Your Mind versus Meditation

Your mind is complex.

The conscious mind governs body/mind actions. This is the part of the mind that has the ability to think and can originate thought. It is connected to all our senses. Through our senses we connect to the external world and it is reflected back to our conscious mind as an image. It can accept or reject any idea to which it is exposed. It can make choices. This is where our free will lies as well as both inductive and deductive thinking. We have six intellectual faculties that give us our creative ability: Reasoning, Will or Concentration, Perception, Memory, Intuition, and Imagination.

The subconscious mind governs the body/mind functions. It functions in every cell of our body. This is the part of our mind that is the power center. It does not recognize time or space, only vibrations. It processes images, not words. The subconscious mind has no ability to reject a thought. It accepts everything that is impressed upon it. It is totally deductive. It operates on autopilot. It never sleeps; it is always on duty recording everything.

Your conscious mind loves to control. It loves to predict, and it loves to reason. It has opinions, it takes things personal, and it thinks it knows what’s best for you. It loves to think, it loves to analyze. It cannot stop thinking. The reason it cannot stop thinking is because it was programmed for survival; to keep you alive.

Now, where does meditation come into this? Well, when we meditate, we are going against the grain; we’re going against the mind. The mind does not want to stop thinking. Meditation silences your mind. Meditation actually takes you out of the mind and puts you in the present moment.

See, when you enter meditation, you enter a new level of awareness; of higher consciousness. This is where you can get information; insight from what is known as your true self or the higher self. When you meditate, information is actually downloaded into your subconscious that can be used at a later date, to help you to solve many issues that your intellect couldn’t solve.

When you meditate, you will get inspired action, you will gain more happiness, more peace, more alertness. You will figure out the ways to create a marvelous life. Why? Because meditation is coming from the superconscious mind. You can say the mind of God, Creator, a higher connection; but that information has to come in and the only way that information can get in to be processed is in the present moment. Because time is one constant in all direction, in simple terms, everything happens now.

So, if you start to meditate and you start to get into this present moment, watch how amazing things happen. Watch how the answers that you couldn’t figure out pop into your head. Watch other solutions to create what you want pop into your head. Why? Because in the superconscious mind, all the knowledge or the information of whatever you desire exists, it has to funnel in. It cannot come in if the thinking mind is looping. There is no space, the thinking mind has to retreat.

So, to get the thinking mind to retreat, BREATHE! Put your attention on that breath. You are no longer thinking, the mind is silence. You can allow your higher self to filter information. Now, it takes practice, because of course, the thinking mind will fight back because it is not familiar with not thinking. But the moment you can get this discipline and the moment you can get your mind out of that mode is the moment you will see the changes in your life. Because as you know, what you put your attention on, you will create.

Lead your day.

Charlene Day

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