Canadians Want Liberals Out

The 2019 Canadian Federal Election results undeniably shows that the vast majority of Canadians want Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party out of office. The popular vote count from last night’s election has 67% of voting Canadians indicating they don’t agree with The Liberal Party of Canada and Justin Trudeau and want both of them out of office. Yet, the Liberals were able to capture 157 seats, giving them the opportunity to form a minority government.

A summary of the preliminary results of the 2019 Canadian Federal Election shows that Conservatives (The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada) led by Andrew Scheer capturing 121 seats, the BQ (Block Quebec) led by Yves-Fran├žois Blanchet capturing 32 seats, the NDP (New Democratic Party of Canada) led by Jagmeet Singh capturing 24 seats and the GRN (Green Party) led by Elizabeth May capturing 3 seats.

In total the Liberals lost 26 seats from their previous position and the Conservatives gained 23 seats. In fact, according to CP24 “Your Vote 2019”, Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party of Canada have the support of 34% of voting Canadians, compared to Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada with support of 33%.

The election results reflect the significant divisive impact on Canada and its voters by the Liberal Party of Canada policies and Justin Trudeau’s poor behaviour and results since he came into office in 2015. Western Canada unanimously voted against Justin Trudeau and without any doubt that they want him out of office. It is Western Canada that has most felt the impact of the Liberals’ carbon tax and anti-oil policies.

With BQ winning 32 seats in Quebec, it actually worked against the very change that Quebecois wanted. Some analysts believe most of these seats would have gone to the Conservatives giving them a much more significant voice in parliament. This could even have given the Conservatives a majority government as many of the ridings taken by the Liberals were close a few extra votes would have swung to the Conservatives.

Political analysts are crediting Trudeau’s re-election to the fear that his advertising campaign and attacks on Doug Ford and the Ontario Conservatives instilled in poorly informed Ontario voters.

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