The Bridge Membership program helps New Canadians with foreign education and experience to migrate into their ideal career in Canada. The program provides three key components for success in securing a job in your chosen career; 1. Canadian experience showing your abilities and character, 2. Contact with individuals able to let you know about job opportunities or even hire you in your preferred field and 3. Knowledge of Canadian culture, organizational and business environment.

Your membership includes a customized volunteer program which will help you fulfill the above three components for success in a safe, friendly and supportive environment. You will have access to individuals who will help you develop your knowledge base, fine tune your soft skills and provide you with a reference for job applications. This is accomplished by placing you on various projects and in different roles within MetroActive and if necessary and if possible within other organizations that may be more useful for your career plan.

MetroActive’s reputation as the first private business networking group in North America and the largest in Canada is recognized by business owners, politicians and corporate executives across the GTA and in a wide variety of industries.

Becoming a MetroActive Bridge Member requires a one-time application fee of $150.00 (plus HST) and a monthly membership fee of $15.00 (plus HST). After completing the initial submission below and completing the payment steps you will be contacted with a more detailed application form and taken through an initial telephone interview. If for whatever reason your application is rejected all money will be refunded to you.

Steps in Becoming a MetroActive Bridge Member for New Canadians

Step 1: Initial Submission Form –   Step 2: Pay Application Fee   –   Step 3: Approve Monthly Fee

All applications must be approved by the President or other member of the executive committee. If you’re well known among MetroActive members your application could be processed the same day or can take up to one week.

Your application form must be accompanied with payment of the Membership Application Fee of $150 plus HST. Step 1 is completing and submitting the submission form. After submitting the form below you will be redirected to Step 2, the payment page where you can make your Application Fee payment by Credit Card or PayPal account. The application fee is ONLY refundable in the event that you’re application is rejected. The Membership Application Fee is a one-time processing fee and is not your Membership fee. You will then be redirected to Step 3 for your submission of Monthly Fee payment information ($15.00 plus HST for a total of $16.95). 


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