Exploring The Best Discoveries With College Mates

When traveling in the company of college buddies, it is perfectly okay to not have an itinerary and just be spontaneous. Touring a place with no expectations or any prior planning is actually the best way of discovering hidden treasures. It leaves enough room for fun and uncensored exploration. So, what where do you and your buddies start when you want to make authentic discoveries without having a strict to-do-list to tick off? How can you find the best discoveries away from home?

Well, lucky for you, it is now possible to make a fake flight reservation for a visa without having to pay for a plane ticket or travel itinerary. That allows you to travel without an itinerary. Besides that, technology has made maps and guidebooks easily accessible, so you can fully rely on your phone for travel tips. Here are 5 more tips for exploring the best discoveries with college mates:

1. Go On A Free Walking Tour

Search and register for free walking tours on your first day in the new town. They are easy to find – just ask staff members in the hotel you will be spending the first night, or inquire from the other student travelers you find in your hostel. A quick search on the internet will also help you find a good free walking tour. Note that although the tours are primarily free of charge, it is best that you set aside a small budget for tipping tour guides.

How do free walking tours work? You find a free walking tour for the date and time when you will be available, you sign up, a meeting point is communicated to you, you show up at that point on time, and then you leave everything else to the tour guide. The charismatic tour guide will help you discover the city and its outskirts with ease and gain a deeper understanding of the city’s unique architecture and local culture.

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Exploring The Best Discoveries With College Mates on a bus

2. Allow Yourself To Get Lost

Now that an experienced tour guide has helped you discover most parts of the city, it is now time to get off at a random station and explore the surroundings on your own. Deliberately avoid the touristy areas and “get lost” in the sea of people. And because you are with friends, you don’t have to worry too much about personal safety. You will discover countless hidden gems – things no tourist has ever seen before. It will help if you are open to talking to strangers because no one will help you discover a city better than the locals.

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3. Leverage Google Maps

Google maps or Apple maps are okay, although Apple cannot beat the predictability and accuracy that Google maps have. Perhaps it is because most internet users have Android-powered devices, so most tourist destination reviews are done on Google maps. Studying the Google map of an area works really well for group traveling- It gives a perfect idea of what’s around you. Google reviews will tell you the best places to eat, where to find the best wine, and caution you on where not to visit as a college traveler. This information helps you explore and discover more.

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Leverage Google Maps

4. Attend Local Events

If you don’t want to wander the streets without a specified purpose, why not attend a local event then? Ask around for trade fairs, art shows, concerts, or festivals and immerse yourself in any of them. If you love sports, go to a stadium or attend a street soccer match. You can even play with the locals if they are hospitable enough. This will give you a deep perspective of the city and allow you to interact with the locals and experience their daily struggles and joys – like a local. Run a marathon if you trust your running ability. Competing with your mates will make it even more fun.

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Festival is among The Best Discoveries With College Mates

5. Leverage Social Media

Facebook reviews will tell you where to go backpacking with college friends, what to discover while there, and everything you need to know about that destination. Just join a college travelers’ group of your choice, say on Facebook, and pick the minds of knowledgeable members. Social media is a gold mine for gathering key information from people with firsthand experience for a given region.

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To conclude, Every day is a learning opportunity for any group of ambitious young college travelers. Just have proper planning for your health and travel insurance, but don’t limit yourself with a fixed itinerary. Let your curious young self explore and discover and if you liked our article, then order your train tickets from Save A Train.

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