Spotlight interview: Jim Pagiamtzis sharing journey on Networking and Speaking

Check out this short interview with Tonya Hofmann CEO of the Public Speakers Association as Jim Pagiamtzis sharing insights on journey of Networking and Speaking. Watch until the end to hear some hilarious stories.

How to be a great (savvy) connector!

A great connector is defined as individual who strategically focuses on providing connections, opportunities, ideas and resources that empowers and assist someone else dreams, goals. Great connectors believe that when we all work together, everybody wins! When we support each other, everyone gets encouraged. They attend various events in an effort to “to give rather then get” says Bonnie Chan Founder of Network to Grow.

To deliver on the above mention definition, below are some tips that will help you become great & savvy connector!

Listen first

Being a great listener allows great connector to genuinely understand the needs and want of each other. They are interested to first understand before being understood. Great Connector want to know your story. They act as magnet, absorbing information before sharing valuable resources to connections.

Get Engaged

Great connector don’t passively listen, but rather listen to every word they are listening to. They ask strategic questions to clarify to dig deep into the conversation on topic. They stay engaged in the moment and stay present in the conversation. They have the ability to make connections and help create results!

Building Relationships (ongoing)

Great connectors focus on building (ongoing) relationships above all other intentions. They understand and acknowledge that trust is the basis of all good things in that keep people moving in this world of opportunity. They don’t push or promote their personal agenda, rather genuinely actively listen and engage in the conversation to authentically engage and support to whom they are speak with.

Stay Connected

Great connectors don’t do “one meeting and that’s all”.  They are relationship builders throughout their journey of success. They encourage ongoing connection in specific and engaging ways, whether contact cards, email or social media. They follow up and follow through on a continued basis and grow the relationship.

Impress with the Knowledge

Great connector aren’t out to look good. They let their thoughts, ideas and connections show their value. They are present and engaged in a effort to help others reach their goals. Great connectors embrace diversity and in the end they make everyone around them look and feel awesome!
Bring something to the conversation

Great connectors are always ready with connections at their fingertips. (via phone or iPad). They will what they can to assist, empower to create a successful engagement with whom they are interacting with. Even if they don’t have something to offer at the time, they will refer another great connector or follow up with information via email if information is promised. They have high integrity in doing this. They may be someone in the room that they can connect them with if possible (hense they are savvy connectors)

Offer your expertise and knowledge

Great connectors understand they don’t have all the answer. They are the McGyver (80’s TV Show) of resources! They focus on providing their expertise (in their field) and the knowledge (wisdom) and if they are not able to provide it directly they will offer strategic and specific connections who can. They are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. They will do whatever they can to use their strengths to prove the “super hero level support and actions” stated by Emmanuel Lopez  Author and Movie expert. They want you to reach the next level your journey of success.

Share challenges & Opportunities

Great connectors understand they need assistance as well. They are willing to their struggles authentically and openly and accept constructive feedback and advice from their peers. Great connector are driven to achieve their dreams and goals, and understand that to win they must work in creating strategic and win-win connections with others.

Stay cool

Great connectors are cool, calm and collect in the storm. They are the stabilizers during the time of uncertainty. They have a plan of action amidst the chaos of the moment. These abilities enables for greater connection, opportunities and growth for everyon

7 Biggest Mistakes made by entrepreneurs when attempting to network (grow) their business

In the process of  transition from being in a professional in a corporate environment to entrepreneurship, they will unwillingly fall into several networking traps. In time they will realize and get better in the process, until then below are certain areas that they will do incorrectly for the first few years.

1st. Talk to much

We have been talking and having conversation for many years, when it comes down to it. They will be so excited and passionate about their business (rightly so) that they will not be able to stop talking about than and everything else their doing. The professional they are speaking to may be able to hand some it (but not all of it!).

This will get better over time as they rejection begins to continue and the follow up phone calls and emails don’t get answered.

