WEXIT Is The Next Justin Trudeau Consequence

Canadians are not happy with a mere demotion of Justin Trudeau from leading a strong majority government to leading a minority government. Specifically, Western Canadians feel like “sacrificial lambs” that Trudeau has given up to capture support and votes from special interest groups. Western Canadians have had enough and they have started the “WEXIT” movement to show they want out!

Who can blame them? While Trudeau’s rich old school mates and family friends have gotten richer off their Cannabis and carbon credit investments, the average Canadian is finding it harder and harder to make ends meet. Rubbing salt into the wound, while everyone is paying more through the carbon tax on everything from car fuel to home heating, western Canada has had job losses and a struggling economy.

Western Canadians see the carbon tax being collected, while rich countries like China with the highest level of carbon production getting financially subsidized. They don’t understand why Canadians are allowing this to happen, why Trudeau is betraying not just them, but every Canadian.

Meanwhile, across Canada, the carbon tax has begun to take its toll and its only going to get worse. Despite wide spread resistance, legal actions and even protests, Justin Trudeau has not listened and has carried on with his plan. His plan is not only is putting an increasingly heavy burden on industry, jobs and the economy, but also on average Canadians.

The WEXIT Divorce

WEXIT (leveraging the BREXIT movement name) is a first step towards separation and eventual break-up of Canada itself. Like a wife who is tired of her husband not listening to her needs or paying attention to her, western Canada has no choice but to separate itself from an abusive and negligent relationship.

Yet, Trudeau has said that he represents all Canadians. But, 67% of the popular vote in yesterday’s Canadian Election shows that the vast majority of Canadians do not want to have Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister. Despite the Liberal Party of Canada not having the leading share of popular votes, the party is going to form a minority government.

This is a situation that is going to worsen the divisiveness that Trudeau has brought about among Canadians. It’s also created heavy discontent and unhappiness to the point that the people are taking action. #WEXIT hashtag tweets are getting significant commentaries, likes and shares.

Trudeau by Nature

Many voters don’t believe that Trudeau has the ability to understand their needs because of who Trudeau is and his background. Trudeau has shown to be a man that doesn’t listen to others and if they disagree with him, he’ll try bullying them, then demoting them and finally discrediting them.

Being the son of Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau has led a life of entitlement and privilege. He has even bragged about how his father’s political influence has gotten his brother off of criminal charges. Very simply, Trudeau is used to getting what he wants, regardless of the laws, rules, regulations or what anyone else thinks.

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