Note: This is an extended list of membership benefits, however, there are other benefits offered which may not show up here. If you would like to redeem a membership benefit or have a need and would like to know if there are benefits available to you, email us at

Over $8,810 in gifts for MetroActive members!

Business Plans, Grants and Business Financing Consultation (up to $200 in value): Business Plan Experts Inc. will provide you with a consultation regarding your business planning and business financing needs. This is an ideal offer for businesses looking for government grants, investors or bank financing. Reference code: BP1

Career, Life or Resiliency Free Introductory Coaching Session ($90 plus HST retail value): 45 minute telephone or face-to-face session. Ideal for those being challenged by an overwhelming personal or career issue. Signs that you need this: 1. You’re not sleeping well, 2. Tougher to concentrate now than in the past, 3. Difficult to resolve certain issues, 4. Health issues that are overwhelming. Offered by Michael Ballard of Resiliency for Life. Reference code: C1

Career – Resume and Cover Letter Help ($200 savings – regular $400, member price only $200): Resume and cover letter writing with templates geared to specific jobs, including a list of the 64 most asked interview questions and best answers, along with an explanation of why to use these answers. Plus interview coaching over the course of one week (for one on one interviewing only). Reference code: C2

Career – Interview Coaching ($150 savings – regular $300, member price only $150). This package includes one-on-one interviews, phone interviews, panel interviews, 2-on-one interviews, Skype interviews and teaches you how to turn the interview around and impress the interviewer(s). Includes a list of questions to ask the panel, one-on-one, phone, etc. Reference code: C3

Fashion – Nanni Couture European Fashions ($100 in value): $100 in gift certificates for Nanni Couture offering high-end European fashions for business professionals. Reference code: P1

Financial Consultation (up to $4,000 in value): One hour of free personalized financial consultation that includes your current status, and future insurance and investment needs. Retail cost is $1000.00 through major banks and brokers. For small business owners, consultation includes group benefits and tax planning. You will have access to a Financial Plan, acting as a blue print, this will include financial need analysis means how much you need in protection, how much you need  to retire at a certain age and how much you need  for children’s education. last part of the report provides solutions, including investment options, insurance strategies and tax planning. Please note, this is exclusive offer for affluent MetroActive members with a minimum net worth of $300,000. For Estate Financial Planning, the team includes access to lawyers, accountant and Certified Financial Planner, this will provide complete view of the estate planning at no cost to you. Minimum retail cost in the market is $3,000. Once again this is exclusively available to high net worth members of MetroActive. Reference code: F1

Financial Plan by Joe Barbieri ($800 in value): A $800 gift certificate towards a complete financial plan (subject to qualification and valid until April 30th, 2012). Joe the Investor Group provides advice only Financial Planning customized to client needs. If you would like to learn how to manage money for yourself, obtain a second opinion on your financial situation, get good value for your relationship with your advisor or save up to thousands of dollars on your debt and investments, then this service will benefit you. Advice is given without product sales, without affiliation with an institution and not based on the assets you have. Joe Barbieri holds a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation from the CFA Institute. He has worked in the Financial Services field for over 13 years, with over 10 years on the institutional side of the business. He has covered positions from Fund Accounting to Investment Research on the consulting, investment manager and client side of the institutional table. He has worked for many companies including The Toronto Dominion Bank, State Street Bank, Russell Investment Group (Frank Russell Canada), Franklin Templeton Investments and OPSEU Pension Trust. As well, he has published articles in Pension and Benefits Monitor Magazine and on the Internet. He speaks as a guest on financial matters and also hosts The Qb Talk Show, which is a program discussing finance on Internet radio and Internet television. He also writes actively on his blog and web site on financial matters at Reference code: F2

Human Resources by The Staff Room – Free one hour info session on Bill 168, amendment to disability act and CPP changes as of 2012 for a maximum of 5 employees ($3,000 retail value): Ideal for employers and businesses of all sizes. Will ensure that you are updated and compliant and help avoid large fines from government agencies. Whether you have an HR department or not, whether you have employees or not, every business needs to be aware of these changes. The fines for not being compliant can range up to $50,000 or more. Be prepared! Reference code: HR1

Video & HD TV Production of ($70 value and more): 20% off all services. Many MetroActive members have shared the “ Experience”. ThatMedia & are very proud to have made HD TV & Video affordable for everyone who wants it. They have a show on Rogers that will also be airing on FOXTV Buffalo in February of 2012. For as little as $349 (plus HST) ThatMedia produces a one hour session and MetroActive members get a 20% discount. Reference code: M1

Video Production consultation by Family History Now ($200 value): Consultation on documenting your family and life legacy. Can you imagine watching your Grandparents on TV telling their life stories? It would be remarkable!  You can do this for your kids and grandkids now, so future generations will have a true appreciation of their legacy.  The staff at FAMILY HISTORY NOW, records your family members professionally, so all those great stories are preserved forever!  Saved for all time on a DVD, it’s a true treasure to pass on.  Please don’t be left with a just shoebox full of old photos. Makes a great gift for your parents and grandparents. Reference code: M2


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