2nd. Give out Business cards to fast,

There is a term that  Cindy Mount from BNI calls “spray and pray” that many new entrepreneurs do. This is the act of going into a room and giving your card to everyone and saying ” this is my new business call me and let’s me show you the amazing plan, its awesome!” This  too will lead to failure in more way than they can image, from business cards being thrown out in the garbage at or after the event.

The entrepreneur receiving it will put you in his or her “crazy networker” mental folder and not go near you at any future events, or any time in the future refer you business.

3rd  Not listening enough


From Talk to much mentioned earlier to not listening enough. My mentor always said ” you have two ears and one mouth, you the proportiantly”  This is such a simple statement to make but a hard habit to break!

It all comes back to the excitement of passionately sharing your business over and over again, but not taking time to listen and possibly ask a great question! (will deal with this issue shortly”

4th Not asking good questions.


Many networking experts from Bob Burg Author of Endless Referrals  and Ivan Misner founder of  BNI have always say in their training about the importance in asking open ended questions so that you can engage in a conversation of mutual benefit. Not ask good questions will lead into a very short and no responsive conversation where you will not engage the person you are speaking too at any level.

5th Bad body Language


Being part of environment of professional entrepreneurs having proper body language is a big reflection on who they are and how they treat their business. It may seem as a minor thing but there could be huge way of not being an attractive and interesting person to speak to.  Moving your hands all over the place in conversations to not standing still and facing who you are speaking to will not create great speaking environment. Crossing your legs, folding your arms are not positive body language attributes to use in a networking environment.

6th Not offering value based information


The ability to have an engaging conversation that of meaning is important to you and the person you are engaging in conversation with. Not offering a tip, suggestion or recommendation doesn’t put you in the position of being able to possible get some great information in return or perhaps more!  There is lots of value that you have access to, that you can share and be of service. Not doing that puts you in position on not getting a business card or anything else of value from the potential networking attendee.

7th Not having a giver mentality

Bob Burg Author of Go-Giver shares in his book that it’s the power of “sharing value on ongoing basis” is where the true magic begins. Not having the giver mentality will only create a frustrating experience in a any networking environment. Being able to be a natural giver of your talents, insights and experiences will only enhance you ability to community and have better conversations. There is statement made by many ” what goes around come around” being a giver will tell you the world and universe and other in the room that are a give and are ready to be receiver.

Be aware of this seven mistakes as you begin your networking journey and make an mental effort to not go ‘through the rabbit hole” with any of these in the long term. It will not only affect growing your business but also make money with it too!

Pinterest Works!

Earlier this year I had heard a lot of interesting stories about this new site Pinterest. Started to see the logo on various websites and  TV commercials.

I started to create a few boards and share some of my hobbies from dvd’s, achievements and items I had for sale and trade.

In the months to come I had created over 20 boards with various titles. I even sold a few items that I had posted. (jewelery and dvd’s and electronics)

Feel free to follow me and some of the boards I have created.

Links to check out:

Famous People:


Achievements and Awards:

