Jim Pagiamtzis Speaking on Activity based management

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Jim Pagiamzis shares insights on time management

Event Management
Flex time
Fixed Time
Phone calls
Take the dog out!

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Rethinking The Art Of Networking: Jim Pagiamtzis | Tea At Taxevity #12

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http://www.taxevity.com/tea | Get better networking results with PARFP:
– Presentation
– Attitude
– Response
– Follow up, Follow through
– Relationships

Get tips on handshakes, how long to talk to one person, remembering, trigger questions, shareable/reusable content, voicemail and rethinking what you’re doing.

Our guest is Jim Pagiamtzis, President of 21 Connections. He helps people learn, speak and socialize using proven methods for business revenue and success. You’ll find more about him on LInkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimpagiam…), Twitter (https://twitter.com/jimpagiamtzis) and his website (http://21connections.ca).

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8 Tips To Master Commitment in All Areas of Life?

The Bigger The Commitment The Greater The AchievementThe Level of Your Achievement of any Goal Equals The Level of Your Commitment

In today’s world it seems all too easy to live a life of non-commitment.  As evidence, recent statistics show that 51% of Canadian adults are ‘single’.  However, commitment isn’t restricted to personal relationships.

Commitment is defined as ‘An agreement or pledge to do something in the future’.  So, based on the above statistic, is commitment phobia rampant in our society?  Or has what we commit to changed?  Maybe people aren’t committing to marriage anymore.  Then what are they committing to, if anything?

Let us take a look at other aspects of our lives, such as events.  According to event organizers in the Greater Toronto Area, for most meetings and networking events where attendees were given the option, only about 50% of the attendees register in advance.  And of those that do pre-register, most of them do so in the last two days before an event.

Curious as to why this is the case I spoke to many individuals and explored their reasoning.  Though they struggled to give an explanation, here are the reasons they gave for not pre-registering for events:

– ‘I wanted to keep my options open’

– ‘I was hoping for something better to come along’

– ‘I wasn’t sure what kind of week I would have’

– ‘I didn’t know what else was happening’

– ‘I hadn’t planned my schedule yet’

There were other comments given, but underlying these are 4 critical conditions that significantly affect one’s level of effectiveness and success:

1) Inability to plan,

2) Not knowing what one wants,

3) Lacking specific goals, and

4) Always looking for more or better.

The way I see it, it all comes down to a fear of not being able to take advantage of an opportunity.  This translates into a combination of fear of not knowing what one really wants and fear of not being able to make the right decision.  Think about it for a moment, if you knew without a doubt what you wanted, you would not only be able to recognize it when you saw it, but you would commit to it without hesitation.

As a personal coach, I can say without a doubt that most people do not know what they really want.  So, if most of us don’t know what we really want no wonder we can not even commit to an event.  Hence, most people will end up attending an event by shear default of not having anything else, or anything better to do that day.  How sad is that?

On the other hand, there are some individuals that are so clear on what they want and so specific in their goals that they have absolutely no problem committing to everything from a simple meeting to a long-term relationship.

I will go further to say that if you draw a line and put those that can commit on the left and those that make last minute decision on the right that the most successful in our society will stand on the left side of the line.  This observation holds true among my friends and my clients.
8 things you can do to better commit:

  • Know what you want in all areas of your life.
  • Make sure that want you want in life is consistent. If you want to travel, but your job has you at the same desk every day forever that may be a sign that you’re in the wrong job.
  • Have a vision on what your life will be like with everything you want.
  • Create a plan on how you can achieve the life you want, both personally and professionally.
  • Research the activities that will support your plan.
  • Schedule the activities that support your plan one month or more in advance, while leaving room in your schedule for the unexpected.
  • Always follow through with your commitment because if you don’t then you won’t take yourself seriously and therefore why should anyone else?
  • Know when to say ‘No’.

If you apply these 8 things then you won’t be afflicted with the constant feeling of there being something better around the corner.  Imagine what your life will be like knowing that you have made the best decision and you are doing the best thing at any point in time to achieve your goals.

