Your chance to win gift certificates at the November Hosted Networking Event

Your chance to win gift certificates

Every attendee at MetroActive’s Wed., Nov. 23 Networking Social will RECEIVE A $50 GIFT CERTIFICIATE for Nanni Couture (high end European fashion store in Hazelton Lanes, Yorkville). This is a great store where I have bought some great fashions that have included Burberry jackets and slacks and Louise Ricci suits, which you’ve probably seen me wear. Baldo


THE STAFF ROOM is also going to draw 2 business cards tomorrow night for a chance to win one of 2 (two) gift baskets valued over $600 each….WAIT….there is also going to be a draw for a FREE 2 (two) yes 2 (two) hour consultation!! That is also a $600 value!!! So in all THE STAFF ROOM is donating over $1,800 worth of services/merchandise!


I’ll be giving away two $50 Esso Cards, as well as offering free financial
Analysis consultation valued at $400. i hope everyone can take advantage of
this opportunity.

Rajvir Dosanjh, Financial Advisor
Sun Life Financial Inc.
Bus: (416) 493-9560 Ext 2825
Cell: (647) 889-1859


HA Solutions will be giving away a Gift certificate for One month Clearing (Value $450) with One one-on-one Personal session (to deal with a specific issue)


I will be drawing a bottle of wine.  Look forward to offer more with a referral. Smile

Cell (416) 346-6740 Direct Fax (416) 987-2241

I will draw an advertising spot on my site with resource material promotion for 6 months
Valued at $900 

Randi Goodman

647 284 7601

‘Bringing People Together’

Les Nip – Equilease

Les Nip equileaseEquilease provides (equipment) lease financing services.  Leasing is a great financial tool in these tougher economic times.

Equilease partners with vendors to provide a lease payment option to their products and services.  Leasing can be a tool to shorten the sales cycle by offering customers a low monthly payment plan.

Equilease works with customers and their existing suppliers.  Leasing helps customers to conserve cash, preserve existing lines of credit and realize tax deductible benefits.

For personalized service, contact:

Les Nip

INTRODUCTORY GROUP SESSION Remove Deep Rooted Blocks and Negative Energy

HA Solutions - remove deep rooted blocks and negative energyINTRODUCTORY GROUP SESSION

Remove Deep Rooted Blocks and Negative Energy

Saturday December 3rd, 2011

Wednesday December 7th, 2011

Bloor West Village, Toronto


Have you taken the time to reflect on the things that you would like to change in your life?

Do you feel like there is something holding you back from achieving your goals and feeling personally fulfilled?

Do you sense that you are carrying over from generations to generations patterns inherited from your ancestors?

And do you want to become a master at handling any challenging/difficult situation in life or business with calm?

Maybe you have tried self-help programs, meditation, hypnotherapy, attended various seminars, workshops and still you feel there is a block present inside of you.

You are on a journey searching for the missing piece, yet the answer has been eluding you.

If you can relate to the above, welcome, your search is over.

Come and join us on Wednesday December 3rd or 7th, 2011 in Bloor west village at Runnymede for this Introductory group session to discover how you can remove deep rooted blocks within yourself to solve any problematic situation.

Aleksandra Knezevic will be leading the session. She and her daugher Elizabeth will do clearing work on the participants before the session. Register now to benefit from it as soon as you send us the form.

2133 Bloor Street West # 205
Toronto, ON M6S 1N2
(at Runnymede – free parking on Harcroft) MAP
To register, click here

Investment in Yourself: $100 ($120 less 20$ gift certificate)

(hst will calculate once you “update”)

Once you register, you can download the Registration form for the purpose of the clearing:  Download here

By working on yourself, you can solve the following issues:

Relationship Issues
No energy
Not performing
Business stagnant
Property not selling
Career stalled
Midlife crisis
Health issues
Are you stuck
Legal problems
Money problems
Debt problems
Stressed out
and more…

If you are curious how you can move your life forward, check HA Solutions new 6-month Program

For more info, contact

Laure Ampilhac, Co-Founder
HA Solutions Inc.
(647) 955-7528
(877) 764-9492
ThatChannel Video

About HA Solutions

HA Solutions is a very unique service that helps you to see more clearly, make better decisions and achieve your goals in a way that you’ve never been able before.