Journey to Meditation

It has been an  interesting journey in learning from various leaders through their books and teachings. -including   “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by world-renowned author and speaker Robin Sharma.
That all changed on April 17th, 2012 when I  got listen to Ajahn Kusalo  on an evening that I will never forget.
 A few weeks ago I was given a CD at my(41 years young) birthday party  by a very good friend  who  admires my energy but was concerned about me having some “slow down”  time as she coined it.
After listening to half way through the audio  and reported back to my friend that “it felt as if  I was walking through the forest with a bow and arrow on my shoulder with  no idea why”
She sounded confused “Were you chasing something or  was something chasing you?”I didn’t because I didn’t really know.
My friend invited me  to participate in a meditation evening. She is a very spiritual individual and  felt this might be of interest to me.
Initially I was non-committal to her offer and decided to wait and ponder it a little further. The day before the event  she sent me an email with the location along with  some special instructions which included to bringing a water bottle and to wearing  comfortable clothing.
Tuesday morning I went  through my own routine of reading morning passages from a book that I keep nearby and did my morning affirmations.
That afternoon I listened to the last half  of  the CD (to my pleasant surprise) by then  I was in the forest with no bow and arrow just walking through. Listening  to the songs I could see a big tree across the street and remembered  vividly 25 years ago when it was first planted in the soil, it has now grown into a huge tree, solid from stump to the end branches. Just like me!
After that took a brief nap to relax  let the music sink in, and woke up and feeling  re-energized.
By late afternoon I had decided that I was ready to go to the meditation and I informed my friend via email. She was pleased and looked  forward to it.
As I neared the location was pleasantly surprised when  I realized that I  pass by this location all the time going to a health club near by. Locked up my mountain bike and followed the signs to  where it said “Everyone is welcome”.
My friend was going to arrive little later so I made my way in and found  a chair off to the side. The room was very quiet as people began to arrive.
Even though I had my business cards with me I made no attempt to interact with anyone, respectful of the environment and the event.Ajahn Kusalo   walked into the room and was greeted by a gentleman who was assisting with the room and event proceedings.
At the entrance there was option to make a donation to the monastery, so I grabbed  an envelope and made a mental note to put one the box on my way out.
We were given two  handouts. The first  was a dedication of offering which was a chant that was made during the session; the second was a  sheet of explanation called Tisarana- an overview of intent and direction
Ajahn Kusalo began with conversation and I was pleasantly surprised that he was very amusing and made a strong effort to connect with everyone. He used many sports analogies to explain life and how we each  go through our journey.
He spoke how we deal with things that we face in our daily lives  and how we can learn to respond better and  better understand that life  is not as complicated as we make it.
We all have weaknesses. but at the end of the day we must  work on our strengths and evolve to improve our  weaknesses.
The room was silent as everyone listened except for the occasional  group laugh. It was a healthy spirit of individuals from all walks of life young and old, gathered together  for a few hours together time to relax and take time to breach and relax from our busy lives.
We chanted for about half an hour and then Ajahn Kusalo  fielded questions for the attendees.
It was a very therapeutic experience and I appreciated my friend inviting me to this event.
Moral of the story: meditation is a great way to relax and release yourself from the busyness of life.
If you wish to attend a future session information is below
For more information:
Address: 60 Lowther Avenue, (close to St George subway station)
Bring: Water bottle & wear comfortable clothing

Networking to get results at events!

There are events and seminars happening throughout the month that you are attending and taking the time, energy and money to network. You must be prepared for the opportunity and be able to follow up with goal to achieve desired results.

Networking is concept that has to be done on an ongoing basis to create momentum to yield you results. Attracting qualified clients that you can offer you specific packages that you offer is the goal.


Building your list in one aspect that is important to do a daily basis whether your meeting people online or offline, there are important resources that will begin to add up with connections on LinkedIn and other social networking sites you belong to.

It all begins with you business with is your billboard and your most important marketing tool you have that you can leverage in any situation. When you are at a networking event or going bowling with friends, being prepared for the opportunity is the most strategy to remember. American Express has a great saying “never leave home without it” same goes for you business card, its part of you like the clothes you wear every day.


You have an expertise in specific areas from networking, wealth to resources you want to share, important aspect of networking is you to be able to fill the needs of others. Recently at an event where I noticed that attendee didn’t have a website for his construction business, high recommended that he should have a website that is prospective clients should visit, offered to email him some of my contacts to assist him with that.
When you hand you business cards out you can advise you contacts that “you appreciate referrals and will to offer compensation for completed transactions” this creates a strong signal of confidence your abilities and willing to create a win-win situation.


The most important part in creating a strong networking system is the ability to monetize easy and effectively. Knowing your product and the package that specifically is best for you potential client.
Have a follow-up system that create results with every contact you meet will either you yield you a meeting to do presentation or connection for future.
Making follow-up calls within 24hr is imperative in your execution of your complete package. The ability to pick up of the phone and connection is the only way to create a strong connection. Do not rely on only sending email appreciating meeting your connections or just adding them to your LinkedIn connection or to your monthly newsletter, which can be done a later time.
Your goal is to deal with the strong leads in a timely manner. Increase you database is an important part of the networking strategy which needs to be done. Be aware that the warm leads are important because you either made a commitment with them or left a good impression that they want to learn more about your products or services.
Doing the above mention strategies over and over again will get you the results you need to have a growing and profitable business.

