Natural Ways to Beat the 4:00 O’clock Slump

Are you sitting all day, becoming sedentary? Are you eating a lunch with no protein? Are you eating desserts with sugar in them – such as ice cream, a piece of cake or pie? Do you have less than 6 or 7 hours of sleep a night? If so, you may be prone to a 4:00 o’clock slump!

Holistic Steps to Boost Your Energy!

1)     Move your body either early in the day, or at lunch to build vitality; even a short brisk walk is beneficial.

2)     Have protein 3 times a day, (2 – 3 ½  oz. depending upon your weight – smaller amount for lower weights) – breakfast, lunch and dinner. The amino acids in the protein feed the neurotransmitters in the brain and give you a wake-up call. Your brain will be happy. Also, fats at every meal – such as sunflower or pumpkin seeds, almonds, hazelnuts or brazil nuts, olive oil – a couple of teaspoons, or a wedge of avocado, or 5 olives or a spoon of coconut oil melted on steamed vegetables. Your brain is 60% fat – dry weight. It needs replenishing all the time. Small amounts are sufficient.

3)     Have a piece of fruit instead of pie, cake or a chocolate bar for dessert –  (unless it’s dark chocolate – 70% cocoa or more and then only a few squares. ) The fruit has vitamins and minerals – anti-oxidant champs that give energy and fuel the body. Fruit also provides needed fiber necessary for proper digestion and bowel health.  (Fruit for dessert will prevent a sugar roller coaster ride!)

4)     Try drinking some water later in the afternoon – you may be dehydrated. Or if you didn’t have enough lunch, you may need a small snack; choose one: turkey slice wrapped around an avocado wedge, plain yogurt and a few apricots or berries, raw nuts or pumpkin seeds and a small piece of fruit.

5)     Reduce non-foods  as much as possible: aspartame, high salt (sodium), sugar laden foods, chemicals that you can’t pronounce! Also white flour products can be energy zappers as they contain less vitamin E, fiber and B vitamins than do whole grain products. Read labels. Your body doesn’t know what to do with engineered, chemical foods. Also the digestion process takes energy and if the body isn’t getting a payback from the foods you eat in the way of nutrients – you’ll be exhausted from all of the digestion process..

6)     Find ways to get 7 hours sleep a night and enough exercise during  the day. Turn off your computer at a decent hour (not just before bedtime); sleep in a darkened room without flashing lights from technology so that your brain can build natural melatonin to help you sleep. Don’t eat fried foods for dinner; – they may not sit well and keep you awake. A good night’s sleep provides more energy throughout the next day and helps you avoid a slump at 4:00 p.m.

Try these easy, enery-giving tips for a week and you’ll find your energy soar. (And if you are tired – take a short power nap!)


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Want Less Stress for the Holidays? Holistic Tips to Keep Your Cool!

1)     Start by going for a walk or swim at least 3 x a week. Get your body used to activity. Pick up a book (or CD) on stretching or yoga and get limber. Start slowly and you will bring oxygen into your muscles (and brain). If you’re already doing these things, continue! Don’t let preparing for the holiday alter your good routine. Your energy will soar .

2)     Don’t bring extra cookies or chocolate into the house in advance of the holidays. They’ll only get eaten (by you) and can increase glucose. This will make you cranky, tired and cause fluctuations of blood sugar (hypoglycemia), a forerunner of diabetes. If you are diabetic don’t think that the medication you’re on will protect you. Keeping your blood sugar under control is the best thing you can do for diabetes. Cut down on the amount of carbohydrates you eat (starchy ones) like extra bread, muffins, potatoes. Increase amount of leafy greens and other green vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts – great cancer fighters. Use olive oil as dressing for your salad plus wine vinegar or other vinegar or lemon juice. Toss out commercial dressings with added chemicals and fillers. Eat 2 to 3 pieces of fruit per day. Remember that you are what you eat!

3)     Take a multi vitamin, mineral tablet each day to increase mood and the amount of nutrients your body needs to fight disease. An omega 3 fatty acid supplement (fish oil) is also recommended for heart and brain health.

4)     Keep to a good sleep routine. The holidays are hectic and full of tension. You’ll need your 7 – 9 hours of sleep per night to cope with added stresses.

