There are two main categories of education; i. Formal and ii. informal.

Formal education or institutionalized education takes the form of Universities, colleges, technical intitutes and private schools. Internationally, the most prestigious and sought after form has traditionally been, and continues to be the University Degree. Among the most valuable are believed to be Masters in Business Administration Degree(MBA) and Medical Degree, followed by law, accounting, and engineering.

The QS World University Rankings provide feedback on what are some of the best programs of study and universities around the world.  Check out the downloadable rankings for your area of interest.

However, just because these professional degrees are believed to be the most valuable doesn’t mean that they produce the most rewarding or even the most marketable careers. Furthermore, the country and institution in which these degrees are obtained weigh as much on their usefulness as the degree itself. The significance of the gap in quality of education between these two societies has come to the forefront with the influx of ‘professionals’ into developed countries, from developing countries where they were trained, many of which simply are not able to do the standard job expected of them without further training. MetroActive provides an opportunity to help bridge this gap.

Informal education takes the form of on-the-job learning (through experience) and life-learning (through volunteering and personal exploration). Most of the first generations of web-related experts developed their skills and expertise, simply by experimenting and personal exploration. Many of them have made not only careers, but accumulated significant wealth from applying these skills.

MetroActive offers opportunities to learn, acquire and practice your skills while developing your personal network. For foreign traded professionals it is a great environment, not only to prove they can deliver on their expertise, but also to learn the Canadian business culture and how to thrive in it. In the process of leveraging these opportunities individuals will recognize and make better decisions.

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