Go out there and Get Connected Make Wealth Happen!

Jim S Pagiamtzis J
About Get Connected Make Wealth Happen!Published Author, Speaker and Elite Entrepreneur Jim Pagiamtzis is the founder of Get Connected Make Wealth Happen! has been articles published online by Toronto Public Library Small Biz Express, Centennial College, Linking People and Entrepreneurs,How’s Business blog (Staples Business Depot) and Metro  Printed articles for FedEx Freight Canada (Newsletter) Centennial College Ascent Magazine. Has been on That speaking on How to become Networking Success.Jim Pagiamtzis in 5 years has successfully leveraged his written articles into speaking all over the GTA from consulting with Burkert Fluid Control, Enterprise Toronto, Career Door, Skills for Change and Trios College. Has delivered keynote for Monarch Park Collegiate spoke on 3 keys task to success and How to attract a Mentor. His dynamic speaking style has empowered and inspired his audience to learn, do and apply his simple and effective Parformance Selling System. Jim has also volunteered with Junior Achievement in Toronto on “Economics of Staying in School”

Is your Social Network Yielding Results?

The world of networking has evolved and many are struggling with how to utilize this amazing tool to generate results – from new clients to financial goals.

There are numerous authors who say they have cracked the code of the social networking domain, which can be looked at in different ways, depending on your target market and other specifics.
There are several ways to create interest that will bring potential customers right to you inbox. From online resources to off-line referrals, marketers refer to these as “attraction devices”.

Content is king

There has to be substance to what you create and share through blogging, tweeting and short messaging.
Connect with your audience first. Then continue the conversation by attending an event, meeting in person or connecting via phone.

Having a viable message the target audience finds interesting is a critical part of your content marketing strategy that gives you credibility.

Paul Tobey, a networking expert, tweets “adding a new name to your list everyday means you are working on your business”.  This is a powerful message that your audience may not realize they need to do.
This may cause someone to re-tweet your message or respond to you directly.
This approach can be used on all your social networks.  Keep track on responses and reaction to this so you can build on what works well and eliminate things that are not effective.
Attraction systems
You may have great content and still find it difficult to  get your potential clients to connect with you.
Overcoming this is all about two things: having a strong call to action and a place – most often your website – where potential customers can easily reach you.
Today email and social media are the most common ways to connect, but this can shift as technology changes. It is important to understand which channels your potential customers prefer and make these available.

A good strategy is to utilize email marketing campaigns to connect and create momentum that will generate interest from event, articles or special promotions.
Many business cards that I have seen recently have links where you can download chapters of their book. Free value that creates interest!

Follow up is important to create result

Now that you got referrals and leads coming in from your attraction system, an important step is to follow up in timely manner. Less than 48hrs is recommended, you don’t want them going to someone else!
Have systems in place, from questions for prospects to a list of the key things you need to communicate to close a sale. Have a paper and pen ready to take notes, whether you are in a meeting or on the phone.
As you grown business relationships, asks your customers for referrals.
Also ask existing customers if on they are enjoying working with you and pleased with your products and services.
This is great information to share in your online efforts or in written materials you may share with future clients.  Always be in motion that fuels your momentum that is acquired to achieve your financial goals you have set-up for the year.

Statistics have shown that it takes at 6 or more time of contact to have you prospect becoming your client. The value you share and how you package your product or service is going to be very important system to have in place that can repeated over and over.
Three steps you do are:

  • 1st Contact ( online or off-line)
  • 2nd Connect  ( meet and qualify)
  • 3rd Close (follow up –follow through)

Write these step outs and keep them on computer or on your phone. The key to success is to be in constant motion and momentum in your journey of success.
Your social network can you yield results as long as you generate the strategic engagement needed to create the momentum that will lead to monetary success.

