Membership Benefits

MetroActive: Where People and Opportunity Meet is a community-based organization built upon the premise that relationships are the key to success in life. Through various events and initiatives we bring together like-minded individuals working together to support their individual success in their personal, business and career endeavors.

MetroActive Membership is a privilege that comes with many sought after soft and hard benefits, which include thousands of dollars in gifts and savings:

Networking – MetroActive is the creator of the Networking Social and one of the first private business organizations in the world to focus in on business networking. We provide various formats designed to help you network. Our hosted networking social allows you to meet some of the most active influential business professionals today. In addition to event-based networking members can also get involved with various initiatives that allow them to network with specific focus.

Relationship Building – The interactive, community spirit of MetroActive allows individuals to get to known each other beyond what is on their business cards. The most successful businesses are built on relationships of familiarity and trust. MetroActive’s events and initiatives are specifically designed to bring people together in a way that facilitates strong, loyal relationships.

Skills Development – Through active involvement with MetroActive you can focus on and develop specific skills crucial for your own career development, business growth or personal growth. Our members are helpful in assisting other members with their desire to grow and learn. The organization provides many events and initiatives by which individuals can learn and refine specific skills (the most common of which is Networking) in a safe, friendly environment.

Business Opportunities – The quality, extensive and powerful networks that our members bring to the community allow you to be among the very first to find out about business opportunities, developments and trends.

Free Exclusive Events (parties, presentations, excursions) – Our members are carefully selected for invitation to various private events, most of which are at no cost to the members. These events usually provide free food and/or drink, and even gifts. They take place at all types of venues, such as Hazelton Lanes, the Westin  Harbour Castle, the Royal York, the Albany Club, First Canadian Place, The Exchange Tower, private wineries and even yachts. Such events are usually sponsored by established members who would like to just have a social gathering, celebration or showcase their business or specific opportunity. There are also some exclusive events in which only Members can attend for a fee.

Examples of other Benefits (Click Here for Extensive List of Membership Benefits):

– 30 minute telephone orientation

– $50 discount on Hosting Package up to 3 times per year (participation must be approved by executive), value $150

– $100 discount on website box ad (minimum 1 month term), value $100

– $150 discount on event sponsorship (once per year), value $150

– discounts at high end fashion shows

– allowed to post informative articles on the website of specific interest to MetroActive members

– invitations to events, ranging in value from $25 to $1000 each

Membership Options 

If you are in alignment with our community and philosophy we welcome you to apply for membership. Start by clicking on the membership option you would like.

Small Business and Entrepreneurs (Application fee: CDN$150.00 plus HST, monthly membership fee: CDN$15.00 plus HST)

Professionals: Professionals Membership is designed for suppliers of products and services to businesses and business professionals to access leads from MetroActive members by being put on the referral list. MetroActive receives requests from members for recommendations of various suppliers to help with business challenges and opportunities that a member may be facing.  By  having your profile on our website and your contact information in our system we can readily and quickly refer your services. Professionals (Application fee: CDN$250.00 plus HST, monthly membership fee: CDN$25.00 plus HST).

Member Offer Program: MetroActive provides businesses the opportunity to promote their brand, products and services to highly sought after MetroActive members. By providing a gift certificate, sample or freebie to our members you encourage them to try your product or service with the expectation that they will become regular customers. Corporations, such as Procter & Gamble have been using this technique to build their brands into market leaders for decades. The technique works if designed and implemented properly. The Member Offer Program allows you to offer your product or services to our members through their membership package so that you get right in front of our members. By being associated with our organizational brand, you capture the familiarity and credibility that MetroActive has developed with our members since 1997. MetroActive is now over 13,500 strong, attracting over 100,000 visitors to our website and reaching over 1,000,000 individuals in the GTA through our ongoing promotional programs. Member Offer Program (Set-up fee: CDN$350.00 plus HST, monthly membership fee: CDN:$25.00 plus HST).