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Originally published by Baldo Minaudo on BaldoMinaudo.com, Baldo Minaudo, M.B.A. is a Real Estate Broker located out of Toronto serving local and international clients. He may be reached through is office 416-698-2090 or through his website.

Camilita Nuttall: The Rockstar Behind Event of Champions®

There is a buzz over facebook, twitter and social networking websites and it has to do with Event of Champions® happening in Toronto from June 9 – 11, 2017. The event promises to deliver high-energy, mega-impact, real-world knowledge that is empowering, Inspiring and Immersive. It is the brainchild of Camilita Nuttall, a Serial Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Event of Champions®.

I had the opportunity to speak with Camilita and or conversation quickly expanded beyond international borders and touched upon what is about to happen around the world. Through her international network of contacts, she is aware and abreast of several evolutions. I was impressed with her awareness of matters related to the socio-economic condition surrounding the geo-political situation in Asia.

When asked about her inspiration, Camilita thought back to her childhood and shared a very touching story. As a child growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, her family fell upon difficult times. At the age of 13, Camilita’s father told her that they didn’t have the money to continue sending her to school.

Determined not to deprived of her chance in life, Carmilita and her mother spent months digging through rubbish at the public dump, looking for glass bottles. They would then put the bottles in bags and crush them so they could sell them back to the local glass company. They saved enough for her to continue going to school.


This was the beginning of a series of events, steps and accomplishments that has resulted in Camilita now being an international entrepreneur. Don’t miss your chance to meet Camilita yourself at the Event of Champions®.


As a leading Motivational Speaker and Sales Guru, Camilita has been a top sales person for not only 1, but 7 consecutive years in Europe where she engineered a major sales force in over 30 countries and created some of the biggest sales teams in that company’s history. Camilita has lived in Spain, Germany, Trinidad, Netherlands and the UK and has travelled to over 50 countries.

Camilita works with Publicly Traded Companies, SME’s and Individuals to create Bigger Sales, Increase their PR and Business Turnover through Online Training, 1-2-1 Mentorship, In-House Group Training, One Day Workshops and Bespoke Systems Analysis to create lasting solutions.

Here are some of Camilita’s Motivational Speaking Topics:

  • The 7 Qualities of Master Achievers
  • If It’s Not Making Money, It’s Not Making Sense
  • How to Live Like a Champion!

Here are some of Camilita’s Corporate Training Topics:

  • Customer Plan v Business Plan
  • The 5 Tier System to Massive Profit
  • 7 Steps to 7 Figure Sales™
  • Outperform Your Competition in Sales
  • Take the Right Action to Succeed

Camilita has been featured in FORBES June 2016 on How to Use Events, Social Media and Key Note Speaking to Increase Your PR & Profits. She has also been mentioned in Think & Grow Rich for Women on Taking Action to Succeed, spoken at SXSW, featured in Celebrate Business Magazine four times and appeared on SKY TV and BBC Business News 2017. Dr. J B Hill, Napoleon Hill’s grandson quoted Camilita in front of 20,000 people as saying ‘There is no better time than the present to take action to Succeed’.

In the face of extreme adversity Camilita rose against all odds to become a dynamic powerhouse of success and inspiration. Her Story alone is motivating, but it is her straight-forward advice and ability to repeatedly gather the top minds in the industry to impart real-world knowledge that is uplifting. Along with her husband Andrew, Camilita has set up Nuttall Foundation which provides personal development training to some of the world’s underprivileged children by partnering with like-minded individuals.

Camilita is relatable. Her larger-than-life personality is genuine, as is her desire to help others reach their full potential. By giving everything to fulfilling the dreams of others, Camilita is a brand entrepreneurs across the globe trust to take their business to the next level.


How To Reduce Stress During a Crisis

By Rosalie Moscoe

There are times in life when an emotional crisis causes enormous stress. During those times you may be worried about the health of a loved one or your own health; you may have lost your job, or perhaps you’re experiencing legal hassles over some major issue. You may be anxious about buying or selling a house, or worrying about your kids who go travelling thousands of miles away from home – and you haven’t heard from them in weeks. Perhaps you’re reeling from financial losses.

