Hosted Networking Socials

MetroActive coined the phrase ‘Networking Socials’ in 1997 and then coined the phrase ‘Hosted Networking Socials’ in 2001.

Networking Socials are an effective way to meet people in a friendly environment and establish a rapport that will allow you to develop long-term relationships with individuals that can help you achieve your personal and/or business objectives.

Hosted Networking Socials (HNS) are the most effective form of business networking and the MetroActive team, not only designed the concept in 2001, but operated it on a monthly basis for 7 years.  In the process tens of thousands of individuals have attended the event at least once and the majority multiples of times.  Although other organizations have attempted to implement components of HNS into their events, to date no other organization has been able to match the intensity and success of MetroActive’s HNS.

HNS hosts are carefully selected on the basis of their qualifications, ability to provide value to MetroActive members and attendees and whether their own business will benefit from their involvement.  Priority is given to individuals that have sought after expertise and services and are able to provide leading edge information and solutions.  As well we look for individuals that are interested in expanding their personal success network and are more interested in developing long-term relationships with potential customers than in selling a package of goods.

To maximize the benefits to hosts, the HNS provides exclusivity by area of expertise for each event.  For example, if there cannot be more than one life insurance agent unless they are significantly different in the services they provide.  There will not be more than one real estate agent, unless they specialize in different niches.

Hosts are required to perform certain tasks which will assure that they maximize the results to their career or business.  In order to perform their role well, they are trained and coached in several aspects of the HNS, networking, relationship building and their word-of-mouth marketing efforts.

If you are interested in being a coach email us at info[at]metroactive[dot]org.

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