Rare Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (published in late 1800s)


Available is this antique and rare, authentic copy of Treasure Island by Stevenson Robert Louis. It is a great display piece or investment in historical collectible. The book is a great representation of the era as it also has an add on the last page. It is an excellent example of entrepreneurial initiative that is at the foundation of America’s most prosperous times.

The Ad is for Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup for Children While Cutting Their Teeth, An Old and Well-Tried Remedy For Over 50 Years. Twenty-five Cents a Bottle. I suspect a list of the ingredients used would make a story in itself.

The book has no published date. However, according to HenryAltemus.com, The F. M. Lupton Publishing Company, was located at Nos. 72-76 Walker Street,  New York between 1894-1899.  Therefore, we can assume that the book is between about 121-127 years old.

This is a rare book and shows it! There are lose pages and they are browned on the edges because of the age. The cover needs to be cleaned, I haven’t done it as I don’t want to damage it. 

Payment accepted in cash, e-mail transfer or BTC. Transfer can be arranged in Toronto. If shipped, all shipping and insurance costs to be covered by buyer. Item is sold as is and without refund.

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