Do you ever feel there is a block somewhere between you and your goals, and you just can’t seem to figure out what that is? HA Solutions helps you to identify those blocks and remove them so that you can achieve anything you want in business or your personal life.

The traditional way of thinking is that our problems come from the outside and we are surrounded with unsettling situations or people. Consequently, we look outside to solve our problematic circumstances. But we have a natural ability within ourselves to overcome any challenge.

We work with individuals and corporations that want to improve their life and their business.

The Trick to Finding a Perfect Home ~ by HA Solutions

The Trick to Finding a Perfect Home

There exists a special bond between a house or property and its inhabitants. This is true for a private house or apartment, as well as any commercial property. When we live in a home/apartment, etc., we begin to attach fondness and comfort to that place. In return, our home begins to adapt and shape itself towards us.

When we are in the process of looking for a new home or selling our existing one, we tend to overlook this simple connection. The real estate market today is quick and competitive. As a buyer or seller, we are swept up into the sea of details which factor into any real estate transaction. We look at location, price, and shape of the home initially and go off on the tangent of other details which contribute to our buying or selling.

We forget that a home is a sanctuary; a sacred and private part of us. And because of this, we overlook an important factor that should be foremost in our buying a home. That is, how we fit and feel within it. The average buyer will look through several properties each week in his or her process of finding the right home.

As soon as we step onto a specific property, our first impression of the place comes in form of an instinctual sense. We feel good or uneasy about it momentarily. However, most of us do not acknowledge our own inner voice but begin to analyse what we see. Consequently, our homes are bought because of their characteristics; their location, their size, their price, etc. Have you ever asked anyone why they bought their home and heard the reply, “It just naturally fit with us. It felt right.” Most of us have not. And what a pity, for when our home is bought for the wrong reasons, we tend to find ourselves having more difficulty with it after the closing day.

So the message is: love your home. Love all the properties you see in your buying and selling process. Show the same respect and gratitude towards them as you would to your own. You will be surprised at what property may come your way and the ease with which your transaction will be completed.

This article was written by Elizabeth Knezevic, Co-Founder, Guide, HA Solutions Inc. For more information, please call (647) 955 7528, e-mail or visit



Lisa Maxam – The Staff Room

New Generation and innovative Human Resources Management Consulting like no other!

Lisa Maxam

Who is Lisa Maxam and the Staff Room?

I am a New generation Human Resources Management Professional that has been in an HRM position for over 12 years. I have worked at such places as Robert Half, Symantec, Cara Foods, Intek (contractor to Rogers Cable). I have experience in unionized and non unionized industries. I have thick skin, but yet gentle at the same time. I am NOT your average HRM at all. I like to think outside of the box and not be restricted to just inside the box. I started up The Staff Room after hearing a lot of compliments from my clients that i have a ”gift” dealing with people and that I am very good at it. I can calm down a lion when need be. So I listened to them and started up The Staff Room. Where did the name come from, well someone suggested it to me. The reasoning behind it is that I help with all company needs and thus The Staff Room was born. The Staff Room is a one of a kind HRM consulting firm.

What makes us different is that we do NOT have a data base with various candidates in it and interviewing them on a ”just in case” basis. We keep a client database only.

This is the people that we have presented to the client and we track the results on them and continue to for 6 months when at that time they are purged from the database.

Please feel free to contact us at 1-888-716-7791 or via email at Lisa and The Staff Room can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, referral key, igoogle and blog.


Spotlight: HA Solutions Inc.


HA Solutions' logo

Unleash your natural ability to resolve any issue that life or business throws at you.