Is it possible to reduce stress when life seems to be up-side-down? Yes, and it’s important that you do. When overly activated, the stress response (a biological reaction to a stressor) can make you prone to illness.

Your top five biological reactions to stress:

• Release of sugar into the bloodstream to create more energy to fight off the stressor
• Increased cholesterol in the blood to create energy and to take over when blood sugar levels drop off
• Reduction in sex hormones which results in decreased libido
• Release of thyroid hormone (thyroxine) to speed up the body’s metabolism to burn fuel fast, giving strength to fight or flee
• Decreased digestive activity; energy goes to the limbs for survival

Unrelenting stress causes the stress response to stay on way too often and wears the body out! Finding ways to turn off the stress response and turn on the body’s natural relaxation response will calm you and bring the body and mind back to homeostasis –normal functioning. During crises, you’ll need a cool head to prevail in order to make important decisions.

10 Ways to Stay Calm When in Crisis

1) Realize that fear is the greatest motivator of stress. When your mind drags you to the depths of despair, think about the best possible outcome, not the worst.
2) Taking action during a crisis helps reduce the worry and stress; if there’s nothing you can do – pray.
3) Deep breathe for a few minutes to stop the biological reactions of stress; count to ten.
4) Call a friend or family member and talk it over. Just commiserating with someone who cares can relieve the stress of the situation. Hug someone you love.
5) Watch a comedy show on TV; laughing is a potent stress-reliever.
6) Get out for a brisk walk in nature – mind and body will come into a better place.
7) Cry if you need to; it may release pent-up stress.
8) Sit down and cross your arms over your chest. Rock back and forth for a soothing effect.
9) Get help from your doctor if you can’t sleep; insomnia can make stress worse.
10) For unrelenting stress, contact a psychologist or a spiritual counselor; you don’t have to do this alone.

The Ultimate Wealth Weekend passes (Dec 5-7, 2014)

Brian Tracy at The Ultimate Wealth Weekend (December 5, 6 & 7, 2014, 9am at Allstream Centre in Toronto). See Brian Tracy as a MetroActive member or subscriber…if you’re not a member or subscriber yet, just opt-in through http://metroactive.org/wordpress/ezine-opt-in/ (a gift from MetroActive). To get on the guest list for this event contact Baldo Minaudo.

Ultimate Wealth Weekend
3 Days of Training for Entreprenuers

Ultimate Wealth Weekend brings together Small and Medium sized Business Owners and senior industry experts from leading companies in the finance and marketing sectors. This 3 day event will focus on key, top of mind issues such as building businesses, personal wealth and leadership approaches and much more.

Day-1 Business Builder Boot Camp ~ Learn advanced sales strategies, essential marketing skills, business automation and powerful ways to grow your business.
Day-2 Investment University ~ Speed training on how to grow your investment portfolio, save on your taxes and reverse-engineer your wealth.
Day-3 Millionaire By Design ~ If how-to’s were enough, we’d all be skinny, rich and happy. How to take charge of your life by harnessing the power of energy and by elevating your leadership skills.

Main stage speakers include:

Brian Tracy

Paul Tobey

Robert Riopel

To get on the MetroActive guest list for this event contact Baldo Minaudo. If you’re not a member or subscriber yet,  just opt-in through http://metroactive.org/wordpress/ezine-opt-in/ (a gift from MetroActive).

How to be a great (savvy) connector!

A great connector is defined as individual who strategically focuses on providing connections, opportunities, ideas and resources that empowers and assist someone else dreams, goals. Great connectors believe that when we all work together, everybody wins! When we support each other, everyone gets encouraged. They attend various events in an effort to “to give rather then get” says Bonnie Chan Founder of Network to Grow.

To deliver on the above mention definition, below are some tips that will help you become great & savvy connector!

Listen first

Being a great listener allows great connector to genuinely understand the needs and want of each other. They are interested to first understand before being understood. Great Connector want to know your story. They act as magnet, absorbing information before sharing valuable resources to connections.

