Scam Alert for Travelers & Hotel Guests

Share this with your colleagues and co-workers. It can happen to you, whether you’re an entrepreneur, self-employed, corporate employee or traveling for pleasure. Beware!

This is a true scam, no doubt created by someone who is familiar with hotel operations.

It begins by you arriving at your hotel and checking in at the front desk. Most hotels will ask for your credit card to verify its information for any charges you (or someone else) may make to your room. With your credit card in hand, you return to your room to unpack and freshen up. All is good as you continue to prepare for your meeting or excursion, or perhaps just relax.

Meanwhile, someone calls the hotel front desk and asks for, as an room 414, which happens to be the room you’re occupying. The call is forwarded to your room where you answer. The caller then begins his or her script, “This is the front desk. When processing your checkin we came across a problem with your credit card information. Please re-read me your credit card number and verify the last 3 digits at the reverse side of your card.”

Since you think the call is from the front desk, you don’t suspect anything is awry and you comply with the request. However, you have just fallen prey to a scam from someone who has called from outside the hotel. The con-artist probably doesn’t know you and simply asked for a random room number. The caller sounds very professional and believable, so you think you’re talking to the front desk. It is a non-internet phishing scam and you’ve just become the victim.

If this happens to you while you’re in a hotel, simply inform the caller that you’re coming down to the front desk to clear up the situation. You can either go to the front desk or call them directly to verify the call came from there or if there actually is a problem.

In the event that there was no problem, it is appropriate that you inform the hotel manager that someone representing themselves as a front desk employee tried to scam you of your credit card information.

This scam was brought to our attention by a member, who’s friend has been scammed and is dealing with the financial and legal fallout. Don’t fall prey, be aware!

Be a front-line defender and share this with your friends, colleagues and network.


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