Remove deep rooted blocks and

negative energy

HA Solutions is a very unique service that helps you to see more clearly, make better decisions and achieve your goals in a way that you’ve never been able before.

Do you ever feel there is a block somewhere between you and your goals, and you just can’t seem to figure out what that is? HA Solutions helps you to identify those blocks and remove them so that you can achieve anything you want in business or your personal life.

The traditional way of thinking is that our problems come from the outside and we are surrounded with unsettling situations or people. Consequently, we look outside to solve our problematic circumstances. But we have a natural ability within ourselves to overcome any challenge.

We work with individuals and corporations that want to improve their life and their business.

To find out more about how:

watch the video

Click here to read the testimonial of a landlady in trouble.

More info on

Introductory Group sessions Click here

To contact Laure, Aleksandra: and Elizabeth:

HA Solutions Inc.
2133 Bloor Street West # 205
Toronto, ON M6S 1N2
(at Runnymede)

(647) 955-7528
(877) 764-9492

HA Solutions team toronto


Testimonials: Autumn Hosted Networking Social with Metroactive and HA Solutions

Dear Metro-Active Team (Baldo and Laure)

Thank you so much for the caring and intention you wove into our networking event at Peridot.
In my 30+ years of business, I have never been to event quite like yours. The attention to detail
and preparation of the Hosts showed just how much you cared for the perfect connections for each attendee.
As a result of your caring and efforts, I have manifested many potential new clients and I have made
the business world in Toronto aware of our Public Speaking Academy and made some new lifelong friends.
Many blessings,

Barry Spilchuk
Canada’s Public Speaking Academy
Coauthor – A Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul®


” I had an amazing time at the HA Solutions/metroactive networking event last Wednesday. The energy was incredible. I met people who ware dynamic, who want to have more fun in their lives. Their enthusiasm was very catching. It was quite generous of the hosts to offer drinks and snacks – it was perfect at the end of a work day. ?I loved the fact that the organizers has given us an opportunity to first connect ourselves and then somewhere in the middle of the evening, several guests were given an opportunity to share their stories. It was very helpful for me, as I have approached some of those and had a fabulous connection and conversation. It is a brilliant way to hold a networking event. I loved that door prizes were offered, a lot of door prizes 🙂 It inspired me to attend more events like this and invite my friends and contacts with me.Thank you for the rich and eventful evening!

Larysa Kazyeva?Recruiter Asset Computer Personnel CDI Professional Services 110 Yonge Street, Suite 700 Toronto, ON M5C 1T4 Phone – 416 777-1717 x 247 Fax – 416 777-0647


Metro Active Networking event 12th October.

I attended the MetroActive Networking event on 12th October.  From registrations, venue and networking everything was very well organized and worked well for the amount of people that attended.

The mix of attendees were both professional and interesting.  Everyone mixed well and there were never any awkward moments.  It was a great group of people, bringing together an interesting blend of services and skills.

For our business Five New Friends, we developed some potential service provider contacts as well as potential new members, we also made some connections that will help us develop our business.

I would highly recommend future networking events with Metro Active to expand your personal and professional contacts.

Natasha Mitchell
Managing Director Five New Friends



Ron Tabachnick – Strategic Coach, RT Planning Strategies



Ron’s expertise:

“ Ron collaborates with his clients addressing their concerns clarifying where they want to go resulting in developing an achievable ‘fat-free’ plan”.

How Ron handled a difficult situation?

“Ron has created a really good tool to develop a road map for success. Once I became General Manager Ron helped me plan a straightforward strategy to achieve the results I wanted”.

What makes Ron different? Why choose Ron?

“Ron has created an elegantly simple and powerfully efficient tool that helps his clients achieve results”.

“Ron, a walking fountain of creativity seeing possibilities, helps his clients go for them”.

“ Ron is a listener par excellence”.

“Read Ron’s book A Breakthrough in Strategic Planning to understand how others have benefited from working with Ron”.


