Hong Kong Election Points to Hong Kong Independence

In my post “Does Hong Kong Belong in China” dated September 29, 2019 I questioned China’s occupation of Hong Kong. I use this term, because given yesterday’s election results in Hong Kong, it seems appropriate. There is now now doubt, especially in the minds of Hong Kong residents, that Hong Kong should be an independent Nation-State.

According to the Washington Post, “More than 2.9 million voters — a record turnout — delivered the pro-democracy camp 17 of 18 districts and more than 80 percent of contested seats, the biggest electoral victory for the movement since Hong Kong’s handover from British rule in 1997. But it was also a rare chance for people within China to send their leaders a clear electoral message — that they want democracy, not overbearing control by Beijing, and they were prepared to look past protesters’ violence.

Voter turnout was outstanding with CNN reporting ” Speaking to CNN, Kenneth Chan, an expert on politics and governance at Hong Kong Baptist University, said the more than 70% turnout — higher than any other election in the city’s history — “exceeded many predictions” and demonstrated both Hong Kongers’ commitment to democracy and that they are “counting on this election to point a way out of this impasse.

Beijing has shown its greedy nature and thirst for taking over resources and territory. This is clearly indicated by the map on the Chinese passport which depicts part of India, Taiwan and even part of the Japanese islands as Chinese territory. Hong Kong is a jewel in Beijing’s crown, which its controlling class have leveraged to launder proceeds from the taking of public assets and resources for the personal gain of their inner circle. Very simply and regardless of human rights, the friends of the people’s party are not going to let anything slip as long as they continue to make money with them.

The Beijing government has accused the citizens of Hong Kong as being terrorists because they protested for democracy and for what they want. Now that we know the protesters are the majority, it is clear that the Beijing government are dictators and through police actions are the terrorists. The ground is now set for continued and escalating protests. In fact, the Hong Kong people must escalate their protests at this time if they are to achieve their democratic wishes.

The question in my mind now is “How much is Beijing willing to pay (or lose) in order to maintain its occupation of Hong Kong, a society that should clearly be its own nation-state?”

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