Get Engaged

Great connector don’t passively listen, but rather listen to every word they are listening to. They ask strategic questions to clarify to dig deep into the conversation on topic. They stay engaged in the moment and stay present in the conversation. They have the ability to make connections and help create results!

Building Relationships (ongoing)

Great connectors focus on building (ongoing) relationships above all other intentions. They understand and acknowledge that trust is the basis of all good things in that keep people moving in this world of opportunity. They don’t push or promote their personal agenda, rather genuinely actively listen and engage in the conversation to authentically engage and support to whom they are speak with.

Stay Connected

Great connectors don’t do “one meeting and that’s all”.  They are relationship builders throughout their journey of success. They encourage ongoing connection in specific and engaging ways, whether contact cards, email or social media. They follow up and follow through on a continued basis and grow the relationship.

Impress with the Knowledge

Great connector aren’t out to look good. They let their thoughts, ideas and connections show their value. They are present and engaged in a effort to help others reach their goals. Great connectors embrace diversity and in the end they make everyone around them look and feel awesome!
Bring something to the conversation

Great connectors are always ready with connections at their fingertips. (via phone or iPad). They will what they can to assist, empower to create a successful engagement with whom they are interacting with. Even if they don’t have something to offer at the time, they will refer another great connector or follow up with information via email if information is promised. They have high integrity in doing this. They may be someone in the room that they can connect them with if possible (hense they are savvy connectors)

Offer your expertise and knowledge

Great connectors understand they don’t have all the answer. They are the McGyver (80’s TV Show) of resources! They focus on providing their expertise (in their field) and the knowledge (wisdom) and if they are not able to provide it directly they will offer strategic and specific connections who can. They are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. They will do whatever they can to use their strengths to prove the “super hero level support and actions” stated by Emmanuel Lopez  Author and Movie expert. They want you to reach the next level your journey of success.

Share challenges & Opportunities

Great connectors understand they need assistance as well. They are willing to their struggles authentically and openly and accept constructive feedback and advice from their peers. Great connector are driven to achieve their dreams and goals, and understand that to win they must work in creating strategic and win-win connections with others.

Stay cool

Great connectors are cool, calm and collect in the storm. They are the stabilizers during the time of uncertainty. They have a plan of action amidst the chaos of the moment. These abilities enables for greater connection, opportunities and growth for everyon

7 Reason why entrepreneurs don’t follow up to grow their resources (get results)

In the journey in building their business there some fundamental steps entrepreneur attempt to do (or not do at all) that affects them in growing the business, resources or making a profit. Below are areas that they must deal or get assistance to complete for them to survive.

1st. Scared

Scarcity is something that society does very well from TV programs and people to ensue fear that cause them to scared to succeed. It take inner confidence to realize that’s not the case at all.

2nd. Don’t make time to do it

I hear this a lot “don’t have any time” This excuse (yes excuse!) can be used as a mental block on themselves that they are not doing productive things with their time. To much networking meeting people and failure to follow up is a common track to get stuck in. Being able to network and share is important, the ability to follow up and with your contacts and grow your resources is a very important step.  Event management is important to manage and execute in the process of success.

3rd  No value to share

Being able to network and offer value is important priority to accomplish. They do have to share, again it comes to a self confidence issue that either they don’t want so to share or they believe its not viable in the conversation. We all have value to share, its a missed opportunity not to do it.

4th  They feel they made no connections

They attend an event talk to multiple people and walk out empty handed. How can that happen? it comes back to inner confidence and the ability to being able to share what they and listen (which they don’t) and they may exchange business cards and no make any follow up notes or believe there are possibilities to connect further.

5th Don’t have a system in place

Having a system of success is an important tool to have when you are networking. Going out collecting business cards and putting them in a box is not a great system at all!  It is a simple process and very easy to do. It comes down to being able to execute a plan and making viable connections to foster ongoing business relationships. Not doing this is a big waste of your time and energy with no result to show for.

