The Hosted Networking Social is an intensive, highly effective form of business networking designed to generate powerful results for your career or your business.  With a track record that spans back to 2001, the HNS has connected tens of thousands of business professionals in the Greater Toronto Area and has resulted in new business, careers and opportunities for those that attended, but especially for those that are chosen to be Hosts.

By design, the Hosted Networking Social will provide you with maximum exposure, reaching hundreds of thousands of eyeballs (business professionals, executives and entrepreneurs) through email invitations, E-zine (over 13,000 subscribers), website (over 100,000 monthly visitors –, online groups (Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo Groups), event listings (on various calendars) and press releases. It also allows you to target clients and potential clients with whom you would like to develop a more profitable relationship.  Finally, at the Hosted Networking Social you have potential clients presented to you by other Hosts (qualified leads).

To obtain this type of exposure would cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and the feedback and connections through the Hosted Networking Social are direct and immediate.

If you take on the role of Host and you follow Metro Actives proven winning formula, you will benefit greatly from the results you produce for your career and/or business.

Hosting requires a few hours of your time (emails and phone calls) in addition to the time you spend at the event.  These hours however are not in addition to the marketing efforts you are presently using in your business, but rather leverages those hours by tapping into the Hosted Networking Social and producing gains in credibility and relationship building.  The Hosted Networking Social allows you to develop relationships with your customers and potential customers that you may not have developed otherwise, or allow you to develop them more quickly.  Through the Hosted Networking Social you can significantly shorten your relationship building activity from months to weeks to an evening.

Being one of the chosen Hosts at the Hosted Networking Social comes at a small cost. The fee to be a host is roughly between $250 and and $350 (plus HST) and  includes 3-6 admission tickets for you and your chosen guests.

The deadline for Host confirmation is 5-6 weeks before the event. so if you would like to be part of this great event email me, or call as soon as possible and we will send you the information on how to get started on maximizing your success at this event.


– Hosts should: 1. have something of value to offer our members in terms of specialized information, new business opportunity, expertise, symbiotic relationship; 2. have a desire to grow their business network, 3. be comfortable developing relationships and taking care of others, 4. be motivated to grow their business.

– We reserve the right to decide who is chosen as a host.

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