The Healer’s Creed

I was inspired after speaking with some healers from this community: to compose The Healer’s Creed. I hope you find it useful and share it with others.

The Healer’s Creed

Committed to improving the mind, body and soul of all kind.
Servants of the universe using energy in all its forms to help others.
To illuminate the path for others and allowing them their chosen journey.
Embracing both our individual light and our darkness for we are not perfect.

Living with intention and mindfulness.
Aware of the consequence of our decisions and behaviour on ourselves and on others.
Looking past the illusion surrounding individuality and knowing that we are all inter-connected.
Honouring ourselves and others for all that we are and the decisions we make.

Knowing that through collective universal intelligence all is possible.
That we attract to us reality that matches the energy we resonate.
To exist in harmony and collaboration.

Dedicated to improving our wisdom and abilities
So we can heal ourselves and others in whatever way we can.

We are healers.

Baldo Minaudo, copyright 2009, 2017
Author, ‘The Banker Who Saved His Soul’
Note: Share this creed to help advance the wisdom and collaboration of healers and healtchare practitioners around the world.  All I request is that you include acknowledgement of the author and a link to .  To use this creed for commercial purposes you must receive written permission from the author (

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