6th Lazy

This a a very common factor that affects entrepreneurs, the act of laziness and not have a plan to execute. Watching hours of tv, listing to the radio, going to events that not meaningful for themselves and hanging around other lazy people enacts this and paralyzes their mental ability. The internal programs and will power don’t have the energy to realize they are not doing things to see and do to improve your day.

7th No Go-Giver Mentality

The ability to be able to give is the import trait to have when networking. Bob Burg Author of “Go-Giver” states that the ability to give and expecting something in return is commitment that is not easily achieved due to the reasoning you are not getting anything in return.  The ability to give and expecting a return in others way is a huge opportunity missed by entrepreneurs in their in succeeding in their today and beyond.

Be aware of this seven mistakes as you begin your networking journey and make an mental effort to not go ‘through the rabbit hole” with any of these in the long term. It will not only affect growing your business but also make money with it too!

Jim Pagiamtzis

7 Biggest Mistakes made by entrepreneurs when attempting to network (grow) their business

In the process of  transition from being in a professional in a corporate environment to entrepreneurship, they will unwillingly fall into several networking traps. In time they will realize and get better in the process, until then below are certain areas that they will do incorrectly for the first few years.

1st. Talk to much

We have been talking and having conversation for many years, when it comes down to it. They will be so excited and passionate about their business (rightly so) that they will not be able to stop talking about than and everything else their doing. The professional they are speaking to may be able to hand some it (but not all of it!).

This will get better over time as they rejection begins to continue and the follow up phone calls and emails don’t get answered.

2nd. Give out Business cards to fast,

There is a term that  Cindy Mount from BNI calls “spray and pray” that many new entrepreneurs do. This is the act of going into a room and giving your card to everyone and saying ” this is my new business call me and let’s me show you the amazing plan, its awesome!” This  too will lead to failure in more way than they can image, from business cards being thrown out in the garbage at or after the event.

The entrepreneur receiving it will put you in his or her “crazy networker” mental folder and not go near you at any future events, or any time in the future refer you business.

3rd  Not listening enough


From Talk to much mentioned earlier to not listening enough. My mentor always said ” you have two ears and one mouth, you the proportiantly”  This is such a simple statement to make but a hard habit to break!

It all comes back to the excitement of passionately sharing your business over and over again, but not taking time to listen and possibly ask a great question! (will deal with this issue shortly”

4th Not asking good questions.


Many networking experts from Bob Burg Author of Endless Referrals  and Ivan Misner founder of  BNI have always say in their training about the importance in asking open ended questions so that you can engage in a conversation of mutual benefit. Not ask good questions will lead into a very short and no responsive conversation where you will not engage the person you are speaking too at any level.

5th Bad body Language


Being part of environment of professional entrepreneurs having proper body language is a big reflection on who they are and how they treat their business. It may seem as a minor thing but there could be huge way of not being an attractive and interesting person to speak to.  Moving your hands all over the place in conversations to not standing still and facing who you are speaking to will not create great speaking environment. Crossing your legs, folding your arms are not positive body language attributes to use in a networking environment.

6th Not offering value based information


The ability to have an engaging conversation that of meaning is important to you and the person you are engaging in conversation with. Not offering a tip, suggestion or recommendation doesn’t put you in the position of being able to possible get some great information in return or perhaps more!  There is lots of value that you have access to, that you can share and be of service. Not doing that puts you in position on not getting a business card or anything else of value from the potential networking attendee.

7th Not having a giver mentality

Bob Burg Author of Go-Giver shares in his book that it’s the power of “sharing value on ongoing basis” is where the true magic begins. Not having the giver mentality will only create a frustrating experience in a any networking environment. Being able to be a natural giver of your talents, insights and experiences will only enhance you ability to community and have better conversations. There is statement made by many ” what goes around come around” being a giver will tell you the world and universe and other in the room that are a give and are ready to be receiver.

Be aware of this seven mistakes as you begin your networking journey and make an mental effort to not go ‘through the rabbit hole” with any of these in the long term. It will not only affect growing your business but also make money with it too!