Phishing Scams Hit Indeed

If you’re on Indeed or other career sites, you may be a target for phishing scams. The scammers will contact you via email with a promise of part-time employment. They then ask for you to submit personal information, which they can use to steal your identity. In some cases, they can then take that personal information to potentially take over some of your banking or other accounts and steal your money.

This morning I received yet another attempt from a scammer, only this time through Indeed. Its been quite a while since I visited Indeed, so I’m not sure why or how I showed up on this scammer’s radar. Most educated people will be able to determine by the email he/she sent me below, that this is a scam. However, In this time of global crisis, many indivdiuals may be tempted to provide the requested information out of desperation. These scammers are looking for this type of prey.

Protect yourself! Never send personal information, identification, passport, driver’s license, banking information, residential address or anything that can be used to steal your identity.

Please share this with your family and friends to help protect them.

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