Career Management


Once you begin your career you should never stop looking at additional training, keeping your resume’ current, networking with others than can help you in job change, managing your performance review, negotiating your salary increase and job responsibilities. The biggest mistake individuals make is to think that they just have to keep doing their job and everything will be okay. Even 50 years ago this wasn’t the case, so why would it be the case now.
Career management includes:
– Targeting the right job opportunity
– Positioning your resume’. >>How To Write A Professional Resume’ >>350 Professional Resumes and Cover Letters >>The Resume’ Workbook
– The interview process. >>Interviewing Mastery >>A Better Job Interview >>Ultimate Guide To Job Interview Answers
– Performance reviews
– When and how to ask for a promotion. >>How To Ask For A Pay Raise
– Change positions within the same organization
– Extra-company activities
– Changing industry
– Changing career streams
– Workplace conflict
– Negotiating severane and job outplacement
– Handling wrongful dismissal.

Remember to stay pro-active!

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