5)     Feeling overwhelmed by what you have to do? Shopping, preparing, inviting family, cooking, Entertaining, home improvements? Now’s the time to take some gentle belly breaths to get calm. Breathe in through your nose; feel the air going down to your belly; breathe out through your mouth. Repeat a few times a day for added benefit.

6)     Become a great time manager – don’t dash around the city helter/skelter. Make a plan about all you have to do and allocate time during your week accordingly. Rush slowly; slow your pace and be mindful of your actions – especially when driving.

Taking care of your health and stress through exercise, good nutrition, sleep, better time management and relaxation techniques are the perfect accompaniment for getting you through the holiday season. You may even decide to continue these health-giving activities after the New Year!

Investing in Condominiums: YES or NO? Real Estate Mixer

one year celebration real estate mixer laure ampilhac and natalia popovich and Todor yordanov2

Investing in Condominiums: YES or NO?
Get your answers on Oct 23 & Make your mind!

»»» Do you have funds or capital (ex: $25-50,000) that you are considering to invest in a condominium to generate rental income or to resell?

»»» Are you concerned where the market is going and if you should invest in real estate?
»»» Are you confused by what you hear in the news?

Then join us at the 6 DEGREES REAL ESTATE MIXER. This is our ONE year Celebration!

laure +natalia MIXER banner2Wednesday, October 23rd 2013 – 6:30 pm at Novotel Esplanade Downtown Toronto

MetroActive Event Planners Power Meet

MetroActive Event Planners Power Meet – 7pm, Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 (Bay/Bloor).

A brainstorming and coordinating gathering with event planners  in Toronto for 2013 so that the year is well covered, and every one has its place and fills a gap in the networking community. Lets work together to avoid overlapping event dates, cross-promote events and possibly combine events to bring greater value to event attendees.

If you have your own networking group or head a business group then come join us for a coffee and morning snack. We discuss the latest in business networking events, tips, opportunities and explore collaboration among the groups.

Fee is $5. Food and/or beverage is at attendees cost.

Please note: We reserve the right to increase the admission fee, but if you’re already registered the fee you paid will be honoured.

Register Now.

National Post, Toronto Sun Features Rosalie Moscoe, Frazzled Hurried Woman! Book

The National (Financial) Post, Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why We Spend When We Mean to Save

by Meslissa Leong, National Post

The Saturday Sun, October 27, 2012

Reassess stress

New book coaches women on handling modern life


Frazzled, hurried … women. Is there any other kind?

And when has stress become the new norm? Who isn’t overextended and overwhelmed lately? Nine-to-five jobs have gone the way of the flip phone, and women in

Continue reading ?

Teen Nutrition: Overfed and Undernourished?

Teens need exceptional nutrition – their bodies are still growing and maturing and so are their brains. Poor nutrition can lead to mood swings, especially for teens when hormones are changing (and raging). Too many chemicals, high sugar products plus not enough nutrients in their bodies are a bad combination. Without good nutrition, teens will have acne, weight gain, mood swings, anger or low energy. This will hinder their ability to concentrate on their studies. And girls will have difficult periods and headaches. Many will become pre-diabetic or diabetic.

Another staggering fact: from ADHD and depression, to anxiety and schizophrenia, mental illness affects as many as one in every five youth, making it the single most disabling group of disorders worldwide.

It is a difficult world, more complex than previous generations. Teens are “plugged in” all the time, there is more information to absorb, many lack coping skills and there are higher expectations. Nonetheless, there’s one area that is hardly ever talked about called the Missing Link in Mental Illness – especially pertaining to depression and anxiety. That missing link is poor diet– certainly not lack of calories, however.  What I am referring to is lack of nourishment and nutrients to the brain and body.

Sugar, unhealthy fats and chemicals in our food supply are the enemies of our times. We need to get teens back to healthy foods.

