Steps in Becoming a MetroActive Member

Step 1: Application Form –   Step 2: Pay Application Fee   –   Step 3: Approve Monthly Fee

Congratulations! If you’re applying for a MetroActive Membership it is probably because someone you know or met has nominated you. If you have been to our events and decided you would like to become a member, then you must get one of the existing members to sponsor you (vouch on your behalf). Past hosts also have the authority to sponsor you and you can find them listed on past networking events. All applications must be approved by the President or other member of the executive committee. If you’re well known among MetroActive members your application could be processed the same day or can take up to one week.

Your application form must be accompanied with payment of the Membership Application Fee (Small Business and Entrepreneurs: $150 plus HST, Professionals: $250 plus HST, Member Offer Program $350 plus HST). Step 1 is completing and submitting the application form. After submitting the form below you will be redirected to Step 2, the payment page where you can make your Application Fee payment for your membership option by Credit Card or PayPal account. The application fee is ONLY refundable in the event that you’re application is rejected. The Membership Application Fee is a one-time processing fee and is not your Membership fee. You will then be redirected to Step 3 for your submission of Monthly Fee payment information. The following monthly membership fees include HST: Small Business and Entrepreneurs – CDN$16.95, Professionals and Member Offer Program – CDN$28.25). In Step 3 you will indicate which membership option you are seeking.

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