Cannabis Halloween Candy Warning for Parents

Parents have more to worry about this Halloween evening. Since the Liberal government legalized Cannabis in Canada, usage of the drug has been increasing and so has impaired driving, crimes and other disturbing behaviour. Among the consequences, have been incidences of children ‘accidentally’ ingesting cannabis-laden products.

Children and Risk of Cannabis Poisoning

Most users of Marijuana are use the drug responsibly. But, what if this Halloween someone with legal, or illegal access to cannabis intentionally (or even unintentionally) hands out cannabis contaminated candy? The effect on the child could potentially be fatal.

According to CTVNews in an article published June 27, 2019,

  • Between September and December 2018, 16 cases were reported to the Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program (CPSP), forming the start of a two-year study.
  • In a news release, Dr. Christina Grant, a pediatrician in Hamilton said, “The number of cases involving young children is striking,”
  • A little girl in Manitoba started having seizures after consuming some of the chocolate in February. She was rushed to hospital, where she was put on a breathing machine and spent three days before she recovered.

Effects of Cannabis Ingestion

The immediate effects of Cannabis poisoning on children can be observed in their behaviour. However, according to a children’s hospital, the long-term effects of Acute Cannabis Ingestion are not well-known.

How to Avoid Contaminated Halloween Candy

The best way to avoid contaminated or poisoned candy is to only visit family, friends and people you know well. If you know them to be consumers of cannabis or if you smell marijuana around their home then avoid them on Halloween. For packaged candy, inspect it carefully before giving it to your child.

If the candy is manufactured over seas you might want to research the ingredients and manufacturing facility as some countries don’t have the same level of consumer health and safety as is found in Canada.

Six Tips to Inspect Halloween Candy

  1. Check the wrap or packaging to make sure it is air tight. gently squeeze the package if the wrap collapses then the wrap could have been breached.
  2. For boxed candy, check the seal of the folds and make sure there are no holes or cuts anywhere in which a needle could have been inserted or some chemical injected.
  3. Check the wrap for discolour, liquid or other stains.
  4. Avoid wraps that are not sealed, such as those twisted around lolly pops and toffee candy. These are easy to unwrap and wrap without looking like they’ve been tampered with.
  5. Check the candy for consistency in the surface, in terms of texture, colour, and for any breaks in the surface.
  6. Smell the candy to make sure it is consistent with the candy’s ingredients.

Biggest Halloween Dangers

This post is focused on contaminated and poisoned candy, however, their are more common dangers during Halloween. The greatest danger is that from car accidents. Car accidents spike during Halloween. So, follow sensible rules in terms of behaviour and costumes during Halloween Eve.

Parents are concerned about the possibility of cannabis containing candy, but is only a possibility. Keep your perspective and be prepared in the rare possibility that your child may inject cannabis or cannabis byproduct. Know the symptoms and be prepared to take your child to the hospital in case something happens. A good number to keep handy is the Ontario Poison Centre 1-800-268-9017.

Have a HOWLING GOOD TIME with your children!

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