Teen Nutrition Basics

Blood Sugar Regulation

Eating foods such as orange juice, muffins, pastas, processed foods such as salad dressings, white flour products and even whole wheat bread is not always a great idea. These foods turn to sugar and the body reacts by releasing too much insulin to bring down dangerous levels of blood sugar. Excessive sugary foods prevent teens (and adults) from keeping ideal weight and maintaining a healthy blood sugar level – which is necessary for mood and good health. Poor blood sugar regulation is causing too many young people to be pre-diabetic or diabetic. High blood sugar forces insulin to be released to bring it down to safe levels. But sometimes the levels get too low and then another hormone, glucagon kicks in to bring blood sugar up to appropriate levels. If the person also had a few cups of coffee or some cookies or a milk shake, the blood sugar surges higher and drops shortly afterwards, resulting in a series of ‘highs and lows’.  Low blood sugar can make teens feel tired and moody, which leads them to reach for more poor carbohydrates (sugar) to spike their energy level back up again and the vicious cycle goes on.

Blood sugar regulation is essential.

Not all carbohydrates are created equal. Teens need carbohydrates to help fuel their bodies; it’s the choices that matter. Teens need to stabilize blood sugar with complex carbohydrates found in whole grains such as spelt, brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and whole oats – not sugar filled granola bars, cereals and store bought muffins filled with sugar and chemicals. Stay away from high fructose corn syrup, processed foods, packaged snacks, and processed soy products as best as you can.

Fruit and vegetables should be eaten in abundance. They contain fiber that help move bowels and reduce toxicity caused by retained waste.

Eliminate Unhealthy Fats and Chemicals

Healthy fats will nourish the brain, heart and nerves (which are covered by a myelin sheath made of fat) and will increase the body’s metabolism to burn fat. Avoid bad fats such as, margarine, fake butter products, hydrogenated fats, ‘light’ oils and processed fats. The best are cold pressed or cold processed fats, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, butter, raw nuts such as walnuts, pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, ground flax seeds, pumpkin seeds – no heat involved that can damage fats. Some processed fats/oils sitting on grocery shelves have been through major processing – bleaching and deodorizing (Facts about Fat, Finnegan and Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill, Erasmus). The results are trans fatty acids filled with toxins. Watch for them in packaged foods.  If you can’t pronounce what’s on the package and you don’t know what it is, neither does your body. The body doesn’t know what to do with chemicals. The liver will be working hard to filter out the chemicals. Give your liver a break!

Eat Proteins at Every Meal

The growing teenage brain needs protein. Protein gives the body the building blocks it needs to repair and renew, and it also serves as a source of energy. Try fish, seafood, chicken, beef, pork and dairy products. Many nuts are high in protein, but beware: nuts also contain high levels of fat and calories. The protein in nuts is less adequate than the protein in meats, fish or eggs. For example, after eating the small amount of protein provided in a peanut butter sandwich at lunch, an hour or so later you may find yourself losing brain power. (Be sure to eat only all-natural nut butters – beware of processed peanut butter that is full of sugar.)

Amounts of Food

Calorie restriction is dangerous for anyone – particularly for young girls. Too many young teens have been triggered into anorexia. If they are eating life producing foods, then they can eat until full and won’t be required to eat more. Most people eat too much food due to the fact that the fast foods do not provide enough nutrients, and the body feels starved even though calories are high – so they eat more of the fast foods or processed foods and gain weight. Overfed and undernourished.

Nutrients to Thrive – the missing link in mental (and physical) health

Cells are powered by nutrients. Vitamin D alone powers 200 reactions in the body and without it teens will be prone to depression. Without enough B vitamins, and B12 (found in proteins) teens will feel lethargic, low in energy and be candidates for anemia, muscle wasting and depression or anxiety. Without enough Vitamin C (from most fruits and vegetables), scurvy-like symptoms can occur, bleeding gums, aching joints (people may think they’re ‘growing’ pains). Low zinc can trigger anorexia. Zinc has been nicknamed the “new anti-depressant”– it boosts mood and appetite.