Ron Tabachnick, Strategic Coach


Experience More Happiness. Take a Simulated Journey into Your Life!

Daphne Williamson, President, Exclusive Excursions Vacation Club

Exclusive Excursions Vacations ClubExclusive Excursions Vacations Club

Your dream vacation. Your budget. Our commitment.

Exclusive Excursions Vacation Club is posed to revolutionize the Canadian travel industry by offering Canadian business and personal travelers affordable access to global travel and first class accommodations at much more affordable rates than travel agencies and online travel sites. On average our prices are 40% less than available anywhere else and our luxury vacation home rentals start as low as $300 per week (Yes, I said per week!). And the membership is not nearly as expensive as it sounds. In fact, because the one-time membership fee is so affordable it is entirely possible to recover the full cost in only one vacation.
This program is perfect for anyone who is travelling once a year or more and would like to be save money- either so you can travel more often, enjoy better accommodations, or leave more money in the bank when you do choose to take a vacation- no matter where you want to go, how you want to get there, or how many people you want to take with you. Because this program is so flexible and cost-effective it is great for either individuals, businesses or groups and there are no blackout periods. And with almost 700 in-house agents who serve only our members, you get instant personalized service by people who are there to ensure your satisfaction every time.
Never again do you have to search endlessly on multiple sites for deals or be at the mercy of travel companies to get the best price. To find out how we can help you get more out of life for less money, or how you can get your membership for free, please email us at You can also check us out on Facebook (Exclusive Excursions Vacation Club), Twitter, or by taking a quick tour of our website ( And tell your friends- it may  make you the most popular person in the crowd…or at least the smartest!

Daphne Williamson is the President of Exclusive Excursions Vacation Club, an affordable and unique travel program that she brought to Canada after several years of enjoying the luxury and savings made possible by her own membership in the program. Unlike anything else ever before available in Canada, this program offers Canadians an economical way to travel the world in style, regardless of destination or budget. And, as an advocate for the disadvantaged, Daphne donates a minimumof 5% of the profit from the company to the Hope Shelter and Wellness Foundation, a registered charity that takes a holistic approach to addressing the issues of homelessness and poverty.
Daphne Williamson, B.A., LL.B.

President- Exclusive Excursions Vacation Club
253 Zelda Crescent, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 2Y7
(905) 508-1226
If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. If you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine then let us work together” – Aboriginal Rights Activist, Queensland, Australia- 1970’s



Simply put, it is a revolution in the Canadian travel industry. Never available before in Canada, and backed by a solid track record of over 20 years in the US, this is a membership program designed to give you the best in travel at the best prices- even better than the sell-off sites and with special benefits that you cannot get anywhere else in Canada.

We offer our members incredible savings of 10%- 70% off any type of travel or accommodations worldwide no matter where you want to go, where you want to stay, how you want to get there, who you want to take with you or how often. There are no blackout periods, no timeshare salespeople, no hidden fees and with a global database and a staff of hundreds of in-house travel specialists dedicated only to our members, no fuss.


Whether for business or pleasure, this very unique and easily affordable “Members Only” club is an

incredible opportunity to save on travel. And with virtually unlimited options, you can use it as you wish.

It’s totally up to you! No matter how you look at it, this is invaluable resource for all your travel needs!


  • Vacation home rentals starting at $300 per week worldwide
  • 40-70% off retail rates on a full range of  travel  options and accommodations at any time of year
  • Pricing is usually 10%- 25% less than sell-off sites or corporate rate
  • Average savings on cruises of 50% plus upgrades and bonuses
  • 25%- 50% off at golf courses worldwide
  • Member discounts on all-inclusives, land and adventure tours
  • Regular specials at even lower prices
  • Most accommodations are 4 star or better
  • Best prices on airfares
  • And so much more……..

If you travel at least once a year or want to do more of it and save money, this is perfect for you!

Just ask….we’ll gladly explain all your options as well as how you can get your membership for free