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Spotlight interview: Jim Pagiamtzis sharing journey on Networking and Speaking

Check out this short interview with Tonya Hofmann CEO of the Public Speakers Association as Jim Pagiamtzis sharing insights on journey of Networking and Speaking. Watch until the end to hear some hilarious stories.

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How to be a great (savvy) connector!

A great connector is defined as individual who strategically focuses on providing connections, opportunities, ideas and resources that empowers and assist someone else dreams, goals. Great connectors believe that when we all work together, everybody wins! When we support each … Continue reading

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7 Biggest Mistakes made by entrepreneurs when attempting to network (grow) their business

In the process of  transition from being in a professional in a corporate environment to entrepreneurship, they will unwillingly fall into several networking traps. In time they will realize and get better in the process, until then below are certain … Continue reading

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Pinterest Works!

Earlier this year I had heard a lot of interesting stories about this new site Pinterest. Started to see the logo on various websites and  TV commercials. I started to create a few boards and share some of my hobbies … Continue reading

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Journey to Meditation

It has been an  interesting journey in learning from various leaders through their books and teachings. -including   “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by world-renowned author and speaker Robin Sharma. That all changed on April 17th, 2012 when I … Continue reading

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