handles the sessions with the clients.

Upon graduating Teaching College (Belgrade, Serbia), Aleksandra Knezevic worked in corporate international sales, consistently performing among the top ten results for her firm. In 1999, she and her family moved to Canada.

Aleksandra strongly believes that we create our own reality and that all solutions for our concerns are locked within us. Her ability to find the key and unlock an individual’s true potential inspired her work in the alternative problem solving field.

She creates personalized unique sessions for her clients and enjoys working with people who are willing to accept that all answers are within the self.

In the latter part of 2010, Aleksandra founded HA Solutions with her business partner, Laure Ampilhac. She likes to describe HA Solutions as a train that is discovering uncharted territories.

Aleksandra is married with three children.

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