Extra Tips:

If your teen is too tired or refuses to eat breakfast (which is truly the most important meal of the day) make them a fruit smoothie with protein powder and yogurt. It’s a fast, healthy way to start the day. We can’t control what our teens eat when they are away from home, so be sure to educate them about the ill-effects of junk food – potato chips, soda pop, fast foods, etc. Make a list of healthy “power foods for better moods” so teens are familiar with healthy alternatives. Want them to eat healthier? Buy healthier! Stock your cupboards and refrigerator with fresh, whole foods and nutritious snacks. Let your teens help shop for healthy foods that they like and let them prepare their own meals/snacks. Keep junk food out of the house or to a bare minimum. Sneak blueberries or zucchini into brownies if they’re not good fruit and vegetable eaters. As parents, set a good example for your children by eating healthy and instilling good eating habits when they are young.


La connexion francophone – Soirée de réseautage (HNS)

La connexion francophone – Soirée de réseautage (HNS)

Faire les affaires en français ou/et avec les francophones

Mercredi 20 juin 2012 (18H à 21H)

Au restaurant Peridot – 81 rue Bloor est, Toronto, ON M4W 1A9 (juste à l’est de la rue Yonge)



Picture of Yorkville et  organisent le premier événement de réseautage d’affaires sur la Connexion francophone à Toronto. C’est votre occasion de faire les plus gros contacts d’affaires et vous faire connaitre auprès des autres dirigeants francophones et francophiles, des entrepreneurs et chefs d’entreprises francophones et francophiles lors de cet événement exceptionnel qui se tiendra à Toronto au cœur du quartier Yorkville.

Cet événement consacré aux activités commerciales en français ou avec les francophones au Canada et à l’étranger est organisé par MetroActive et, respectivement  importante entreprise de gestion de réseau et principale ressource au Canada spécialisée dans la connexion avec les opportunités bilingues dans le marché et les entreprises qui ont des besoins en ressources humaines avec les personnes qui parlent français.

Plus de 1,3 millions de personnes  ont déclaré qu’elles  pouvaient parler français en Ontario et beaucoup d’entre elles résident à Toronto. Vous avez certainement besoin d’élargir votre clientèle ou votre marché pour votre entreprise, vos produits ou vos services. Ne ratez donc pas cette occasion de maillage d’affaires exceptionnelle.

Branchez-vous au marché des affaires au Canada et appuyez-vous sur l’héritage français du Canada pour accéder aux marchés francophones des autres pays! Cet événement réunira les entreprises exerçant leurs activités en français, aux entreprises cherchant à pénétrer les communautés francophones (au Canada et à l’étranger), aux organismes cherchant à se connecter aux francophones et les  francophones cherchant à élargir leurs occasions d’affaires pendant une soirée de réseautage réunissant  les cadres d’entreprise, aux entrepreneurs et d’autres professionnels très actifs de la région.

C’est une occasion idéale pour tout entrepreneur ou professionnel fournisseur de produits ou services voulant pénétrer de nouveaux marchés et segments de la population, atteindre de nouveaux sommets ou tout simplement diversifier ses services.

Tony Zapacosta (left) and his son Philip (right) owners of Nanni Couture European Fashions at Hazelton Lanes
Rose Cathy Handy, CEO, Bilinqual

L’évènement Hosted Networking Social (ou HNS) est une forme intensive et efficace de faire le réseautage d’affaires. Il est conçu pour produire des résultats palpables pour votre entreprise tout en vous permettant de développer des relations d’affaires avec vos clients actuels et clients potentiels que vous n’aurez pas pu  rencontrer autrement, ou des relations que vous n’aurez pas pu développer plus rapidement.  Par le Hosted Networking Social vous pouvez de manière significative réduire le nombre de mois consacrés à développer des relations à quelques jours, ou même à une soirée.

Avec une expérience professionnelle qui date de 2001, le HNS a mis en contact des dizaines de milliers de professionnels de la Grande région de Toronto et a créé des occasions d’investissement et d’affaires pour ceux qui y ont assisté, particulièrement pour ceux qui avaient choisis d’organiser un évènement. Le format sera semblable à celui des soirées de réseautage  Autumn Hosted Networking Social et November Hosted Networking Social, qui ont été toutes les deux  animées à guichet fermé.

