10 Tips For Traveling While Pregnant

Being pregnant is one of the most wonderful times of your life. It does, however, come with certain restrictions. Especially if you plan on traveling while pregnant. Carrying and building a baby limits the kind of transport you can use to get around, especially internationally. One cannot fly when over a certain amount of months, or if you are experiencing complications. A very easy way to get to your destination via train. Train companies often cater to pregnant women, making it one of the most popular means of travel when you are expecting.

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Before You Begin

Before you even begin your journey with your little one aboard, take some time to prepare your body. Try to do as much exercise as you can, this will ensure that your body is in the best shape to sand up to the rigors of travel. Traveling while pregnant can take a lot out of you. Practice stretching, and strengthening your core and legs. Sleeping in traveling compartments is often more cramped than you are used to, and you may need the extra flexibility to get comfortable.

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Traveling While Pregnant Tip 1: Check With Your Doctor

Before you travel, and this may sound like a no brainer, check with your doc that you are in fact cleared for it. Be sure to explain that you are traveling by train and not by air, as that will most likely have a big difference on the outcome. High-risk pregnancies and those who are very late in their third trimester may be denied access to travel, so it’s always best to be cleared beforehand to avoid disappointment. Once you have the all-clear, book your train ticket online.

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Doctor check

Tip 2: Plan Carefully

We all know that events such as weddings and parties don’t always fall into your perfect pregnancy travel plan. Where possible, however, try to make sure that your travel coincides with the most comfortable part of your pregnancy. The first trimester is often plagued with nausea, lack of appetite and generally feeling awful. The third trimester is when you begin to feel a bit like a whale, and standing for any period of time makes your feet want to fall off. Add swollen ankles, the lack of sleep, and the ever-growing baby’s movement cycles into that and you may have a very uncomfortable trip. The second trimester is usually the best time to get your travel on. You aren’t too big yet, and in most cases, the nausea has subsided. Traveling while pregnant is always best done if you don’t spend the entire time wanting to throw up, or lie down!

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Traveling While Pregnant Tip 3: Bring Your Own Pillows

Getting comfortable while pregnant is not easy. This is especially true if it is a bit later in the pregnancy. Be sure to pack your own favorite pillows for your trip. Having your own pillows will not only guarantee more comfort, but it will also give you a sense of familiarity to help you feel less stressed. Traveling while pregnant can make your back, neck, and pretty much every part of you sore. Let’s face it, pretty much anything can be stressful whilst pregnant, so always try to make things as easy as possible.

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Bring your own pillow when Traveling while pregnant

Tip 4: Keep To Your Time Table

Traveling while pregnant often comes with many unforeseen delays. You never know how you are going to feel on the morning of your trip, or if your body is going to need some time out. Everything is more stressful, and one can often run late. Draw up a time table before your train trip, ad be sure to add as much extra time into it as possible. Aim to be early enough that delays such as traffic or anything else will not cause you to have to rush. Sure, sitting around waiting for your train may be a pain, but it is infinitely better than rushing, while pregnant, to catch it.

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Traveling While Pregnant Tip 5: Don’t Rely On Bought Food

All sorts of things can set off your stomach when you are pregnant. Not to mention that there is a list as long as your arm of things that you are not supposed to eat. Bringing your own food with you will negate most of those issues when traveling while pregnant. When you pack your own meals, you know exactly what is in it, and exactly what to expect. Be sure to pack them in a cooler box or some other insulated packaging to keep it cool or warm.

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Food to eat while pregnant

Tip 6: Triple Check Your Medications

That sinking feeling when you realize that you have left an important medication behind is something that none of us wish to experience. Being pregnant, you may be on different medications to everyday life. These may not instantly pop to the forefront of your mind when packing. Be sure to not only triple check that you have more than enough medications but get someone else to check them for you too.

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Tip 7: Don’t Lift Your Luggage!

This may also sound like a no brainer, but so often we just carry a suitcase or a bag just to get it done and out of the way. Luggage is heavy, so lifting it while pregnant is a no-no! Get someone else to give you hand if you can, otherwise flag down a guard.

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Traveling while pregnant

Tip 8: Don’t Travel Alone

Even if you plan on taking a trip by yourself, try to tie it in with a co-worker or a friend that needs to go to the same place. Traveling alone while you are pregnant exposes you to enormous risks. You never know if something may go wrong, so you need a friendly face there with you to help you out.

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Tip 9: Bring Some Music

The whole point behind being prepared when you travel while pregnant is to reduce stress. Stress can cause all sorts of unwelcome and unhealthy effects on your body. Be sure to bring some music with you on your train. Pop in your headphones, and just sit back and relax as you get to your destination. Remember to breathe.

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Bring Some Music and Headphones

Tip 10: Book Your Tickets In Advance

Make sure that not only do you book your tickets online, but you also get the cheapest train tickets with Save A Train. Making sure that you have peace of mind regarding getting the best tickets, do it in far in advance as possible, get the correct train tickets is essential to having a good train trip while pregnant.

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Being pregnant is a wonderful and sometimes scary experience. At Save A Train we would love to help you to enjoy your trip, plan ahead, and avoid any potential pitfalls. Traveling by train is such a lovely experience, and that shouldn’t change because you are expecting a baby!

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