Get Connected Make Wealth Happen! and link below for links
Jim S Pagiamtzis Jr.
About Get Connected Make Wealth Happen!

Published Author, Speaker and Elite Entrepreneur Jim Pagiamtzis is the founder of Get Connected Make Wealth Happen! has been articles published online by Toronto Public Library Small Biz Express, Centennial College, Linking People and Entrepreneurs,How’s Business blog (Staples Business Depot) and Metro  Printed articles for FedEx Freight Canada (Newsletter) Centennial College Ascent Magazine. Has been on That speaking on How to become Networking Success.

Jim Pagiamtzis in 5 years has successfully leveraged his written articles into speaking all over the GTA from consulting with Burkert Fluid Control, Enterprise Toronto, Career Door, Skills for Change and Trios College. Has delivered keynote for Monarch Park Collegiate spoke on 3 keys task to success and How to attract a Mentor. His dynamic speaking style has empowered and inspired his audience to learn, do and apply his simple and effective Parformance Selling System. Jim has also volunteered with Junior Achievement in Toronto on “Economics of Staying in School”


Wine Trends To Watch in 2012 – Part 1

As we enter 2012 with unsteady markets, it seems appropriate to make a guess at what the wine trends will be and what wines we should be looking for.  After some initial research, I have spotted some common wine trends:

1.      Local Wines – The movement to reduce carbon emissions and consume locally grown products has extended to the wine industry in the past few years and this will continue to grow.

2.      Less is More – New world wines with overripe grapes and high alcohol contents have lost their popularity and will be replaced by classic, elegant wines with less alcohol levels (below 13 or 14%). This style marks the return to the tradition of flavorful, balanced wines. There will also be less wood flavors with more clear fruit forward wines.

3.      Retailers Resurgent – Employees have never been more knowledgeable and have become less snobby.  There will be more in-store tastings with a culture of service becoming more important.

4.      Burgundy is the New Bordeaux – As prices for Bordeaux continue to rise, more wine lovers are choosing wines from Burgundy. This is evidenced at some recent New York and Hong Kong wine auctions.

Liz Palmer

The Trick to Finding a Perfect Home ~ by HA Solutions

The Trick to Finding a Perfect Home

There exists a special bond between a house or property and its inhabitants. This is true for a private house or apartment, as well as any commercial property. When we live in a home/apartment, etc., we begin to attach fondness and comfort to that place. In return, our home begins to adapt and shape itself towards us.

When we are in the process of looking for a new home or selling our existing one, we tend to overlook this simple connection. The real estate market today is quick and competitive. As a buyer or seller, we are swept up into the sea of details which factor into any real estate transaction. We look at location, price, and shape of the home initially and go off on the tangent of other details which contribute to our buying or selling.

We forget that a home is a sanctuary; a sacred and private part of us. And because of this, we overlook an important factor that should be foremost in our buying a home. That is, how we fit and feel within it. The average buyer will look through several properties each week in his or her process of finding the right home.

As soon as we step onto a specific property, our first impression of the place comes in form of an instinctual sense. We feel good or uneasy about it momentarily. However, most of us do not acknowledge our own inner voice but begin to analyse what we see. Consequently, our homes are bought because of their characteristics; their location, their size, their price, etc. Have you ever asked anyone why they bought their home and heard the reply, “It just naturally fit with us. It felt right.” Most of us have not. And what a pity, for when our home is bought for the wrong reasons, we tend to find ourselves having more difficulty with it after the closing day.

So the message is: love your home. Love all the properties you see in your buying and selling process. Show the same respect and gratitude towards them as you would to your own. You will be surprised at what property may come your way and the ease with which your transaction will be completed.

This article was written by Elizabeth Knezevic, Co-Founder, Guide, HA Solutions Inc. For more information, please call (647) 955 7528, e-mail or visit



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