Canadian FINTECH Company Enables Micro Finance in India

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TORONTO, June 8, 2017 /CNW/ – First Global Data (“First Global” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it signed an agreement with Bohdi Systems Pvt. Ltd. to provide among other things financial services such as micro credit, savings and mobile payments to the disadvantaged and lower income demographic in India.

First Global Data Limited (CNW Group/First Global Data Limited)

The service is called DhanMitra and it is currently being implemented on the First Global mobile wallet deployment in India. DhanMitra is an ecosystem comprised of Cooperative and Rural Banks and Micro Finance Institutions. The service will enable First Global customers to access micro credit loans, to withdraw funds from the microfinance accounts, load their mobile wallets, make purchases of eBooks and other eLearning products, access the other services that First Global offers on the mobile platform including payment of bills, etc, and to repay loans.

“This is an important initiative for First Global. We continue to focus on expanding our value-added services portfolio on our mobile platform, while at the same time finding ways to facilitate financial inclusion by utilizing proprietary FINTECH solutions. Financial inclusion is a major mandate of First Global and we will continue to add services and capabilities to those challenged by current banking systems”, said Andre Itwaru, Chairman and CEO of First Global.

About Bodhi Systems (

Bodhi Systems is an enterprise that leverages technology and applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being. PUBLISHING Bodhi Systems offers seamless transition from traditional publishing to digital publishing. Our software assets have impeccable reputation in the international publishing arena serving large trade publishers, academic publishers and individual authors alike. EDUCATION Bodhi Systems is leading an initiative to deliver a student-centric personalized learning platform based on competency-based education framework. FINANCE Bodhi Systems’ offering DhanMitra is a platform that brings financial services such as micro-credit, savings, mobile payments, to disadvantaged and low-income sections of society.

About First Global: (

First Global is an international financial services technology (“FINTECH”) company. The Company’s two main lines of business are mobile payments and cross border payments. First Global’s proprietary leading edge technology enables the convergence of compliant domestic and cross border payments, shopping, Peer to Peer (“P2P”), Business to Consumer (“B2C”), and Business to Business (“B2B”) payments. First Global enables its strategic partners and clients around the world with our leading edge financial services technology platform.

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Aeromobil 3.0: Commuter’s Dream of Flying Car Arrives

The Aeromobil 3.0, a production-ready flying car was unveiled on October 29, 2014 at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria. Although, the car was first envisioned by designer Štefan Klein that dates back to 1990, this latest version was design and built in less than a year after the Aeromobil 2.5 prototype made its first flight.

The Aeromobil transforms car to plane by unfolding its wings from behind the cockpit. When collapsed the wings fit alongside a boom which houses the rear-mounted propeller shaft, and serves as the mounting point for the flying car’s tail.



Engine: Rotax 912
Wings: Extended
Top speed: 200 km/h and more (124 mph and more)
Min. speed: 60 km/h (37 mph)
Take-off speed: 130 km/h (81 mph)
Range: 700 km (435 miles)
Fuel consumption: 15 l/h
Construction: steel framework and carbon coating
Dimensions: width: 8320 mm (27-foot wingspan), length: 6000 mm
Capacity: 2 seats
Curb Weight: 992 lbs


Engine: Rotax 912
Wings: collapsed
Top speed: 160 km/h and more (99 mph and more)
Range: 875 km (545 miles)
Fuel Consumption: 8 l/100 km
Dimensions: width: 2240 mm, length: 6000 mm
Capacity: 2 seats
The Aeromobil should fit in a standard parking space and the Rotax 912 engine runs on 91 octane (premium gas).
Production version is expected for 2016. If you’re interested in buying a Aeromobil as a MetroActive member or subscriber contact us.

Let’s Build A Mine 2014 Advisory Committee Nominations

Let’s Build a Mine 2014 scheduled for February, 2014 is accepting nominations for the advisory committee. Nominations will be accepted until December 1st, 2013.

Nominees will be considered based on a combination of their work, reputation, expertise, activity in one or more of mining, private placements and alternative investments.

For the purpose of this conference MINING includes investment prospecting, exploration, investment in land claims and mineral stakes, and asset development right up to and including mining of property; ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS include private equity (investing in private businesses of any size), second mortgages, and real estate developments, among others); PRIVATE PLACEMENTS refer to debt or equity investment in companies that may be  publicly or privately held or in transition from privately to publicly held.

Now is the time to nominate yourself or a colleague.  This is a volunteer position.


GCEngineers & The Inventors College

GCEngineers has gone through a major update in which embodies the new “Do it Your Self Inventors Course”. Through the hard work put in by the team of programmers, officials, and marketers GCE has taken a path into business with the Inventor’s College.

