Woman Stranded on Crane in Toronto’s Gay Village Has Become Today’s Mystery

Sometime in the middle of the night of April 26, 2017 a woman appeared atop of a crane box high above a parkette in Toronto’s Gay Village Neighbourhood.

Speculation is running wild as Torontonians try to understand how this woman mysteriously appaeared atop this crane and why she was there.

Taxpayers across the city are wondering who is going to foot the bill that at a minimum will be thousands of dollars, but with the disruption in the area, can be as much as tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It is a scene reminiscent from ‘Leave it to Beaver’, when Beaver gets stuck in the cup sign above the building and has to be rescued. However, it is possible that this mystery person may be arrested and/or charged.


The woman has been ‘rescued’. It took hours, but rescue workers were able to figure out how to best bring the stranded woman back to ground. A seasoned rescuer secured a harness around the woman and tied her to his front torsal. It took a few minutes for the lowering.

The mysterious woman stranded atop a Toronto Crane

Once on the ground, the woman was surrounded with paramedics, firefighters and fully uniformed police officers. It looked like she was handcuffed and taken away to the ambulance. She will likely be charged with ‘public mischief’ at the very least.

There is still no information about how and why she appeared on this crane overnight. Resident’s across the city are wondering who this woman is.  Do you know who she is?

It is important to figure out how she did it because of the risk, liability and insurance concerns to the crane owners and operators.

There is also concern that with the large number of mammoth cranes in Toronto (more than any other city in North America), that they may be used by terrorists. Just what security measures are being taken to protect these cranes from unauthorized access?

Stay tuned for details as we update this post.

It has been revealed that the young woman is 23 year old Marisa Lazo. Lazo now faces 6 charges in Toronto court. Further details and some very clear footage and pics of Lazo

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