Don Cherry versus Justin Trudeau

Don Cherry has been fired from Hockey Night in Canada for singling out new immigrants to Canada. Justin Trudeau mocks non-white Canadians several times and is re-elected Prime Minister of Canada. So why the apparent double standard?

Don Cherry talks about his animal rescue foundation
Don Cherry

Well, there a couple of possibilities. The more utopian one being that Trudeau apologized and said what the people wanted to hear. While, Cherry stood by his comments. The moral here is just say what others want to hear and don’t speak the truth.

Sadly, there could be truth in what Cherry said. Though not every new immigrant or new Canada is non-appreciative of those that gave their lives to create our Canada, there is certainly a lack of knowledge. Understandably, ask a new Canadian about Canada’s military history and they may not know it.

How could they? They come from different countries, a different generation, some don’t speak English very well. Of course this segment of the population is least likely to pay honour to veterans. Yet, there are many new immigrants to Canada who do know about our military history, our sacrifice of lives and do appreciate an honour the fallen.

So, why was Cherry fired? After all, Cherry was only trying to bring focus to the veterans on the very important remembrance day. In a rant Saturday night on the popular “Coach’s corner”, segment, Cherry commented “You people … you love our way of life, you love our milk and honey, at least you can pay a couple bucks for a poppy or something like that.”

He was showing his bravery and resolve by speaking up. And for that brave act, he was shot in the back by his very leaders. Could you imagine what would have happened during WWII if our military leaders and soldiers would have just layed down their arms and apologized to Hitler? Instead these men of resolve, many knowing they would not return to their families stood by their believes, by their integrity.

These brave soldiers held their post, they fought on, they created our Canada. They didn’t think about getting re-elected or giving benefits to their special interest groups. They focused on taking care of all Canadians back home, on saving Canada and our way of life! That is the difference between Cherry and Trudeau. So why are Canadians rewarding the actions of Trudeau and penalizing the bravery of Cherry?

Now, for another explanation of a more political nature. The fact is that every year, the Liberal government gives the CBC hundreds of millions of dollars. In 2015, Trudeau’s Liberals give the CBC over $1,000,000, that’s right – a billion dollars. Given that the ethical Don Cherry is not Justin Trudeau’s type of man, could there be a hidden agenda?

Even Jagmeet Singh took the opportunity to jab Cherry. In unnecessary tweets, Singh took the opportunity to draw attention to himself. So much talk about how everyone sacrificed during the war, but what do the numbers of the fallen show? See for yourself which Canadians have fallen in battle and let me know if you come across a Singh. Meanwhile, on this remembrance day those that made the ultimate sacrifice are being ignored.

Give it a break! All Don Cherry was trying to do is bring attention to veterans and help with poppy sales. He didn’t say it was all new immigrants did he? I’m pretty sure most people are intelligent enough to understand the message here.

Enough with the political spinning and grand standing. By attacking, marginalizing and firing Don Cherry, all you loud maths and Sportnets itself are displaying and reinforcing the very thing they accuse Cherry of. Everyone in this debate is contributing to divisive reactions.

Shame on you Sportsnet. So, who is going to hold you accountable for this?

Bring back the man the only man mentioned in this post that has inegrity and fortitude to speak the truth and do the right thing.

For the record, this post is not intended to alienate or belittle the bravery and contribution of new Canadians. It is meant to bring to light an inequity in the way some people are treated in our society. Whenever we label, such as ‘racist’ we are being divisive and causing harm to every Canadian. We should encourage free speach and expression of our thoughts so we can come to a concesses. We should not be penalizing individuals for speaking up. After all, what makes one persons ideas, values, ideals, thoughts, and feelings more valid than those of another Canadian?

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