The Inventors course has been offered previously to approximately 100 people. This number includes students, professionals, engineers, teachers, tinkerers, and university & college students. It has proven to work in a way where the invention created can be exposed to the market in a very precise manner. The course also offers documents as to how to create your invention, how to market your idea, what documents to sign, the knowledge you need in 2011 to succeed with what you’re creating, and patent information.  Proven to work in Canada and the leading institute in gathering inventor’s under one roof, the Inventors College has grown to be a sustainable institute that provides the best for inventors. “The Great Canadian Inventions Show” is a show that is organized by the Inventors College in which they bring members that have taken the course and started their inventions. They then show case what they have invented to companies and business individuals that are interested in new business ventures. This show occurs once a year in different areas to allow the vast of inventors ease of access. Multiple organizations and business professionals attend this show and view what’s being created today.

GCEngineers has improved its sustainability by improving the network itself. This is provided by the expansion of bandwidth, faster loading of applications, and more precise features for the engineers of tomorrow. The team of programmers has also expanded to encompass two new freshmen from George Brown College. With the help of the community and the Inventors College, GCEngineers has proven its presence in the Colleges in Canada.  GCEngineers offers the Course online to help you get started on the road to inventions. Along with offering the course online, GCEngineers gives you the opportunity to access our free online directory of PDFs and engineering books. The idea of expansion is quickly growing within the team of GCE officials as GCEngineers is opening up an office in the Middle East where Engineers are needed. The Emirates is a place where engineers from all around the world are located.

Read more about Engineering in the Middle East within out next week article. Connecting Engineers and Technologists

For those engineers, technologists, inventors and business owners facing challenges there is hope. GCEngineers, an abbreviation for Globally Connected Enginers is an online community conceived by a group of engineering technologists who upon graduating found themselves facing the challenge of finding employment, support, tools and support in the toughest economy of our times.

The key founder of the site is Moe Taleb, at the time a Sheridan student enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering Design and Drafting program. His ideas was to connect Engineering students together since there was no network available within Ontario dedicated to the unique needs and nature of engineering students.

Taleb went to Nick Aleks, a fellow student in the mechanical engineering program. Aleks, a previously award winning robotics developer with expertise in the technical aspect of web development. The idea then transformed into a social network in which engineers and technologists can find each other and work together online.

The first phase of the network was launched in September of 2009 and relaunched February 27 with some improvements. The new launch included a better css style, Company and personal profiles, an online library where students can search for files that can help them with their school work, job boards, and a resume build section within the personal profiles.

The team had conducted surveys to determine the unique needs of engineers, which resulted in the design of new functionality to the website which is now being developed. With the need for additional programming, new talent was added to the team. Students were brought onto the team to apply what they had learned in class, help build their portfolio, gain experience and network.

In November of 2010, a VentureMind a venture capital firm out of Toronto invested in bringing additional resources, expertise and contacts to help grow the community.

The work has gotten a lot more hectic, and the idea a lot more serious as the market need was validated by additional research. Within the first year the site acquired over 400 engineering users to assist with the pre-beta phase of the site. There are currently seven new applications being developed that promise to make the members very happy by making their life easier and providing them help with their careers, business and projects. is now looking for additional engineering types (engineers, technologists, technicians, inventors, tinkerers, teachers) to join the community, provide feedback, and contribution to a special plae where we can help each other.

The team of individuals that GCEngineers is currently working with is amazingly working hard. The team is managing its time very wisely in building the online community.

With a leading team of grass roots users, business minded CEO, and eager community members GCEngineers shows great promise for engineer types across the world.

Moe Taleb is a Mechanical Engineering Technologist, as well as President @ GCEngineers. You can reach Moe by email: Connecting Engineers and Technologists

Technology, and the Online World

As a first blog, i decided to give out my opinion on the ever so changing world of technology.

As i was raised in canada, i have noticed that the information that is available today is very different then what was available 5 years ago. Now five years may not sound like a long time, but a lot has happened, developed, integrated, changed and succeeded.

The online community it self has grown to open more opportunities for leading developers that are looking to make a change regardless of size. Most of the information offered now is free or at a low cost that can be obtained by other means. More opportunities are being created by the day to allow people to build a virtual world in order to create a “overflow” of income. However, there are certain individuals that reach a conclusion, or rather a personal opinion that the online world is not a market to be invested in. This is only because a lot of individuals are used to opening up a business and selling hard products that can be dealt with in person.

The online market it self is one that can not be played with as it has become a very serious market. The endless free applications that are available online to maximize the market for your business is outstanding as different small companies are building these features in order to gain prospective margins.

“Lets not turn down any idea an individual has that involves any online involvement”

If the online market wasn’t what it is today, GCEngineers wouldnt have been created and allowed to grow to where it is today. The future holds great opportunities for an engineering network along with many features that can be virtually built.

In my point of view, a website or application that is built online is very much like a store that can be seen in person. The only difference is that the product that you are selling can not be viewed every time you walk into the room.

Some retailers sell their products online, therefore expanding the market into the online world creating profitable expansion.

Time+Consistency+Hard work+patience= Success.

Success as it comes in many different versions, can only be determined from the owners point of view.

This article has taken a little bit of a twist but all in fair game.

My next article will be on reflecting on how hard it is to make it while in your 20’s.