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Money Transmitter Licenses and Canadian First Global Data in the U.S.

Almost every U.S. state requires a state license in order to transmit money into, out of or within the state. These licenses are expensive to acquire and to maintain and establish a financial barrier of entry. Licensing requirements include the … Continue reading

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OSFI Changes May Signal Expectations of 2% Increase in Mortgage Interest Rates

This month the Office of Superintendent of Financial Institutions for Canada is finalizing changes in legislation that will include requiring those that purchase a home with a minimum down payment of at least 20%, not needing mortgage insurance, to prove … Continue reading

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Which Way Is The Toronto Housing Market Moving?

I am often asked about where the Toronto housing market is headed. In the long-run we all know real estate has to go up. After all, there is only so much land and the population keeps growing. Toronto is one … Continue reading

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Recreational Properties Poised to Increase in Demand

Record Toronto home prices may have tipped the scales for those looking to make significant lifestyle changes. A few months ago, when the Toronto housing market was at its hottest, I noticed individuals selling their Toronto homes with no intention … Continue reading

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Jim Pagiamtzis Speaking on Activity based management

Jim Pagiamzis shares insights on time management Time Event Management Flex time Fixed Time Phone calls Take the dog out! Feel free to leave a comment

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