Host Companies:

Baldo Minaudo, President of MetroActive and Author of ‘The Banker Who Saved His Soul’
Helping People and Opportunity Meet

Rose Cathy HANDY, President, and author of “From homeless to CEO”
Connecting employers and candidates in the Bilingual Market

Dress Code: Business attire or equivalent

Note: You must provide proof of full payment for admission into the event. Purchase is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another individual as long as you provide that person with your proof of payment along with your signature on the bottom and note that says “I transfer my ticket to the bearer of this receipt”. We reserve the right to change event details without notice, so make sure you check event post online before event. We reserve the right to refuse admission to the event or to remove individuals from the event without refund of admission price, for whatever reason, but especially for inappropriate behaviour or complaints from, or harassment of other guests. This event is not appropriate for network marketing or multi-level marketing sales or recruitment. There may be a photographer and film crew present to record parts of the event – if you would like to be omitted from the recordings you must indicate so in writing upon signing in at the event. You’re contact information will be provided to the sponsors of the event unless you indicate in writing upon signing up at the event.

OPTIONS (all options include one drink ticket – Bring your proof of payment for admission):

1. Reserve your spot now for only $10 plus $1.30 HST (Non-refundable) to guarantee your spot and ticket price and pay $35 cash at door ($30.97 plus HST of $4.03).

2. Buy your ticket now for $40.00 (plus $5.20 HST) and guarantee you’ll have your spot.

3. Show up at the event and pay $40 (plus HST) – NOTE: Door price may increase before event.


MetroActive t: (416) 564-0245

Bill 168 and Accessibility Ontario…..

Are you ready for when the ministry knocks on your door and starts an audit? I bet your not and your going to get a nice fine as well as the company. This can run upwards of over $50 thousand! This can potentially destroy a company, if not close it down. This includes a company that has only ONE person. It seems that people are not fully aware of what the government is doing and what these new legislation changes are and how they effect them.
We are in contact with the government in order to get the FACTS and not read this on the internet or guess what will happen. We are also aware of how they are going to perform the audit and what to expect and how to make sure you are in compliance and will pass with a great report.
Call The Staff Room today and we will arrange to meet you and go over everything and explain this properly to you. These are two very serious matters and are currently in place NOW.
Let us help you……1-888-716-7791 or email
thank you and we look forward to working with you!

Make 2012 the Year of Barter

Want to trade your business consulting for tax advice? Some marketing know-how for web development?

If you’re a savvy entrepreneur or a small business owner looking to conserve cash, you should give bartering a try! Internet-based swapping is quickly growing in popularity among consumers and businesses in Canada. Open yourself up to barter and create new business opportunities for yourself by converting your unused resources into useful ones. If your business has empty appointment slots, vacant space or a surplus inventory, swapping can turn these things into viable commodities while promoting your products and services. Just like cash transactions, business barter transactions are taxable in Canada.

Bartering is not just for business. As an individual, you can save money, recycle and meet new people by swapping. Unused gift cards, DVDs you have watched countless times or electronic gadgets are all swap-worthy. You can even offer your photography skills or rent your cottage on barter.

Need more reasons to swap your professional goods and services or your personal talents? Check out this fantastic article on 12 Reasons to Swap More in 2012 by Swapsity, a Toronto-based swapping community. To get started with swapping, join their community for free and come out to one of their swap events.

Happy swapping, everyone!

Jim Pagiamtzis
About Get Connected Make Wealth Happen! 

Published Author, Speaker and Elite Entrepreneur Jim Pagiamtzis is the founder of Get Connected Make Wealth Happen! has been articles published online by Toronto Public Library Small Biz Express, Centennial College, Linking People and Entrepreneurs,How’s Business blog (Staples Business Depot) and Metro  Printed articles for FedEx Freight Canada (Newsletter) Centennial College Ascent Magazine. Has been on That speaking on How to become Networking Success.Jim Pagiamtzis in 5 years has successfully leveraged his written articles into speaking all over the GTA from consulting with Burkert Fluid Control, Enterprise Toronto, Career Door, Skills for Change and Trios College. Has delivered keynote for Monarch Park Collegiate spoke on 3 keys task to success and How to attract a Mentor. His dynamic speaking style has empowered and inspired his audience to learn, do and apply his simple and effective Parformance Selling System. Jim has also volunteered with Junior Achievement in Toronto on “Economics of Staying in School”